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Last Week….

Posted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

….was quite intense. A few months ago I played a show with Harold Budd in England and had the good fortune to meet Mr John Foxx who was also appearing alongside Harold.. He was very complimentary about my guitar playing, which, of course, always gets me listening…. Said he’d like to sing with it, and I immediately said, why not? John possesses a voice which is very choral and pastoral and when I thought about it for a moment I could imagine something special.. So, to cut a long story short, (because I want to go to bed) he came over from England last week and in just a few, intense, days we created seven pieces of music (songs?) which, as I’m listening to them now, please me greatly. A very natural and organic piece of work. I don’t think it’s a full album yet, we need another few tracks, but the essence of it is there.
I like and enjoy little projects like that, that come out of the blue. There was no pressure, if we had finished the session with nothing it would have still been educational and enjoyable : to finish with 35 minutes of music is a bonus… It sounds, perhaps not strangely, like we both imagined it could when we talked about it before. The marriage of very atmospheric vocals and very atmospheric guitar is intense. The listener is bathed in a wash of tones…Lovely.
My father in law, who happened to hear some of our work when we were playing it back said it would be dangerous to drive while listening to it.. I think I know what he means….
And Violette is asking when John Foxx in socks is coming back….
Tried to work a bit today, but got sidetracked by discovering google earth, and wasted half an afternoon zooming around the world looking down peoples chimneys… most enjoyable, if you like that sort of thing…

11 Responses to “Last Week….”

  1. Wishcure

    Hi, Robin,

    I just discovered your weblog a few weeks ago and I keep reading it as often as I can…I’m a Cocteau Twins fan for a long time…

    I have to say that I got my copy of the Mysterious Skin Soundtrack and I love it! great atmospheric and lovely music…

    Oh! and I just like very much your weblog! Thanx for this little space for letting us knowing your every day work…

    (Sorry for my english…)


  2. mark gough

    good work robin
    i hope there will be a album of you and john foxx
    sounds bloody great

  3. glint

    After the Harold Budd show, Bill Nelson was talking about possibly doing an album with Mr. Foxx, as they seemed to hit it off as well… Looks like you beat him to it! Sounds like it’ll be glorious (as usual).

  4. the unknown polack

    sounds like good music to listen to on a road trip…yeah, maybe through the spanish desert…hmmm…

  5. miken

    wow that is too wierd, been a fan our both yours and John Foxx for years (him since his days with early Ultravox and especially his work with Louis Gordon). I look forward with anticipation to hearing results of your collaborative work. good luck.

  6. darakish

    oh my goodness. I’d love to hear this, been a fan of both you and Mr. Foxx forever! An absolute perfect pairing! When/how can we hear this?

  7. robert pelikan

    Anything you do Robin, will be greatly appreciated by myself, my wife, and of course all other true Cocteau fans. Just last week we watched the VHS videos of Cocteau Twin loveliness and were happily awash in tears…just kind of getting blown away, and getting to yet another spiral of appreciation for that music…didn’t know deeper levels were possible,…….or maybe we did?………:) We played “Round” right after our minister announced us to the gathering as married……and so ensued our new stage of life together. Much appreciation.

    Rob and Jennifer

  8. shhhhhh

    hi fukka, hope all is well….write soon


  9. Pepe

    Did simons colaboration with john foxx ever get put out be belly union?

  10. JonathanD.

    Hello Robin
    very happy to find this site. It gave me so much insight into a group that i have been a fan of for about 12 years now. I wish you all the best in your future musical endeavors and give thanks for all the beautiful sounds and songs you shared with all of us.

  11. Alan Legge

    Hi Robin,
    The collaboration with John Fox sounds wonderful,let’s just hope he does another round of sessions to finish off an album’s worth of material.


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