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lumiere in budapest

Posted on Friday, June 24th, 2005

Here I am after a week in Scotland ready to prepare for my show in Budapest next week. It’s somewhat of a heatwave here in France and the last place I’d like to be is in my studio, but here I am anyway. The beach is calling but I’m dedicating myself to the entertainment of a bunch of Hungarians:) I’m actually quite excited to see Budapest as I’ve never been. There is nothing as thrilling as a new city. Shame I will not have much time to see it…
Anyway, I’m planning what to play, what equipment to use and generally refreshing myself on some of the older things I haven’t played for a while and working in some new pieces that mach certain parts of the film. Lumiere has always been a project which evolves, as it has no fixed music, rather a few key areas where I play certain types of things. The show that I will do in Budapest, for example, bears very little resemblance to the show I played in Paris recently, and none at at all to the shows I played last November in the US. I will probably play one or two things from Imperial and Mysterious Skin as well as several new pieces. As ever, the practical issues dominate the artistic ones.. my way of saying that the equipment I use will be dictated by how many kilos of baggage allowance I have on the plane…

Talking of new pieces I recently completed the piece for the up and coming exhibit at The Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, called Audio Interference.
The track is entitled Waiting For Dawn and is about 8 minutes long… It sounds like, er, me.

10 Responses to “lumiere in budapest”

  1. Adam

    Dear Robin, could you make this “Waiting For Dawn” tune available as mp3 file or something? I just can’t go to Cincinnati 🙁

  2. Jean

    Robin seems very very busy! But you didn’t mention your feeling about Scotland when you stayed there this time. In fact, I am dreaming of going to Scotland all the time! But I have neither money nor time,for I am still a high school student! Er, maybe you don’t like Scotland, I think. You ever said that it was a toilet, ha ha! Do you still think so now? Or you just meant Grangemouth? Oh, I am really silly, am I? Seems that I have said nothing till now! Ok, wish you success! Come on, Robin…

    ps: Ha ha! Oh yes, not every fan could go to Cincinnati! I am from China, Oh…so far always.

    At last, my English is poor, hope everyone here could understand what I said… ^_^

  3. mark

    wish i could see this lumiere show somewhere any way of doing it in wales
    or any videos / dvds still have not seen v/i videos /dvd i wish i could but saw live in london and brighton
    take care robin
    x mark

  4. robin guthrie

    I’m generally happy to play anywhere I am asked to. Most often I will get an email from someone proposing a show. That’s how it works for me. I don’t have a manager or an agent or anything like that..

  5. Pepe

    Is you plans to play in ian maculloch band again?

  6. mike

    You played w/him? Few years ago in Detroit, Sara from Crash City Saints got drunk and into a fight w/that guy.

    Wasn’t there – assuming it was a case of “he really should’ve known better.”

  7. Harvey

    hi there…. I am getting used to this banter I’m checking on every few days or so, when i’m not working or enetaining my daughter….. fine idea Robin. Budapest sounds great…. Its a part of the world I have never been….somehow I’ve missed out on Eastern Europe over the years. However, i’m in central France and also spending a break down in St Maxime in August. This will do for me for now as I seem to get on well with France after living near Quimper for a couple of years some time back. It would be great to here more of your current stuff….Imperial being the last cd I purchased but I dont get to travel so much to see live music , particulally this time of year….. marking essays is taking up alot of time right now! Goes down well with a bottle of wine or so though. Just been listening to a couple of new buys …..Jaga Jazzist new cd and Bikini Attol, the latter of which I’m sure your quite familier….They are both a good result in my books! Also bought Laura Viers but not got round to it yet. Good luck in the land of old Habsburgs, I’m sure it will be a treat for many ears!

  8. john cleese

    Hey Harvey,

    i see you REALLY missed out on Eastern Europe, man…Hungary is as much the land of Habsburgs, as Ireland is the land of Stuarts…improve your knowledge, man.

  9. James Johnson

    What a stroke of luck! I will be arriving in Budapest on Friday for a weekend of stag do shenanigans. Can I get more info on where exactly you are playing (club & street name and start time etc).


  10. Sara

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mike….wink, wink. Definatly not one of my finer moments.

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