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Mixing – Creating – Enduring

Posted on Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Today has been a very gentle roller-coaster of problems and satisfactions. Very gentle, no real life tragedies, just a bunch of computer shit trying my patience, which from time to time is the payment for maintaining a, how can I put it, …. excessive, network of computers in my home and workplace. Compounded with the fact that I live in a small village at the very end of the internet and I have to deal with France Telecom, who redefine the meaning of the word service. Actually, as an aside, I should point out that the word service doesn’t actually translate into french as anyone who has ever tried to order a big mac in the middle of the afternoon will attest. I could go into this, in detail, this total lack of customer care, as I have much experience in being a consumer in this fine country, but I won’t, because it’s also quite pointless. Oh, how I yearn for a ‘have a nice day’ or ‘your welcome’.. It cost’s nothing, of course it means nothing, but is ever so much more pleasant that what I am confronted with on a daily basis.
Which gets me back to France Telecom, the fuckers, who have redefined the term 8mb to mean 2mb, but have managed to charge me five euros a month more for the privilege.
what ever….
So satisfaction…. mmm, did another mix for Continental today, a lovely instrumental piece called Radiance. The mixing process was plagued, as usual, by little gremlins, little tech problems, but they seem a small price to pay for ending up with a lovely piece like Radiance.
I’m enjoying the process of randomly picking a piece of music that I have created earlier in the year, whether from 19 Crescent, or something else I’ve had tucked away for a while, and actually finishing it.. It’s good to finish.
Also, not being a slacker, and realising that rendering video takes a long time, I’ve started editing more material, possibly for an extended version of lumiere which I’d like to perform this winter…
OK, so that was my day .. bedtime

3 Responses to “Mixing – Creating – Enduring”

  1. Jeffrey Mays

    Hey Robin,
    In my home studio I use a Tascam DM24, MOTU 2048, and P4 based computer. I started getting random clicks and pops while mixing from Sonar to Cool edit. I checked wordclock, connections, etc. to no avail. Then while mixing the other night the power supply in the PC died. Looks like the problem was a capacitor and/or a switching transistor that was starting to short in the power supply.(I’m a computer tech by the way.) Thank God I back up my band’s files as I’ve lost hard drives before when power supplies have died.

  2. Doug's Back You See It

    Hi Robin 19 Cresent is a homeless shelter…I always fantasized about making music in a home studio setting a la the best of them but tossing little fuckers out on the ‘net…not waiting to be paid as slave. Curve can sell online only.

  3. Gerald Hopes

    Hi Robin,
    I just wanted to thanks for such a beautiful soundtrack to “Mysterious Skin” I can’t eject it from the cd player, or shall i say, I don’t want to. “Snowfall” is just soooooo gorgeous and my favourite track.
    You have inspired me all the way through my teens and now in my 39th year I am still writing Ambient Dream stuff in my “Little Nova Sound” Studio which used to live in Bristol but now Lancaster. I am one of your biggest fans, always will be. God Bless John peel! and thanks again.


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