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Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

This is my last day of preparation for my concert in Budapest at the Kultiplex on July 1st. I have made a nice mixture of pieces to play, something from imperial, mysterious skin, the original lumiere and some new things, namely Continental, Pale and Crescent. Should be lovely. I wish I could do more concerts like this as I’m enjoying playing more and more and feel that the live versions of some of this music are maturing nicely coming into their own. I have pretty much always gone about the process of making music backwards from the norm, studio first, then live version later and generally the live versions have been more.. fragile and less developed. The exception to this is Violet Indiana, easily the best live band I’ve ever performed with, who improve greatly on the records. But I’m not talking band here, I’m talking about my quiet, introspective, instrumental music. Up until now the pieces I perform have been progressing gently at their own pace and now I feel that some of them are reaching their conclusion. That doesn’t make much sense, does it? What I’m trying to say is I’m starting to have a certain confidence in them. I have evolved them through countless different equipment combinations, stripped them down, built them back up again, re-arranged them and I feel like I’m finally settling on a way that I’d like to play them. So with a lot of luck I’ll be able to play them well on Friday. (I shouldn’t have written all this today as sod’s law dictates that I will fuck them all up on Friday)..
I’m excited to visit budapest, I’ve never been and there is nothing more attractive to me than a new city. I wish I was there longer but that’s my life, always getting teasing glimpses of interesting places and meeting lovely people all too briefly…
I’ll take my camera and take pictures of the airport, the hotel and the backstage, probably the only parts of Budapest I’ll see….

7 Responses to “budapest….”

  1. Cedric Caspesyan

    I’m sure some they they will be bands
    out of Budapest and elsewhere in East Europa influenced by your music and they are going to kick ass…because the musicianship in those countries is a woo hoo…

    Have a nice travel, it will be lovely.
    You should try to spend more days..it’s usually cheap out there (at least outside the city).

    Cedric Caspesyan

  2. Cedric Caspesyan


    some they there will be days too

  3. Pepe

    whens you coming to south america robin? Have youo been working on mitsou tate record?

  4. robin guthrie

    I’ll come to south america when some kind soul invites me …..

  5. Jean

    Great! Really happy to know that everything is going on very well…

    Looking forward to seeing the photos you take! They will certainly be a feast for the eyes!

    By the way, I’m busy preparing for something as well, Oh,that is the end-of-term examination! English, politics and History…Then I’ll be free, maybe.

    bless myself…

  6. Zsolt Galantai

    Hello Robin

    I’m a guitarist from Budapest.Unfortunately I could not go to see your performance at Kultiplex because of familly issues. I really wanted…
    Thanks for inspiring me and everyone through decades.
    By the way I bought a Boss Dimension C in Spain…
    I hope You had a good time here in Budapest and Your guides gave You the best hungarian red wine and hungarian food…I also hope that You could see the most beautiful buildings and enjoy some moments walking along the Danube.
    If You come next time, You are my guest for the best drink and food in my home!
    God bless! Zsolt Galá®´ai

  7. andrew bc

    Robin how was your tour in the states when you were the actual twins? Your always welcome to come perform out this way. Or infact just grab a beer and shoot the breeze. I do that, just to escape reality.

    I plan on visiting your hometown, to get a feeling of the vibe that inspired the group.

    See Liz, tell her to start a blog.

    TAke care, and stay enlightened
    Andrew bc

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