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working on sunday

Posted on Sunday, May 29th, 2005

Yesterday I finished the remix of Smile for Mitsuo Tate and Miki Berenyi. I’ve used the original vocal and bass and pretty much done everything else afresh. It sounds pretty vibrant and powerful and I hope that people will get a chance to hear it…I’m not sure of the release date but when I know I will post it here. I’d just like to point out that while I’ve been sweating over his mix Mitsuo has been relaxing in a hot spa near Tokyo for the weekend with his girlfriend. Jealous, me? never… lol.
Next.. I started to write a piece for an up and coming exhibit in The Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, I think, called Audio Interference. I had been asked by the organiser of the event, the very delightful Liz Copeland from WDET in Detroit, last November when she invited me to perform on her show. I’m quite excited to contribute something as I have a blank canvas, well blank with the exception that it’s an audio only exhibit. So that’s what I’ll be geting up to today….

11 Responses to “working on sunday”

  1. Re-tarded

    >It sounds pretty vibrant and powerful and I hope >that people will get a chance to hear it…

    yes, yes–where do we get a chance to hear it?

    Being in France and being jelous of someone in stifling, overpopulated Tokyo–come on! I know many japanese who dream of France and from what I’ve seen there I can say why..

  2. Daneil

    Very cool. I look forwarding to hopefully hearing that remix at some point. Now, if only Miki would come out of hiding and bless the world with some new material. 🙁

  3. mike

    Liz Copeland, “delightful…”

    Yeah, that sums it up.

  4. fancylad

    wait, does this mean miki is returing with new music? if so, i’m looking forward to it.

  5. Dave P

    I echo the sentiments of many, it would be great to see Miki make her presence felt again

  6. nothingnatural

    you mean, miki berenyi is still around? … oh my god, good news. 🙂

  7. Steve Sawada

    Miki Berenyi, an adolescents? first major celebrity crush. For some reason, the name popped in my head today? still? so in love!

  8. disco666

    Nope – sorry to say but Robin remixed the track ‘Smile’ in 2005, so its not really anything ‘new’ as such from Miki Berenyi. It was originally recorded back in 2000 for the Japanese compilation CD ‘Possessed’. Miki is not doing anything musically anymore. 🙁

  9. mongrol

    Yeh i have to echo the sentiment about missing Miki – both personally and from the general world.

    Robin if you’re reading this pass on regards and love to Miki.. and tell hope her garden is blooming 🙂

  10. Chet

    Hi there!

    Big Lush fan from way back, and was wondering if Miki was going to do anything else musically? Having her gift and being silent is like having a cure and not telling anyone.

    I loved your work on their earlier albums. I would love to see you work with her on a stand-alone piece.

    It’s because of people like Miki that I’ve met who’ve influenced me to never give up on the music and start doing my part to support up and coming artists. This is why I started m site. I recall talking to her before their last Detroit show and she suggested I started my own music zine as she had done. I was the music nerd who would go to shows early to meet the bands, and stand and watch their performance picking up anything I can.

    Take care!

  11. Andy VP

    I love this song and I agree with the cooments about Miki she is very missed. I have started a myspace page and a website which I hope Miki sees and decides to give it a whirl…



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