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Posted on Friday, October 7th, 2005

Life is too short. No, time goes too quickly. No, time goes too quickly when I have to leave for the US in a couple of days and I keep fucking up my edit of Lumiere that I’m doing for the show in San Francisco. Of course, and every time I make a little mistake [read big mistake] I have to re-render the whole thing which takes six or seven hours. It’s a little frustrating but there is no one else at fault, just me.. and, come to think of it, it’s all good as I learn from my mistakes.. If only all aspects of my life could be like that!!
I am looking forward to my trip to San Francisco, as I really like it there and know some very lovely people. I’m going to go into a studio there and record an exclusive EP for iTunes, which may be fun, as I haven’t been in a recording studio for a long time, well you know, a proper one where all the equipment actually works and there is someone there to bring you coffee…..
I’ve been having fun preparing a few new things to play for this concert, some things so new that I’ve not recorded them yet, sort of post Continental and something is so old I was in my twenties and had rather big hair when I wrote it..
Talking of Continental, I still haven’t played it to anyone yet.. Truth is, I haven’t seen anyone since my last post, with the exception of the man from France Telecom who came to fix my dsl, or at least came to shrug a lot, and say things like ‘ce ne pas de probleme de France Telecom monsieur, ce le probleme de votre isp’… the fact that France Telecom is my isp as well didn’t seem to make much difference to him and he left after a while, without resolving my dsl problem, nor, indeed, listening to my album. So now I have a RDSL line, a new protocol which I appear to be beta testing, the R standing for Random…… I can connect most afternoons for a little while, but hardly ever in the evenings. All my neighbours must come home after their days work to download a huge amount of porn, thus stopping me from arranging all the things for my concerts/records/life.. etc… (you wouldn’t imagine from looking at them in the boulangerie that they’re into deviant porn and all but they must be, otherwise I’d be able to send my email and do this journal….)
What else? Nothing really, I’ve been in here since 9am, it’s now midnight… I’ve played lots of music, programmed lots of control changes and program changes so I don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong pedal during the show.. – actually I do worry more that I can’t actually read the LCD displays anymore, not without having my face about 12 inches away from them and especially in the dark.
I’m making provisions to deal with the eventuality of me leaving the DVD of Lumiere locked in my car at Charles De Gaulle again instead of taking it to the concert with me, as I did for my concert in Budapest a couple of months ago.. What was I saying earlier about learning from my mistakes? …. Repeatedly making the same mistake expecting a different result…. sounds familiar to me.. 🙂
What Ever… I’m struggling to find anything else I want to share, everything is just moving on, getting there, getting closer, at least…

10 Responses to “Isolation…..”

  1. mark

    have a nice trip robin
    and thanks for telling us your doings

  2. Ken

    safe travels robin. have you heard deftones version of ‘wax and wane’? it’s interesting to say the least. here’s a link to the track on the itunes store.

  3. eileen

    There’s something about San Francisco that makes people feel better. I’ll try to make your show – caught Lumiere last year and it was refreshing. If you want to hang out, e-mail me. Might be nice to get everyone together.

  4. b ginley

    oh if only it was easy & cheap to fly out to catch ya….wax and wane….

  5. jim boeger

    looking forward to your visit….do you know if you’re last concert(CT) at the warfield(1997?) was captured on tape or video?

  6. Russ Arteaga

    Hi Robin, I am very much looking forward to seeing/hearing you play at Mezzanine on the 17th in SF. I was saddened when I found out the Coachella show was cancelled as I have yet to see you in person (though I have been a adoring fan since the 80’s) I am writing to find out if you would be able to scribble your autograph on something for me after the show. I don’t normally ask this of anyone and of course it’s so hard to get a few seconds of people’s time these days. Either way I am so happy to finally be able to hear you in person.

  7. Tera

    I will be in San Fran for your Show. It would be lovely to see you.

  8. robin guthrie

    happy to see you all there. V happy, indeed, to see Tera there.. She’s coming a long way.. If any of y’all meet her, try to make her feel welome

  9. Betsy Markum

    I can’t believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $30666. Isn’t that crazy!

  10. Courtney Gidts

    I’ve managed to save up roughly $34033 in my bank account, but I’m not sure if I should buy a house or not. Do you think the market is stable or do you think that home prices will decrease by a lot?

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