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Posted on Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

well, the next morning ran into the next day, the next day ran into the next day..et cetera… the mixes are very cool. There’s not a lot else to say. I’ve missed a heatwave in france and a hurricane in Louisiana. Well, I’ve experienced the opposite before, so all is well. I have mixed a fourth track but am unsure, as yet, of its title……
I hate to come come across as a bitch, and I seem to always complain, in this weblog but… I’m suffering from a technical problem, that I can’t seem to debug, in my music making system. For the life of me I can’t seem to isolate it (and therfore do something about it). The symptom is, quite simlply, random clicks, really high frequency, random clicks. Now any of you fine people, who may be, more than just a little, more clever than me, may be able to point me in the right direction but for the moment, I seem to be mixing for 2 hours and declicking for 4…….. I’m pretty sure, I’ve elimiated processor overload and wordclock, the two main contenders for my problem, but any help from any of you geeks/geekettes will be most humbly recieved.,…


Posted on Sunday, August 28th, 2005

Crescent, Continental, and Pale are mixed.
I, however, have no life.. Well I have been in the studio for the last day and a bit. And who care’s anyway. This is a most rewarding way to spend a day..
Feel sleepy though now, so I will rest…. Can’t wait to listen to them in the morning……

Cocteau Twins Singles Remasters…..

Posted on Friday, August 26th, 2005

Answers to questions over on cocteautwinsforums.com………

Robin says he remastered them months ago, so now they’re probably waiting till December with releasing them- get those Christmas shoppers buying them as presents.

As you may or not be aware I have sometimes been accused, and I can’t quite imagine why, of being ever so slightly cynical regarding record companies, releases, contracts, artwork and the like. I’d just like to clarify a few things in that area. The remasters I did do not only rock – big time, I believe is today‚Äôs expression, but conform to what were the main releases, i.e., Peppermint Pig was the 7 inch version , not the 12inch, (to save on five inches of mediocrity), the Sugar Hiccup, was more concise, but why fuck around with edits when you can have the dentist waiting room version in all the glories of the original arrangement…….. The alternative takes that I’ve found of Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops and Aikea Guinea are choices I made from around 3 or 4 takes of, and hey, fuck it, this is the pertinent point, essentially the same mix.
When I originally mixed these tracks it was over a 2 to 3 day timescale and, with the novelty of automation, I was in the habit of putting a few different versions down before I’d felt I had it ‘right’.
Of course, one has to only wait twenty odd years to realize that someone, somewhere, just due to the very existence of these artifacts, will find it fit to choose one as the definitive version over the rest, usually an obscure rejected version, done when I was high and forgot to unmute the vocals until ringo climbed down from the ceiling with the drugs and got back on to his kit..therefore denying me the pleasure, and this is a rare thing in my business, of applying a little hindsight to the issue in hand.
Thus I decided which of the mixes (I found, in some cases, five or six), were better…… and used them accordingly. There is a glorious guitar part on the version of Pearly Dew-Drops’ Drops which was never apparent for some reason…………I remember the reason, very arcane but solvable with todays tech. And now solved it’s a job well done as far as I’m concerned.

Oh, and news I have is that it may be out before xmas but don’t bank on it. We still doing artwork, contracts and the like, and, although I have genuine need to spoil my kids at xmas, no one at 4AD can ensure whether or not it’ll be out by then…
What Ever..

The point is – don’t bitch about all the obscure shit which is not there. Given the premise of the album….think for a moment…. was oomingmak (inst) a single?, the high monkey monk? – – etc, etc etc.
Nope, it’s a singles and ep’s record, all the singles are there, where is the fucking problem?

Attention Defecit Disorder……..

Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2005

If such a thing doesn’t exist I’d like to claim it as my own, as the unfortunate Mr Parkinson or the even less fortunate Mr Corony Heart have done in having had a great malady named after themselves. To say, that I’ve been overwhelmed (mmmm, I’ve never been underwhelmed come to think of it) by the amount of of things I’ve set myself to do in the last few days, since returning from vacation is a gross understatement. And yet, I haven’t set myself impossible tasks, simply, I have just a really unrealistic view of my capabilities as a mere human being. My goals are realistic… no really, they are, but my attention span seems to wither when faced with the reality of my day. Or maybe I’m just crap at time management. It’s disheartening as I can’t imagine Salvador Dali or Ennio Morricone or Pablo Picasso, or anyone else with a prolonged creative output being sidetacked by skype or messenger and email. Maybe if they had those things they wouldn’t have come up with the shit that they did. OR… Maybe they had a manager… or maybe took lots of drugs, I really don’t know. Anyway, the point, if there is one tonight, is just this. I could be recording music just a few metres from where I’m typing this. I could be editing video a few meters in the opposite direction. In fact, I’m trying to do both, but actually achieving very little. In Scotland, we used to call it ‘being like a dog with two cocks’…. But although that is where I’m from, it’s not usually where I’m at… (Me and Sean Connery were joking about that, just the other day… how we laughed.. we almost lost our suntans)… Anyway, that little jocular aside was exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t even concentrate on this weblog as I have a million other things which seem to bounce around the space between my ears and demand my attention, which, like that last Sean Connery gag, are, well, in the whole scheme of things… shite..
So, I’m resigned to the fact that I may not finish my new insrtrumental album, finish the Violet Indiana album, extend my film Lumiere to make it an hour long, book some shows for the autumn, get rid of the weeds that are strangling my basil, answer all my email, have creative interpersonal relationships with friends, go swimming with Violette, install a new network drive and eat all the food in the fridge that I bought in Spain last week… before the weekend.

Attention Defecit Disorder – shit, I made that up and I just before posting this I looked it up on the web and instead of it pointing me back to this blog, it took me to some sites for the mildly disturbed. I thought I’d left all that behind… Ah well, I guess it won’t be getting named after me then. But, hey.. if those people are that messed up how did they get it together to build a website?

On another note… If any of you people who read this have any idea of any shows I could do during the last quarter of the year, then post something and let me know, because I’d really like to do some more shows soon with some of the new songs that I’m working on, but rather than doing the odd performance here and there, I’d like do do a whole bunch together, maybe not a tour, in the geographical sense, but at least a string of shows allowing me to develop some of the music I’m currently creating…
Now, it’s 2am, I have some weeds strangling my basil…….

Cocteau Twins Singles Remasters…..

Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005


Hopefully, in the not too distant future, the 4 cd set of Cocteau Twins singles which I remastered a couple of months ago should be released this year on 4AD. For anyone interested the tracklisting is as follows…

disk 1
feathers oar blades
alas dies laughing
its all but an ark lark
peppermint pig
sugar hiccup
from the flagstones
because of whirljack
the spanglemaker
pearly dewdrops drops (alt version)
pepper tree
aikea guinea (alt version)

disk 2
pink orange red
ribbed and veined
plain tiger
sultitan itan
great spangled fratillery
pale clouded white
eggs and their shells
loves easy tears
those eyes that mouth
sighs smell of farewell
orange appled
iceblink luck
mizake the mizan

disk 3
mud and dark
winter wonderland
frosty the snowman
three swept
ice pulse
bluebeard (acoustic version)
rilkean heart (acoustic)
golden vein (acoustic)
pink orange red (acoustic)
half gifts (acoustic)

disk 4
feet like fins (mark clifford remix)
seekers who are lovers (mark clifford remix)
violaine (mark clifford remix)
cherry coloured funk (mark clifford remix)
primitive heart
flock of soul
an elan
tranquil eye
circling girl