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Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2005

many apologies for a little slack with my weblog. There are multiple reasons (…excuses), the most important being that I am once again being fucked around by France Telecom and have only had intermittent access to the internet. Other lame excuses are, I’ve been a little too busy and I have a stinking cold and have been going to bed early.
s l a c k e r
what ever…
So here is the good stuff.. My next album Continental is, to all intents and purposes, finished… OK, I may dick around with it a little, I know myself too well to say otherwise, but it seems pretty complete to me right at this moment. Now my next hurdle comes… having the chance to play it to someone. That’s usually a moment where all becomes clear and I can finally cut the umbilical. However, unfortunately for me, living here in total fucking isolation from the world, the real world, that is, and not the rural french world of men wearing john deere baseball caps, I have no-one to play it to. And there’s no way I’ll send any CDs out until I’ve seen the look in someones eyes when they hear it…. lordy, it’s a tall order for someone to listen to my music with me for the first time. Anyway, after I cross that bridge, I’ll let go. Meantime, it’s hunting season here and I’m sorely tempted to invite a few of the good old boys in, the ones who have plastic ducks strapped to their heads, for a listen…

All things seem to twist themselves together, within my creativity. I had decided to call the new album, Continental, when I was travelling across the USA earlier this year, en route to play my 19 Crescent show in Los Angeles. Then during the summer I managed to rack up about 9000kms around this continent, the one I live on now (because I’m from a country which is an island, it never ceases to amaze me that I can just jump in my car and drive anywhere in Europe now, except ironically, the UK, without having to cross water – Oh, and while I’m on the subject, how come the fish in Britain, which is, after all, an island, sucks, but I can eat spider crab legs the size of a baseball bat in the desert of southern Utah?)…Anyway back to the creative thought… Lumiere, which is what I’ll be playing for some up and coming shows, contains source material, shot in about 15 countries..over 4 continents… I counted them.. Of course, you would never be able to tell that, because it’s all fucked up visually speaking, but I can and it makes me feel good. Anyway that wasn’t really much of a thought but, that’s what was bouncing around my head like a li’l mosquito, and now, hopefully it will stop.

Anyone who knows me will tell you (and most people that know me love to point out my character defects) that I’m like a big girl when I get sick.. Well I’m sick just now, and extremely paranoid as I just got sick halfway through reading La Peste by Albert Camus where everyone gets sick and then dies….

And more sickness : so here I am, up to my neck in snot and tissues, vitamin C and big socks. I’d rather be in bed, you know, but I’m preparing for the show in the flyer below…. And what is sick? One of my pieces of equipment, my Eventide H3000, my new Eventide H3000, the one I bought because the old one kept fucking up, cutting out intermittently, during concerts has started cutting out intermittently… wtf?

what ever…


15 Responses to “back…”

  1. Carlotta V.

    Quit whining, I had three biopsies last week.

  2. Joakim

    Hope you get better.

    for the H3000 problem, well there is only one place to browse for help on Eventides and that’s http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eventidehelps/ but you probably knew that 😉

  3. Salome

    As am I from the French countryside I feel perfectly at ease there, so if you invite me I would very happily listen to Continental so you can see the look on someone’s face. And I would not charge you for it ;o)


  4. robin guthrie

    Salome, it’s not a lot like newbury here… 🙂
    You would, of course, be welcome…

  5. Salome

    Anywhere not like Newbury sounds great to me ;o)

    There is a seriously large list of horrible places to be in – from both sides of the Channel!

  6. mike

    Yah, man – The Plague. Best book ever.

    re: the flier
    It’s very pretty – it also provided a week’s worth of laughter on sight. There was that old Nick Cave quote from the B-day Party days: “1 out of every 10 concert attendants is there because they love the music – the other 9 are just there because it’s the ‘place to be.'”

    Tear it up, man – thank God you extended that film.

  7. denshion

    need a ride to a hospital?

  8. miken

    Doesn’t the wording on that flyer annoy you? It would me, I think. I don’t live in France but if you were to find yourself in the vicinity of York, UK (and why not, the architecture would be the perfect inspiration for your music and the Minster a perfect setting) I’d love to listen, let you watch my reaction, and of course buy you a beer or three?? ;o)

  9. robin guthrie

    miken : yes it does annoy me, but as I have ranted about this topic so much elsewhere on this weblog, today I’ll just let it go and retain some serenity.
    But it really does suck – what can I do? the people who put on these shows need to try to get people through the door which is fair enough. I guess that writing CT on the poster helps…what ever..
    Oh and one more thing – at least whoever made that flyer had the courtesy to make my name larger thatn than CT – It ain’t always so ….

  10. robin guthrie

    denshion : I was in more danger of needing a hospital the last time you drove me to one. I truly believed that you may have killed us both. I think it was at the point of the crossing three lanes of the highway thirty yards before the intersection that did it for me. You should seriously consider medication before driving…. 🙂

  11. robin guthrie

    keith : you’re tough nurse technique seems to work, I feel a little better today, thanks ….

  12. Carlotta V.

    Oh, I could just strangle you and Liz sometimes. Glad your feeling better though.

  13. eileen

    Hey robin, I’m bored and broke so i’ll be heading home to San Fran bay area next week. E-mail me if you want to hang out before the show. we’ll have to go dutch…I have bills to pay.

  14. halobrace

    Robin about the eventide H3000. From what i have read on the net and heard from people first hand these things are very sensitive to heat build up and many others have described the unit “glitching” etc. as well if not kept cool.

    Everyone I talk to keeps a space above and below them empty in the rack to allow the thing to breathe as they build up alot of heat. I have even heard of a few guys that install a cooling unit in their rack to help with this. Does the unit seem to run hot?

    If you have not already done so try to give it a little more space and see if that helps. Regardless it is an awesome processor good to know i was not off track in assuming you used them. Good luck.

  15. eddie

    I knew you were using eventide, that sweet sweet sound.. Install a cooling unit above your eventide and experience problems no more – people need that sound. They need it.

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