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in brighton.

Posted on Saturday, May 21st, 2005

Last night I arrived in brighton, accompianied by my daughter lucy belle. We had a warm welcome, when we arived late at the hotel after a very choppy channel crossing, from harold and russell mills, both of whom I’ve known for several years, maybe more!!!.. Talked for a bit, catching up. Went to bed..
Friday morning…SO… to the brighton dome, where a spectaclar ‘scĂ©ne’ was set. I bounced around for a little while, initially a little embarassed, but gradually trying to talk to people, esp, I guess, the poor folks who have to play with me.. (or should it be… me, play with them)..next to me is bill nelson..my fingers turn to concrete as he plays (warning: this may be a recurring theme).. steve jansen, with his big gong sets me into ‘let’s tease him because he has to get oiled up like the rank man’ mode. This does not, however crumble him, as he manages to slide, effortlessly behind his kit and astound us all with his mastery of his craft.. (what I mean is playing in 5/4 which left me….lost). Actually, apparently this was jah wobble’s idea but, wtf?, he’s not turning up ’till tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have to have words with him..fucker… 5fucking4….. so, we have, theo travis, soprano sax, a delight, steve cobby, apparent soul mate and showing sign of ‘fuck me, what do I do?’ (I like that), of course, harold, coming in every now and again to give his blessing to what we are doing. Russell Mills, is cooking up an electrical storm with some beautiful, yet understated lighting. John Foxx turns up a little later, then, being the only human voice heard thus far, leaves most of the rest of us bewitched..
So..we have a whole team of technicians. This is a good thing.Because after 5 minutes I start to have serious tech issues. Something ain’t right. OK, so we’ve checked, like EVERYTHING….
grrrrrrrr. big problem, means I may have to drop my looper piece and replace it with something, more,… free form…mmmmm, less of my thing, I wish I may just crumble into small particles of worthless dirt at this moment..

But you know what? I’m starting to feel comfortable with these people and figure, after a while, that my contribution is worthwhile..

Still, it’s time for refreshment.. So we retire to a local hostelerie and when asked for a defining moment of his 68 years, I hear harold tell me ‘hearing stan getz for the first time’.. this freaks me a little as I just played stan getz to lucy belle in the car. I ask steve cobby his first record and he tells me, bowie’s, life on mars which, of course, freaks me a little more as I just played life on mars to lucy belle in the car…ummm.. There is so much more to tell, except I don’t have the literary prowess to share them here. Tomorrow is show day.ummm, well, it’ll be ok when wobble is here….
Credit to amanda and guy, who, although they don’t pay for anything, are looking after us ‘spoiled musicans’ in a most lovely manner.

2 Responses to “in brighton.”

  1. R..etarded

    Yeah, all these ‘prestigeous’ names that you’re listing, that apparently make you feel a little stiff at first (in thr presence..)–but then remember: many of us don’t go to look to listen to music from them, but rather from you..

    So all this social order thing of hierarchical worth that makes one tense may well be just a ‘mental’ thing. but how do one get rid of it?? Ha!

  2. j.mccombe

    just to say that robin is the one and the way — i would add this —- patrick ball , celtic harp vol. 3 secret isles and also vol. 4 the music of o’caroline

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