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Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2005

I am currently, amongst other things, mixing a band from Hungary called Amber Smith. I mixed a few songs for them last year and I guess they must have been happy with them as they’ve asked me to do some more. I am always happy to mix things for other people, not remix, per se, but mix their recordings. It’s quite rewarding on a level quite different to an artistic one. I have no say in the arrangements, nor the recording, so I am a little distanced from the process, but it is this fact that probably helps the finished result as I am able to approach the project with fresh ears. I guess I’ll be doing this for the next week or so at least, unless of course I stop fighting the urges to put it to one side and continue recording the songs I wrote for 19 crescent.
I have some more mixing to do soon as well but I’m having a few problems having some ADAT tapes transferred into my system as I no longer own an ADAT machine. I will be mixing a band from Grand Rapids MI called I Don’t Mind the Air. This is something I’ve been looking forward to doing for some time but, for reasons unknown to myself, the forces of the universe have conspired to put obsticles in my way for the last few months. So, when I am eventually able to do it, I think it has the possibilitiy of being a real treat….

8 Responses to “mixing”

  1. glint

    Exciting news! I listen to that Ulan Bator album that you mixed quite often!

    Along with Tate’s album and Sophie Barker, there looks to be some GOOD music for us this year!

  2. R-tard

    But they still want your feel-signature from these mixes, don’t they? So even if its like you have no say, it just can’t be that you’re simply instrumental..which is good toremind for freedom

  3. mike

    I had a dream last night that you sent me those mixes.

    I listened to it once, lost it, spent the rest of the dream trying to figure out where I put it.

    Go figure.

  4. amber

    Hey R-tard,

    we recorded the songs quite a while before approaching Robin…it only means he had no saying in recording, which i hope will be on our next record, otherwise he’s free to toy around with the tracks…he did so actually….even adding keyboard and stuff…and yeah we luv it

  5. dan669

    Hello, Robin!
    Comment vas-tu? There we go, school level French. I’m still waiting for my niece to send me an e-mail in French!Anyway, you mentioned something about writing for CT, then realising they no longer exist. I’m intrigued to know if that means you are still writing with a view to eventually hearing your music with Liz’s vocals?

  6. R-tard

    yeah, Amber, you’ll have a very good painter to mix your colours, from what i feel. He knows all the transparent vernish layers, depth, brilliance, etc techniques and atmospheres:)
    best wishes with your album!

  7. amber

    Thank you!

    it’s going to be out in October in Germany…also we’ll meet probably Robin soon when he’s playing in Budapest so he can lighten me up about recording…

  8. Andrea

    You know, Mark’s got an ADAT.

    Happy to read your blog, sorry about missing you in Brighton. Mark’s managed to set up his computer studio now, and he’s got Cubase and Reason set up, so he’s a happy little bunny. All the Arps have come out of the closet.

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