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Attention Defecit Disorder……..

Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2005

If such a thing doesn’t exist I’d like to claim it as my own, as the unfortunate Mr Parkinson or the even less fortunate Mr Corony Heart have done in having had a great malady named after themselves. To say, that I’ve been overwhelmed (mmmm, I’ve never been underwhelmed come to think of it) by the amount of of things I’ve set myself to do in the last few days, since returning from vacation is a gross understatement. And yet, I haven’t set myself impossible tasks, simply, I have just a really unrealistic view of my capabilities as a mere human being. My goals are realistic… no really, they are, but my attention span seems to wither when faced with the reality of my day. Or maybe I’m just crap at time management. It’s disheartening as I can’t imagine Salvador Dali or Ennio Morricone or Pablo Picasso, or anyone else with a prolonged creative output being sidetacked by skype or messenger and email. Maybe if they had those things they wouldn’t have come up with the shit that they did. OR… Maybe they had a manager… or maybe took lots of drugs, I really don’t know. Anyway, the point, if there is one tonight, is just this. I could be recording music just a few metres from where I’m typing this. I could be editing video a few meters in the opposite direction. In fact, I’m trying to do both, but actually achieving very little. In Scotland, we used to call it ‘being like a dog with two cocks’…. But although that is where I’m from, it’s not usually where I’m at… (Me and Sean Connery were joking about that, just the other day… how we laughed.. we almost lost our suntans)… Anyway, that little jocular aside was exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t even concentrate on this weblog as I have a million other things which seem to bounce around the space between my ears and demand my attention, which, like that last Sean Connery gag, are, well, in the whole scheme of things… shite..
So, I’m resigned to the fact that I may not finish my new insrtrumental album, finish the Violet Indiana album, extend my film Lumiere to make it an hour long, book some shows for the autumn, get rid of the weeds that are strangling my basil, answer all my email, have creative interpersonal relationships with friends, go swimming with Violette, install a new network drive and eat all the food in the fridge that I bought in Spain last week… before the weekend.

Attention Defecit Disorder – shit, I made that up and I just before posting this I looked it up on the web and instead of it pointing me back to this blog, it took me to some sites for the mildly disturbed. I thought I’d left all that behind… Ah well, I guess it won’t be getting named after me then. But, hey.. if those people are that messed up how did they get it together to build a website?

On another note… If any of you people who read this have any idea of any shows I could do during the last quarter of the year, then post something and let me know, because I’d really like to do some more shows soon with some of the new songs that I’m working on, but rather than doing the odd performance here and there, I’d like do do a whole bunch together, maybe not a tour, in the geographical sense, but at least a string of shows allowing me to develop some of the music I’m currently creating…
Now, it’s 2am, I have some weeds strangling my basil…….

11 Responses to “Attention Defecit Disorder……..”

  1. james allen eakins

    I can set you up with a great show in los angeles at the wilshire grand hotel http://www.wilshiregrand.com/
    you must come,

  2. james allen eakins

    also forgot to mention we can take care of a nice suite for you there as well,

  3. Scott

    Hi Robin hope you can make it out to LA again!Very much enjoyed your shows.
    Do you still use the Ebow?
    maybe add tourette’s syndrome to your list(along with attention deficit disorder)!

  4. Niamh

    I recommend Dublin, sir! I really do.

  5. greg

    Hi Robin,
    Perhaps you could perform at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco again. I saw Violet Indiana there a couple of years ago, or whenever that was, managed to get a seat at a table right in front, and loved it. Heard you tell someone a story afterwards about your daughter asking you if you had heard of Nirvana. If you do make it to the bay, maybe I could help arrange a show in the East Bay.
    best wishes,

  6. robin guthrie

    well, dublin sounds great in principal. It’s a lovely city, but unless someone can provide me with a show there, I can’t really imagine how to make the best of it..

  7. robin guthrie

    I loved the great american music hall, what a great venue. I’d be happy to play there, doing some instrumental stuff, multi projector film stuff, could be a great show…..

  8. Nic

    geh … forget all that and skip out to Toronto.

    this PDX (Portland, OR) girl owes you tea and a tour of the city.

    p.s. good to see a spot online to catch up on the latest on the world of Robin-related tunes. 🙂

  9. Dan

    Hi Robin,

    There is a nice venue in Annapolis, Maryland USA called The Rams Head Tavern. It seats about 200 people at tables similar to the Tin Angel in Philadelphia (where I saw you this year). The website is: http://www.ramsheadtavern.com/annapolis/onstage.html. For booking: booking@ramsheadtavern.com.
    I’d love to help in any way that I can.

  10. robin guthrie

    Thanks for the idea dan, but I really didn’t like the Tin Angel in Philadelphia. I mean, that show was (probably) OK , but as I’ve experienced it in many different types of venue I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t play it in bars, or anywhere where people are drinking and a bit chatty during the performance…

  11. Dan

    I understand what you mean about people drinking and being “a bit chatty during the performance”. It was a very enjoyable show for us in the audience, however. What about the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.? It’s a bit larger venue, but the people that come are definitely there for the show. I saw Cocteau Twins there in ’96, and it was great. I’ve probably seen over 30 shows there from bands and artists of all types, and it’s always been a very enjoyable experience. The web address is http://www.930.com. I’ll keep trying to think of places.

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