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listening to…..

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Chet Baker – My Funny Valentine
I don’t go often for male voices but this one always does it for me….

Air – Playground Love
From the sublime soundtrack to the Virgin Suicides. Certainly one of the best soundtracks in recent times.(apart from Mysterious Skin, of course…….)

Telefon Tel Aviv – Map of What Is Effortless
Electronica, just how I like it, it does indeed sound effortless. Definitely worth a listen.

John Barry – The Ipcress File (main theme)
I’m a bit of a fussy John Barry fan. I don’t like everything he has done, some of his work is unremarkable, but this, this is indeed cinema music history. Everything I like about 60’s film music is in here…

Serge Gainsbourg – Requiem pour un Con
I could have put any one of dozens of his songs in the list.. this is my one for today.. Before living in France I had little knowledge of how important, indeed iconic, Serge Gainsbourg was. An influence not only on music but the entire French culture..

Cibelle – Inutil Paisagem
My friend Ken turned me on to this Brazilian vocalist last year. I really enjoy this.. can’t really explain.. she has a very special voice, very human, very sexy.

Keith Jarret – The Koln Concert – Part IIA
I like this whole album as one piece but asked to choose one part, this is probably my favourite, certainly the most dynamic.

Astrud Gilberto – Tristeza
Maybe because the sun is out and the weather is picking up but this is getting played around here at the moment. Uplifting music with depressing lyrics.. catches me off guard every time..

Stars of the Lid – Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
So happy to hear a band from Texas that breaks the mould.. This is seriously chilled music

Julie London – I Got it Bad (And That Ain’t Good)
Ok, I always have a few female singers in my lists because, I guess, females convey pain in their voices better than men.. That sounds a little sick and wrong but hear me out…Think Billie Holliday, Patsy Cline and then you may know what I mean..

Ennio Morricone – Le Casse (main theme)
Again a difficult choice but instead of choosing one of his more mainstream pieces, I chose this.. The ultimate movie composer…ever.. His body of work is huge and it is really rewarding to examine more than the usual spaghetti western compilations and the like. Some of the stuff is very obscure but there are gems to be found

M83 – Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun
This is intense…There are so many continental European bands which are breaking down barriers and mixing genres. Electronics being used in a less obvious way, crossing into rock, in a way, sometimes.. très puissant.

4 Responses to “listening to…..”

  1. k-bird

    Hear hear on Stars of the Lid. The second CD of Tired Sounds is fantastic music to sleep inside.

  2. Richard Millang

    I’ve been a HUGE Astrud Gilberto fan for years! If you haven’t heard this yet, PLEASE…do yourself a favor and get the record, “Elis & Tom”. This, of course, is refering to Elis Regina and (my idol) Tom Jobim. Elis Regina sounds remarkably similar to Astrud, but she has slightly sexier nuances in her voice (IMO). Just listen to track 11, called “Fotografia”. Oh my!!!

  3. edrock

    Can’t agree more on telefon tel aviv. They’re great.And M83 is refreshing. Still curious about alpha’s stargazing too. Have you listened to it?

  4. Thiago Mello

    Cibelle is proud to know you like her voice! Congratulations for you new great album, from Brasil.


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