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Posted on Saturday, December 17th, 2005

For the last 4 weeks my dsl has been down. I know, I know.. I promised not to bitch about it any more…. I’m not going to. I’m going to thank everyone involved at France Telecom who got me back online. No, really. This is sincere…
What Ever….
One of the fun things about doing a web log is, for me, just telling everyday stories about the things I experience. This devolves me of the responsibility of actually talking to people. It’s been a really busy month, with the shows in Los Angeles and London but there has been so much primo web log material lost by me not being able to get online right away while the stories are fresh in my head. Now, sadly things are fading and I couldn’t start to tell of the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the utter stupidity I’ve been confronted with. Needless to say it’s been thoroughly heart-warming and my serenity has remained intact. 🙂
I’ll leave it there.. I’ll have a think and a little look around my computer for some stuff to post in the next day or so…
I’m happy to be back….

18 Responses to “Online………”

  1. guinea ikea

    Nice to have you back!In a strange way I’ve missed your bitching scessions.

    Yes, people are stupid as long as you know you are too!… then your o.k.!

    You Rock Rob Roy

  2. Mark

    Hi Robin

    Loved the soundtrack for Mysterious Skin.

    I was just wondering whats the name of the song that is playing at the very begining of the movie that is not on the cd and is it availible?

    The same applies to the end of the movie.

    There’s this beatufil song playing in the background while Neil tries to comfort Brian on the couch.

    What the name of the song and well it be availible?

    Thoses were the main to songs that got my attention to buy the sound track. When i first heard them they brought tears to my eyes.


  3. R

    I watched this documentary on “stupidity” and there they said that in america they actually tell journalists: “your material doesn’t pass–too complex! we target eight grade mentality…”

    the journalist: “yeah, but the age of our readers is 35-40 years old?”
    editor sais: “that’s eight grade, anyway, just target the LOWEST DENOMINATOR, or change job”

    the lowest denominator is millions of people in north america, and little by little it gets to be the way of the entire world.

    They said in this documentary that this type of crowd is the one that elects fascists and tyrants because they are extremely easilly pushed into an emotional state of “blind trust”–they only need some spectacular and moving show or display to get to get all teary eyed, eternally obedient, hand on heart and all.

    Thus, it is only convenient for some to have this type of crowds as mass majority..
    This much about stupidity from here..

  4. halobrace

    That was was fucking enlightening R. Boy you have all us stupid Americans totally figured out.

    I have to go Pledge allegiance to the flag now so i gotta go.

    Fucking tool.

  5. John

    I don’t know what’s up with the last post?! There was no insult in the blog torwards “us Americans” , so theres nothing to figure out..

    Robin, welcome back to the Other side of life.
    Technology is a blessing when it works and a curse otherwise. Working in IT issue all day,I would know.
    Hope everything has been well and hope you get some time to enjoy the Holiday season!
    Take a break sometime, you work too hard ( though I’m glad you do because we reap the benefits thereof!)
    Merry X-mas!


  6. glint

    halobrace was responding to “R” (not our robin), and rightly so. Sweeping generalizations such as these are what keeps the denomitator so damn low. Anyway..

    Have a nice, relaxing holiday robin, and everyone!

  7. Madame B

    hello robin, i have a doubt, do you still playing and giving concerts?
    i think you are a great musitian.
    have a good day

  8. eileen

    no internet?!? ouch! i know how that feels. the wireless router i was sharing with my roomies fried three weeks ago and i had to go through hell configuring the new one to work with all of the computers in the house. of course i was the only one in the household who knows how to configure wireless network settings! sheesh!! anyway, rant over.

  9. Robin Guthrie

    Er, well… Maybe stupidity was too incitive a word. How about ‘jaw droppingly unbelievable’.. Oh, and the best part of all is… I was referring to my trip to England… No Americans were harmed in the writing of this weblog.. yup, I am completely capable of gross foolishness without the aid of anyone else*…
    *see most of my previous weblog entries….

  10. b ginley


  11. R

    Hey halobrace, don’t have to make ass of yourself reacting in such a personal way–it’s the regime that’s the source of the problem, not the people. It gets to be a global problem, not only american.
    And calm down on the “america” theme: i’m (what they call) native-american, so i don’t take lessons from big mouth poo-poo boys.

    And go on the street and claim your free press, or something, whatever, don’t be a passive coward-dork.

  12. Candy Cane

    What a strange idea to have chosen France Telecom for your connection… Didn’t french people around tell you ?

  13. kcreed

    The country which elected G.Bush as president not once but twice gets all sensitive about being labelled as stupid????

  14. siobhan De mare


  15. siobhan De mare

    When r u back?

  16. siobhan De mare

    All you Robin Guthrie lovers. Siobhan here. I figured the best way to speak to Robin is in cyber World. Used to be by shoving chocolate in his mouth down a dark alley singing weird melodies. Doesnt life change?
    Hey Robin. I think I miss you. X
    Can people hear this?

  17. siobhan De mare

    Think I am going to cyber stalk you Robin.

  18. Elizabeth Fraser

    Robin, I want you back, we made beautiful music together X