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Posted on Friday, June 10th, 2005

no particular order to this news. I’ve had a death in my family and like other real life stuff that comes along and kicks one in the ass every now and again, it’s put me somewhat out of action. I leave it like that because I dont feel like expressing myself too personally here today… Normal service will be resumed shortly. Just not today..

But until then, here the news. The Mysterious Skin soundtrack album will be released on July 4th in the UK and France on Commotion/Ryko and Naive respectively.
I’ll be playing a show in Budapest at the Kultiplex on July 1st. I’ll let you know when I figure out what I’ll be playing.. 🙂


Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2005

I am currently, amongst other things, mixing a band from Hungary called Amber Smith. I mixed a few songs for them last year and I guess they must have been happy with them as they’ve asked me to do some more. I am always happy to mix things for other people, not remix, per se, but mix their recordings. It’s quite rewarding on a level quite different to an artistic one. I have no say in the arrangements, nor the recording, so I am a little distanced from the process, but it is this fact that probably helps the finished result as I am able to approach the project with fresh ears. I guess I’ll be doing this for the next week or so at least, unless of course I stop fighting the urges to put it to one side and continue recording the songs I wrote for 19 crescent.
I have some more mixing to do soon as well but I’m having a few problems having some ADAT tapes transferred into my system as I no longer own an ADAT machine. I will be mixing a band from Grand Rapids MI called I Don’t Mind the Air. This is something I’ve been looking forward to doing for some time but, for reasons unknown to myself, the forces of the universe have conspired to put obsticles in my way for the last few months. So, when I am eventually able to do it, I think it has the possibilitiy of being a real treat….


Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2005

The last few days have found me in the studio recording an instumental piece, which I mentioned before, is for an audio exhibit called Audio Interference at the Cincinati Museum of Art. Now, it’s funny how things work out as this week has been as much of a learning process for me as, well, any other week, really.. What I acknowledged, no, accepted, is that when I go into the studio I cannot even hope to predict the results. I had the 19 crescent experience recently which was, effectively, writing an hour of music for performance as instumental pieces. And that is the issue. (Well, actually as I’ve accepted it, it’s no longer an issue, but you know what I mean.) I wrote 14 pieces of music for 19 crescent, but only 7 or 8 of them are what I’d call instrumentals… Some of them came out like Violet Indiana songs or at least Violet Indiana songs in their early stages before siobhan oozes her stuff over them… Some of Imperial came about during violet sessions.

I have no control over my musical output whatso-fucking-ever..

Can you imagine how serene I ought to feel with that knowledge?
And you know what, when I think about it, Sometimes I am..
Like this week, for example. I thought I’d write some long and dreamy instrumental piece for this art exhibit.. but, amazingly enough after the first day I had a future Violet Indiana song in the bag. The second day was, interesting, because on Version 2.00, the long dreamy instrumental piece that I had imagined, turned into..another future Violet Indiana song…. Now, I do have the best intentions and I have incredibly good dicipline when I’m working in the studio, but something beyond me seems to push things in certain ways that are not always the way I’d like them to go.. I get into a certain mindset and just open up and roll with it. It’s coming from within, I guess, but it has something to do with the mental freedom which I crave, a sweet spot, if you like, where I watch, with the eyes of a bystander, my own creative process..
(if I sound like a teenager on his first mushroom trip, please forgive me)
This split personality thing has happened with me, I guess, since the demise of Cocteau Twins, where perhaps my songwriting and instrumental needs were met within one project….
OK, so I’ve accepted that..
So, V3.00 is a long (8 mins) dreamy, cyclic, hypnotic, instrumental guitar thing called Waiting for Dawn… After 3 days of trying not to write a song I finally wrote the instrumenal that had been asked of me.