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It wasn’t retirement, it was just a dream……..

Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

Summer has taken a rainy and cold turn that I can’t deal with. It may fuck with my suntan, and as I am both Scottish, and actually have a tan this is a big problem…No, I jest. It’s just a roundabout way of saying the holidays are over and I’m geting back to work after an incredibly long break and the nicest summer I’ve had since 1996, which was one that stands out. Come to think of it 2002 was pretty notable as well as I got to leave England, but, as I suspect many of us have lots of shit to catch up with after the break I will shut the fuck up and get to the point. It’s 2am here and it’ll be 3am when I finish writing this.
Sooo.. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll spend the rest of the week catching up with email, so that’s not a problem, just a chore. I’m not suited much to sitting in an office communicating with individuals but I’m finding just enough humility to be grateful that my inbox is full and not empty. How I would love to be in the studio tonight (doing something I believe I do well) instead of communicating with others about what work may be coming up and generally looking after business (something I feel less able to)…
But my summer has definitely inspired me as I travelled roughly 8000km around this lovely continent that I call home (for the moment) seeing things unseen before, spending time with lovely people and generally experiencing life outside music. I think of it as recharging of my batteries, but perhaps not with the more ‘urban influences’ of years gone by but more gentle ones. Don’t worry, I’ll never be a tree hugging fucking hippie, it’s not in my make up, but I can happily say that for a few weeks I absorbed lots of shit that one cannot if one has a blackberry in one’s pocket..
I’ve come back to a few things which are newsworthy the first of which is that Mitsuo Tate has released his first album, under the name Flat 7 titled Lost in Blue. More details at http://www.flat-7.com


I mixed a track on the album, or maybe single, I don’t know, but Mitsuo tells me that there is a typo on the album artwork and that I’ve been credited for something else. That happened to me years ago with a miscredit on an AR Kane record, Remixes where I was credited with some really tacky house mix and someone else was credited with mine… (this vanity is killing me).. Anyway, get your credit cards out and buy Mitsuo’s album. Also of note, the legendary Russell Mills provided the artwork…
What else…?
I got this really cool picture of Harold Budd in my mailbox..


I never realised he didn’t have earlobes before – Probably explains his genius…
I have earlobes..


Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

sort of starts here, so as I said I’ve been reflective, watching the cosmos for a tell-tale sign that the future is mapped out before me but the sign must have been a trifle subtle as all I could make out was a black sky with a bunch of stars in it. (OK, so there was the sound of the ocean ebbing and flowing, but whatever……). So I did the dreaded ‘coming home’ email thing, which is always something I’m reluctant to do, but apart from the people in Nigeria wanting to make me rich and the people in Central America wanting to sell me Viagra, nothing of any great professional interest jumped out at me. There were, of course, several personal emails which touched me (made me sad me in a way too, as a real letter may have been nice, but hey, I’m soooo old school when it comes to correspondence..) [except with tera who I seem to have a different time scale with – don’t worry dear, it’s on it’s way]
I’m still a few week from getting started on the roller-coaster of music production a and the juggling of real life and being able to achieve the aforementioned music production but I have made a few decisions regarding my work, the primary one being that I need to tidy up my studio before I start work again and the others having to do with selection of songs for my forthcoming album and who to collaborate with later in the year, how to expand my live show without breaking the bank and how to finish the Violet Indiana film strip before I die… Oh, not to mention some sort of a web presence, with perhaps the possibility to sell my music online as downloads (and I’m not talking itunes, as I’d like to actually make something from my music – anyone who read my cocteau twins/itunes statement would be horrified) Anyway, without getting all negative about things, I’m going to use my itunes royalties to go buy some black bin bags into which I’ll deposit all last years coffee cups and general studio detritus (well I may have to add some of my own money) and therefore clear the way for the next bunch of coffee drinking and general studio messiness.
This could be quite a good thing.. I feel as rejuvenated as anyone who has spent a few weeks gently wandering from beach to beach around Europe. I also managed to create a few new pieces of music on my laptop while away. [ the secret of being a parent and trying to work at the same time is to get them exhausted so they want to go to bed at bedtime thus allowing a few hours work in the evening ]
OK, my time is limited here, I’m going to shake the sand out of my laptop and transfer some things into my studio [fuck the coffee cups for the meantime]