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mysterious skin soundtrack album

Posted on Tuesday, May 31st, 2005


I finally received a finished copy of the mysterious skin soundtrack this morning, what a pleasant thing to wake up to. I hadn’t seen the artwork or been able to verify if the spelling was right, and, as I’ve been plagued throughout the years with typos and other errors on artwork, I was a little nervous.. So I took a deep breath and opened the package. What a pleasant surprise. On first look it seems to very classy and expensive…. I like those qualities in cd packaging : I’m not a great fan of ‘indie lo-fi design and packaging’. I feel that it reflects on the music inside the package. In that respect I’ll stay with the classy and expensive, thank you. I often wonder why people spend months making and perfecting their music and then package it in such a cheap and nasty way.. Maybe it’s just the way the music industry is nowadays, with less and less room for the aesthetically pleasing…So, anyway, sorry about that rant.. The point is… The package looks great, well done to those over at commotion records who got it together. I was very touched by the comments written by Gregg Araki, director of the movie. Very complimentary, Thank you Gregg….
So, what else? I did more song writing on the train from Paris yesterday. This is becoming some sort of a theme, I mean I’m not some train freak or anything, it’s just that I’m finding it an easy place to put on my headphones and spend a couple of hours really focussed on what I’m doing, free from distractions..
ok.. 10am … Studio is calling

21 Responses to “mysterious skin soundtrack album”

  1. mark g

    nice robin im still waiting for mine i am looking forward to hearing the tracks from you on the mysterious skin
    good luck in the studio
    top man

  2. Adam

    First of all – greetings from Warsaw!
    Your blog idea is lovely, I think contact with fans is essential.

    Now about Mysterious Skin. You’re so lucky, Robin. I can’t get this CD in this fuckin’ Poland. One guy offered to get me a copy, but 33 bucks is an expensive price, no matter how I love your music 😉 So I have to wait…

    Regarding the package – I agree with you. I love Roulette, BBC Sessions and Milk & Kisses digipax. And these Japanese Cocteau remasters (mini-LP).

    Wish you all the best!

  3. Micah

    Hello Robin,

    I’ve ordered my copy. The sample clips sound fantastic. You and Harold: priceless combination!

    You mentioned earlier that the original recording was “20-30 cues 5 to 90 seconds in duration.” I’m wondering: how long does the soundtrack CD itself run? And, what was the process for turning those original cues into “soundtrack” tracks for the CD?

  4. Alan Legge

    Hi Robin,
    It sounds fantastic, however do you know if it will be avaliable in Germany? and is it the last release from Harold?
    Talking of Germany! are you able to do a show here in Sunny Osnabrück ? if so I have the perfect venue for you it’s called the Hyde Park, the owner is a big fan and if she knew you were thinking of playing here she would bite my head off!!. The place would sell out in hours !!!
    All the best and I hope to hear from you soon
    Regards…….Alan(The German with a Northern Accent!!)

  5. robin guthrie

    Osnabruck? Why not?
    email me the details….

  6. chris haines

    hey hey Robin,just caught a sneak preview of Mysterious Skin on IFC and could not help but notice that distinct guitar sound floating out of my speakers.Can’t wait to check out the soundtrack,man!Oh yeah, big thanks for enriching my life your gorgeous music.Big Up!

  7. Alan Legge

    Hi Robin,
    Reference the possibility of a show in Osnabrück,I can send you the details by the weekend if that’s ok?.
    I do hope you can play here,because you would make a great deal of people in Osnabrück very happy indeed.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Retardid

    You should call your next album Train Freak and package the CD in a miniature aluminium replica of a train window framing a landscape view of the lines silhouette of some hills running-ssmudged

  9. Richard Millang

    No kidding about packaging! I love picking up a new CD (& cassettes back in the 80’s) that has really stunning artwork and packaging, and the smell of the ink from a freshly opened CD…oh, the smell!

    V23 were the masters of this domain!

  10. Carlos

    Indeed this is a lovely cd. I got mine this morning, after waiting for two weeks. It has been playing again and again. Congratulations, Robin! It’s funny how music affects our sensibility at certain times. I am now begining to work on the sound editing of my first short film, called “Vampire”, and the Mysterious Skin music has been very important for me to find THE tone, the sauce, you know, the atmosphere.

    One question: I was watching the Mysterious Skin trailer and I realized there are 3 different songs playing throughout it. The first is obviously “Snowfall”, but which song is the third (the last in the trailer), which is not in the cd?

    Can anyone please let me know?


  11. j. mccombe

    Victorialand is a perfect example of high class unique stunning music art , the music is even better – add profound –

  12. mike

    I still haven’t checked this out – been putting it off (no money) and the film had left the theater when I went to see it.

    Been listening to Michael Brooks lately… I’m really curious about this. You’re really doing good work right now. May end up being the high point of your career (and may stay at that level).

    I think the “may” part of it is up to you. Keep it up. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

  13. scott kawczynski

    hi robin – my name is scott and i am the fellow who designed the mysterious skin cd. the commotion folks just forwarded me this link. very happy you like the artwork. as a designer, it is really rewarding when the people you create artwork for are equally happy with it and share the love of great packaging. i also think the artwork is a great compliment to the fantastic music it is with.

    so thanks for the nice words and if you need a designer for any future projects i would love the opportunity to work with you on it.

    cheers. scott

  14. simon

    loving this soundtrack atm, havent been able to take it off my playlist since seeing the movie..

    a question tho – during the end of the movie, there was a song that was unmistakably a slowed down instrumental version of sugar hiccup, its the track used on the trailer for the movie also.. but it is not included on the actual soundtrack? is this track available on any cocteau releases as a b-side or anything? one of my favourite songs, and i would love to get my hands on this version!

  15. Pancho

    I love you, man.
    you are my hero

    I am chilean journalist !!!!!!!!!!

  16. tine

    i am in seiously in love with that song at the end

    what is it called?!!!!

  17. jgo

    The song playing at the end of the final scene in the movie and the beginning of the credits is “Samskeyti” (or Untitled #3) by Sigur Rós. It’s on their album called “( )”. I don’t know what song is played at the end of the trailer, though. Does someone know?

  18. Bridget

    Hi robin! What’s the name of the second song that plays in the Mysterious Skin trailer? I’ve been looking for it forever! Thanks

  19. robin

    Um, I don’t know, it was probably something I wrote for the film that was too short to work into something for the album. Send me a link and I’ll see …

  20. Evan

    did anyone ever find the first song that plays on the trailer? it sounds like snowfall but its not the version from the soundtrack. this will haunt me forever

  21. robin

    Um, don’t know, did loads of versions of that piece of music…

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