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Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2005

So… I have some concerts coming up, get your pen and paper out…
Ready? OK,

October 17th San Francisco Mezzanine
November 20th Los Angeles The Pacific Ballroom
December 2nd London NFT

21 Responses to “concerts”

  1. Ken

    Looking forward to the album. Please tour america again when it’s out. I saw the Lumiere New York shows at Knitting Factory & out in Brooklyn. Both were fantastic, but I think you were more comfortable at the latter.
    Safe travels Robin.


  2. fiorio

    I am really looking forward the CT box which will be released in Nov.21 which is my birthday!
    you guys are amazing wonderful!

  3. Nic


    tea? Toronto? someday, maybe?

  4. greg

    Im glad you were able to set up an SF show, but I’m disappointed that I’ll have to miss it. I was touring last time you came to SF, and I’ll be on tour with Paula Frazer, your old label-mate this time. Good luck, get well and please come again soon!- greg

  5. Ronald

    Please ROBIN, come to South America…Chile, Brazil and Argentina ok.

    WHY U.S.A. EVER ??? and not US ???

  6. fiorio

    Oh my God, Robin from just CT went to my msn space!!! Oh My GOD!!!!!!!!
    however, I am sure you understand nothing since it’s been written in Chinese.: (
    In China there are thousands of cocteau twins fans. thanks to faye wong, more Chinese music fans know about Cocteau twins such as me. and I am tryinng to collecting your previous albums. this is one of the most timeless, amazing, wonderful band in the whole world, maybe the whole space!!!

  7. fiorio

    what the hell, it’s impossible to be Robin himself, maybe the guy who post commets at that time.

  8. Hugo

    Bueno, se que al escribir en Español quizás no entiendas lo que quiero decirte, me frustra eso un poco pero no importa, es mucho más importante el fin de poder comunicarme contigo a través de esto. Quizás sentirás que soy un típico fan que se quedó pegado, pero realmente necesito darte las gracias, gracias por todo. Gracias por haber hecho música tan hermosa junto a Cocteau Twins, de verdad, sin mentir, puedo decir que su música me alegró la vida, me cambió la vida. Siento que adquerí una pureza, una fragilidad, una sencibilidad especial gracias su música, a su concepto de música. Todos sus discos son hermosos, de hecho, si te daz cuenta, mi página lleva el nombre que tiene gracias a el majestuoso álbum que hicieron ustedes en los 90.
    Insisto, aunque se que quizás no comprenderás lo que digo, te doy las gracias a ti por hacer tan feliz la vida de un adolescente de Chile que escucha siempre tu ex banda, además no sé como agradecerle a los otros integrantes de la banda ahahaha. Gracias Robin. Thanks… y ojalá sepás español =). Someday I will try to write you in English, beacuse i’m not very well with the English.
    Bye, good luck man.
    Hugo González Aguirre.

  9. Hugo

    Well, I know thet writing in Spanish won’t allow you to understand what i want to say to you, that’s a bit frustrating, but i don’t mind, it is most important to be able to communicate with you trough this. Maybe you’ll feel that i’m the typical ordinary fan, but i really need to thank you, thank you for everything. All your albums are beautiful, in fact you can realize that my webpage has the name, name it has due to the majestic album you made back in the 90`s
    Thank you for making such a beautiful music with Cocteau Twins, truly, without lying, i can say your music delighted my life, it changed my life. I feel that I acquired a purit, a fragility, a special sensitivity, thanks to your music, to your concept of music.
    I insist, maybe you won’t understand what i’m saying, but i thank you for making so happy the life of a Chilean teen who always listens your ex band, besides i don¡t know how to say thank you to the other bands members haaha. Thank you Robin.

    Hice lo que pude.

  10. Andy from Arizona

    Robin, I dunno if you saw my email, but I’m asking for permission to photograph your performance at the LA show in Nov. This time with tripod, but like 19 Crescent: no flash, and you will get digital copies of everything. OK with you?

