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Cocteau Twins Singles Remasters…..

Posted on Friday, August 26th, 2005

Answers to questions over on cocteautwinsforums.com………

Robin says he remastered them months ago, so now they’re probably waiting till December with releasing them- get those Christmas shoppers buying them as presents.

As you may or not be aware I have sometimes been accused, and I can’t quite imagine why, of being ever so slightly cynical regarding record companies, releases, contracts, artwork and the like. I’d just like to clarify a few things in that area. The remasters I did do not only rock – big time, I believe is today’s expression, but conform to what were the main releases, i.e., Peppermint Pig was the 7 inch version , not the 12inch, (to save on five inches of mediocrity), the Sugar Hiccup, was more concise, but why fuck around with edits when you can have the dentist waiting room version in all the glories of the original arrangement…….. The alternative takes that I’ve found of Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops and Aikea Guinea are choices I made from around 3 or 4 takes of, and hey, fuck it, this is the pertinent point, essentially the same mix.
When I originally mixed these tracks it was over a 2 to 3 day timescale and, with the novelty of automation, I was in the habit of putting a few different versions down before I’d felt I had it ‘right’.
Of course, one has to only wait twenty odd years to realize that someone, somewhere, just due to the very existence of these artifacts, will find it fit to choose one as the definitive version over the rest, usually an obscure rejected version, done when I was high and forgot to unmute the vocals until ringo climbed down from the ceiling with the drugs and got back on to his kit..therefore denying me the pleasure, and this is a rare thing in my business, of applying a little hindsight to the issue in hand.
Thus I decided which of the mixes (I found, in some cases, five or six), were better…… and used them accordingly. There is a glorious guitar part on the version of Pearly Dew-Drops’ Drops which was never apparent for some reason…………I remember the reason, very arcane but solvable with todays tech. And now solved it’s a job well done as far as I’m concerned.

Oh, and news I have is that it may be out before xmas but don’t bank on it. We still doing artwork, contracts and the like, and, although I have genuine need to spoil my kids at xmas, no one at 4AD can ensure whether or not it’ll be out by then…
What Ever..

The point is – don’t bitch about all the obscure shit which is not there. Given the premise of the album….think for a moment…. was oomingmak (inst) a single?, the high monkey monk? – – etc, etc etc.
Nope, it’s a singles and ep’s record, all the singles are there, where is the fucking problem?

5 Responses to “Cocteau Twins Singles Remasters…..”

  1. Adam

    I think these accusations are bullshit. But people are people, so just don’t worry and stay cool.

    Regarding ‘rare’ tracks, it’d be great to have them on one CD instead of mp3 files transfered from old tapes and vinyls, which sounds horrible. It’s really hard to get them in original form, because Leesa Beales has got all of them! 🙂 So this is kind of problem.

  2. Steven

    Hi Robin:

    I was listening/watching the M. Skin trailer. It has a guitar “track” towards the end, that is not on the soundtrack. Any chance you might have this as an MP3? Wonderful sound….must be you :o)

    Take Care,

  3. jarvis

    sorry robin–due to the nature of “the telephone game” this became a remastered “singles/eps/ONE-OFFS” compilation. but everything has now been made clear.

  4. jarvis

    and i bet they do rock — BIG TIME!

  5. Andy from Arizona


    “Ringo climbing down from the ceiling with the drugs” –was that a Bill Hicks reference? Great, eh?

    “Get the rake! Hook his pant leg!”

    Good times. Be well.


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