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Cocteau Twins Singles Remasters…..

Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005


Hopefully, in the not too distant future, the 4 cd set of Cocteau Twins singles which I remastered a couple of months ago should be released this year on 4AD. For anyone interested the tracklisting is as follows…

disk 1
feathers oar blades
alas dies laughing
its all but an ark lark
peppermint pig
sugar hiccup
from the flagstones
because of whirljack
the spanglemaker
pearly dewdrops drops (alt version)
pepper tree
aikea guinea (alt version)

disk 2
pink orange red
ribbed and veined
plain tiger
sultitan itan
great spangled fratillery
pale clouded white
eggs and their shells
loves easy tears
those eyes that mouth
sighs smell of farewell
orange appled
iceblink luck
mizake the mizan

disk 3
mud and dark
winter wonderland
frosty the snowman
three swept
ice pulse
bluebeard (acoustic version)
rilkean heart (acoustic)
golden vein (acoustic)
pink orange red (acoustic)
half gifts (acoustic)

disk 4
feet like fins (mark clifford remix)
seekers who are lovers (mark clifford remix)
violaine (mark clifford remix)
cherry coloured funk (mark clifford remix)
primitive heart
flock of soul
an elan
tranquil eye
circling girl

11 Responses to “Cocteau Twins Singles Remasters…..”

  1. Crash City Saints

    That is a supremely awesome track list.

  2. starhopper

    Thanks Robin – one fantastic list and I am giddy to hear it!

  3. Adam

    Cool, can’t wait, although it’s sad that so many songs are not there – alt mixes of ivo, pitch the baby, touch upon touch etc…

  4. eO'

    i can’t wait!!
    and my music lover friends in japan too.

    thx Mr robin,you have good all ways always 🙂

  5. itchy

    Robin – any chance of a 5th “rarities” type disc, to compile a few of the straggler songs that are getting increasingly harder to find these days – like the Garland bonus tracks or Need-Fire from the Judge Dredd soundtrack, just for an example?

  6. baikonour

    Cool, it’s time to get these remastered eps and singles on decent cd again…i can’t believe the difference between the original vinyls and the early cd versions…early digital transfer were horrible quality wise… can’t wait to hear all these in bright colors again.

  7. Cedric

    Yeah…maybe the standard versions released later
    could include Milliminary, High Monkey Monk and Need-Fire, not necessary “versions”, but at least every of the non-lp tracks.


    Cedric Caspesyan

  8. mmmender

    great, something else to collect!

    just kidding, i’m really excited about this!

  9. Neil

    wow! more gems to look forward too! its been so long since the bbc sessions, shame some of the un-released tracks aren’t there i.e. – recorded after Milk and Kisses but hey \o we can but live in hope.

  10. Mark

    How about Strange Fruit?

    I’ve been listening since I first saw CT in Chelmsford, Essex, back in 1980(ish)


  11. Keith Canisius Baerken

    HOw about the song touch upn touch?

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