    …and I was serious about the Sedona thing. It’s only a 4 days after that gig. We’ve reserved a cabin in the woods.

    Looking forward to meeting/hearing you again.

  11. Carlos

    It’d be cool if u come to NYC again and I hope u can extend your tour in America.


  12. ted

    Yeah, what Carlos said…we’d love 2CU mayB B4 Ugo 2 Cali4nia!!!!

  13. ingrid

    IT’s my B_DAY!
    I’ve got to find a way to fly/drive ( but what about the black gold?) from Santa Barbara to SF just for that!


  14. Halobrace

    Robin about the eventide H3000. From what i have read on the net and heard from people first hand these things are very sensitive to heat build up and many others have described the unit “glitching” etc. as well if not kept cool.

    Everyone I talk to keeps a space above and below them empty in the rack to allow the thing to breathe as they build up alot of heat. I have even heard of a few guys that install a cooling unit in their rack to help with this. Does the unit seem to run hot?

    If you have not already done so try to give it a little more space and see if that helps. Regardless it is an awesome processor good to know i was not off track in assuming you used them. Good luck.

  15. eponto

    Looking so forward to the show. Imperial was my sons nighttime soothing music after he was born so it is really special to me.


  16. d@t@

    please come back to philly pa. i saw you at the lummiere gig,simply an incredible night accept the guy who had you sign his entire ct collection.

  17. Nick Wadsley

    Hello, I’ve just found your Blog site though the CT webb site. Cheers and thank yoy for creating, for me, such memorable music.
    I regard you albums for Violet Indiana, and your Imperial+Mysterious Skin as exeptional, thanks.
    I travelled last October from Bradford to Glasgow to the Arches to see your Lumiere show, cheers I enjoyed it very much. I met briefly afterwards your brother Brian, who I enjoyed talking to and who gave me an email address which perhaps I’d written down wrong(brian@punkrock) + other bits which clearly aren’t right. Anyway I hope to try to get to the NFI on the 2nd of December and see your show.
    Many thanks for some truly great music,
    Nick Wadsley

  18. Mathieu Turcotte

    Dear Robin,

    Last week I drove from Montréal to my place in Beauce (I am a french-canadian), 3h30 drive, listening cocteau twins all the way (Victorialand, Pink Opaque, Head over heals, Tiny#Echo…, Blue bell knoll, Moon and Melodies, Treasure).I always loved music but since 1985, I have problem to find good music since I’ve heard yours. You and mrs Frazer are so gifted. Thats a fact, but what ”m’émerveille sans fin” (what’s the world in english?)is that you both met… Do you know another musical match as strong and gifted as yours? Even thought I am not their fan, Led Zep mayby…( I try to stay objective!)

    I would love to have Imperial but i could not find it in Québec prov these days. I am quite new to Internet and heard about this record just lately, too bad. I’ll keep searching…

    I seen you live in Montréal in 1990 and hope to see you again, any plan for Montréal, Toronto, Boston, N-Y?

    I hope you can enjoy CT as much I as do.


  19. Steven

    Saw your show last night at the Pacific Ballroom
    in L.A. and I must say you blew me away. You put on a fantastic show both musically and visually.
    You are a true musical visionary and I feel both privileged and honoured to have just been in the same room as you. I was impressed with how you layered guitar tracks to build songs. You have the most luscious sound I’ve ever heard. You are
    an inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    See you next time!

  20. Aido

    Any plans to play Dublin at some stage ?.First gig I ever saw was the Cocteau Twins 19 years ago in SFX centre in Dublin.I still listen to a bootleg of it !. Would love if you played here, best regards.

  21. Courtney Gidts

    I’ve managed to save up roughly $67074 in my bank account, but I’m not sure if I should buy a house or not. Do you think the market is stable or do you think that home prices will decrease by a lot?

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