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Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2005

The last few days have found me in the studio recording an instumental piece, which I mentioned before, is for an audio exhibit called Audio Interference at the Cincinati Museum of Art. Now, it’s funny how things work out as this week has been as much of a learning process for me as, well, any other week, really.. What I acknowledged, no, accepted, is that when I go into the studio I cannot even hope to predict the results. I had the 19 crescent experience recently which was, effectively, writing an hour of music for performance as instumental pieces. And that is the issue. (Well, actually as I’ve accepted it, it’s no longer an issue, but you know what I mean.) I wrote 14 pieces of music for 19 crescent, but only 7 or 8 of them are what I’d call instrumentals… Some of them came out like Violet Indiana songs or at least Violet Indiana songs in their early stages before siobhan oozes her stuff over them… Some of Imperial came about during violet sessions.

I have no control over my musical output whatso-fucking-ever..

Can you imagine how serene I ought to feel with that knowledge?
And you know what, when I think about it, Sometimes I am..
Like this week, for example. I thought I’d write some long and dreamy instrumental piece for this art exhibit.. but, amazingly enough after the first day I had a future Violet Indiana song in the bag. The second day was, interesting, because on Version 2.00, the long dreamy instrumental piece that I had imagined, turned into..another future Violet Indiana song…. Now, I do have the best intentions and I have incredibly good dicipline when I’m working in the studio, but something beyond me seems to push things in certain ways that are not always the way I’d like them to go.. I get into a certain mindset and just open up and roll with it. It’s coming from within, I guess, but it has something to do with the mental freedom which I crave, a sweet spot, if you like, where I watch, with the eyes of a bystander, my own creative process..
(if I sound like a teenager on his first mushroom trip, please forgive me)
This split personality thing has happened with me, I guess, since the demise of Cocteau Twins, where perhaps my songwriting and instrumental needs were met within one project….
OK, so I’ve accepted that..
So, V3.00 is a long (8 mins) dreamy, cyclic, hypnotic, instrumental guitar thing called Waiting for Dawn… After 3 days of trying not to write a song I finally wrote the instrumenal that had been asked of me.

11 Responses to “studio….again”

  1. chris haines

    I know what you mean.I’ve been recording quite a bit, and I’ll get an urge to write a sort of Leonard Cohen acoustic type ballad or whatever,but something inside comes out and the next thing you know,it’s like something inside me takes over and I have no control.Suddenly,that Cohen thing turns into The Germs or Butthole Surfers covering Pale Saints or something.I don’t know.I fucking love it though.

  2. DAEN


  3. carlos

    Hey Robin! I know this is kinda out of the context, but I have the weirdest dream last night or maybe this morning, and I wanted to share it. Well, I dreamt that I saw an add on a newspaper which said that the cocteau twins would be performing at the knitting factory in NYC on March 30th next year. So I went deliriously happy and woke up with an inner smile. Now, I’m not an oracle but I believe in my dreams and sometimes they come true. I went to your shows at the knitting factory and at southpaw, needless to say that I enjoyed them very much. Thanx so much for the autographs and for the beautiful music you make!! You’re the coolest person and musician I’ve ever met. Adios.

  4. Steven

    Hi Robin:

    Sounds really cool. I love reading this site from time-to-time. Any chance you might post some mp3s here?

    Also, will the songs from Lumiere every been released.


  5. andylama

    Hey Robin,

    I understand this phenomenon completely. I call it the “happy accident” effect.

    I’m not terribly active in my humble home studio these days, but I notice this effect all the time. I’d be trying for something, and it’s not cooperating. When I stopped fighting it, it would become something else, better than I expected, but totally different. The music has a will of its own, it would seem.

    Loving the Mysterious Skin soundtrack, man!

    Cheers from toasty Arizona!


  6. Ted

    Isn’t it wonderful how creating music can keep you feeling like a teenager on his first mushroom trip? I love that feeling……particles and waves…ride the sonic waves and become part of the cosmic circuitboard…aural sex? Glad to hear you are getting off in your studio Mr. G.

  7. H

    Hi Robin
    Your posts are a great read and I’m looking forward to the Mitsuo Tate album. I was wondering what you are are listening to at the moment. What music makes the hairs stick up on the back of your neck the same way CT does for me (still). Second question if I may – when you due to play Coachella did you pull out any CTs and give thema spin? If so which songs would have liked to have performed? Cheers, H.

  8. k-bird

    Condolences on the recent loss, first of all.

    Certainly know what you’re talking about in this post; creativity is often random at the best of times and it’s good to have multiple outlets to shunt suitable ideas at since it’s a shame to let good sparks of inspiration or even actual tracks go to waste. Good luck with it all at any rate. 🙂

  9. j. mccombe

    robin , your musical gift is the best of everything . melody , power , sublime revelations.
    i have found that the guitar tuning that i happen to be using is what dictates the whole experience …. ??? …. new chords …new moods

  10. fin

    ganna keep it short & sweet

    am really enjoying your writings

    for me it was 84 was bigging in electro at the time – bambataa etc … and then – something wonderful altered my perception forever the first i heard sight of dream color music of my soul realised – cocteau twins – if leo fender had heard such a dynamic pioneer as you truly are – the jazzmaster would have been incarnated in honor – robin – your a one off – as were the cocteau twins – long may you bathe & shine – in your art – look forward to those echos and warm vibes of work flooding all souls in the future –

    love & warmth – fin

  11. Black Jack

    I,m glad I found a site with such usefull experiense shred. As I think you know hard work eventually pays off. I myself finished a new record resently. A great sounding one BY far.
    It’s called Believe and hase a totally new sound.However I havent found enough people willing to invest in It. So If enyone Is Interested E mail me.

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