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new stuff : mitsuo tate : sophie barker

Posted on Thursday, May 26th, 2005

the only problem with my recent songwriting bout on Amtrak (see a previous post : 19 crescent) is that it has left me with a lot of work to do in order to record these songs, perfect them, fine tune them and generally produce a record. I’m a long way off but the process has started. Writing on the train was a much more focused environment for working than working at my studio. Generally there were no 4 year olds, nor adolescents, on the train. No email, no cooking, no answering the phone, in fact, no responsibilities at all.. Now I’m back working here I appreciate more the time I had away, in productivity terms at least. It was a good idea and one I’d like to try again at some moment, perhaps rennes to vladivostock and back….
So, now back to work.. I’m remixing a track called Smile for Mitsuo Tate who is stepping out of the shadows to make (finally) a CD featuring his own songs. He is working with Tamaru Yamada and Miki Berenyi. It’s something that’s made me very happy, Tate San making a record.. Hope people can give it a listen, there are some samples on his website.

I was also happy to receive in the mail a copy of Earthbound, an album by Sophie Barker, singer from Zero 7. I was particularly interested in having a copy in my hands as it was something that I contributed to by co-writing and producing two tracks and producing a third on the album.
It was last year or maybe even the year before, that we worked together, so it was a pleasant surpise to hear it again. To my shame, I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet, my excuse being that I asked Lucy Belle to tidy up the cd’s and I haven’t been able to relocate it. Earthbound is available on iTunes..
Anyway, back to the studio for me, had my little break, time to play some guitar..

10 Responses to “new stuff : mitsuo tate : sophie barker”

  1. Calixto

    Great! I love the music you make!
    A have a band with a lot digital delays and reverbs.
    but my voice…blargh!
    good job! good job!
    O mais baba ovo!
    (I´m from Brazil)

  2. james

    cant wait to hear mitsuos album,
    he so rocks,

  3. greg

    it isnt very often that I HAVE to ride my bicycle cross town to amoeba in berkeley, but I had one of those days the other day when the mysterious skin soundtrack came out. Just wanted to say that your music is a strong force in my life, it fills my head and continues to inspire me. Congrats on another winner and please keep them coming.-

  4. James Derek Dwyer

    Robin- when is that Mitsuo Tate cd being released? That song ALISON is GRRReat.


  5. bridget ginley

    great to read your thoughts and blog on…a huge fan who might just trek down to Cinci to see your work at the new space ! congrats !

  6. ruibarbo

    great music! i´ll be waiting for this album downhere in brazil!

  7. m

    just heard the Flat 7 track on Myspace today; I love that place, have met so many awesome people there! Glad you’re there too, Robin.
    Really dig the track, want the album. Looks like it’s a little hard to come by in the US right now, hope we can get a copy soon.

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    Robin- when is that Mitsuo Tate cd being released? That song ALISON is GRRReat.

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    Keep up the good work. Greetings