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Catching Up…..

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Sooo…. yes, not much in writing this month… well, let me see… I had a lovely time in Los Angeles. It was sunny. People were smiling. It was warm. It was November. Enjoyed the trip there. Enjoyed the hospitality of strangers. Enjoyed speaking English. Enjoyed becoming re-aquainted with a different way of living. I enjoyed the care people took who were involved with my performance. I enjoyed breakfast. I enjoyed being smiled at in an almost perfect way and being called Simon. The show was downtown. I had never really spent any time downtown in LA… I enjoyed that too. I saw Ken Kato from Seattle. I enjoyed that. I didn’t have him drive me to the emergency room this time. Big Improvement. I enjoyed his company. We talked of boy things like expensive Mic Amps … I have no expensive Mic Amps. I sold them all for food. I realised I don’t have to own them to enjoy them. They will always be there… Or at least they’ll be in Seattle..I had breakfast again. I had breakfast with Harold Budd. I saw Ted Grudowski from Seattle..We talked of boy things like 3D photography…Ted took some 3D photo’s of myself and Harold Budd over breakfast. I saw Greg Hughes from London. He had a really big fucking camera. We talked of boy things like big cameras. We went to Frys. We had breakfast. Greg took some picturea of Harold and me as well. I met a lovely couple called Clay and Kirsten from Texas.. We talked of darkness and joy….I went to a radio station to do an interview – I couldn’t find said radio station – I had a burrito instead…..I did a show at the Wilshire Grand. It was grand… I met James and Miles who put on the show. Very nice people indeed. We spoke of boys things like musical equipment…I met Mo, who let me use his equipment. Thank you Mo… We spoke of boys things like musical equipment. I met Phil from Club Violaine. We had breakfast at 3am. He ate more than me. We talked of boys things like skateboards and fishing for bass. I went to the music store.. I got a parking ticket..The fuckers had a parking lot carefully hidden behind their store… Well, hell, with a little help from a friend, I even paid the ticket…I met Andy Hutson from AZ. We talked of Lomo hacks. I meant to give send him a link to one of my favorite magazines. I forgot. I’ll do it now…. make
I’d love to post one of the pictures he took….


I’ll post a 3D one when I get the OK from Ted. I should post more things from this trip but they’re still bouncing around inside my head and my computer. The show I played may have been lovely, maybe not. I was a bit too close to tell. I enjoyed it.

It works…

13 Responses to “Catching Up…..”

  1. Basheer

    Um hi! Nice weblog here. *sunglasses*

    What do you mean by 3D pictures exactly? Did they come out a certain way or were they standard photos edited in a program such as Adobe Photoshop?

    – Bash

  2. Andy from Arizona

    Hi Robin. Yeah, the show was lovely. Great to meet you again. Next time in Arizona, okay? Would have loved to talk with you more about photography. I also do lots of 3D (but I don’t have the cool rig that Ted does). Thanks for the link. I just got a new camera, so my pics of your next (hypothetical) U.S. show will be clearer.

    Stay in touch. Be well. Keep creating beautiful things.


  3. andrew

    when will you play un Italy?

  4. james allen eakins

    Mr Guthrie,
    the show was perfect, a great week indead, continental and the fox album were so fucking great,
    cant wait to hear them again,
    glad you’re home safe and sound,
    my neighbors say hi,
    if you talk with ted, he took some pics of sarah miles and i that i would love to see,
    lets do it again next year
    cheers and wishes,
    james allen eakins

  5. R

    This tiny glimps of the projections on this photo above probably for once does give an idea of the depth and multi-layered exquisitness of the abstractions on the screens (they come out pale and flat on photos usually)!

    mr Ted made 3D pics–wow! I distinctly remember watching some sort of panoramic-quick-time photos on his site some time ago.
    I wonder what kind of 3D this is-the L&R qucik shift movement, or the two images separated.

    Saying that, how amazing it is that what we take for reality is a flat 2D projection on the photosensitive cells of our eyes..a flat 2D image that filters only a narrow spectrum of all the incoming waves. Like, even a digital camera sees a little more: it shows bright light coming from TV remote control diod when active (infra-red??)

  6. ttocs

    Hi Robin!
    I’m proud of you! You almost made it through a posting without using The F ing “F@ck” word fifty times! Good job!
    surprisingly positive!Glad you enjoyed L.A.! You can have it! I’ll sell it to you for $600,000.00 the price it costs to buy an average 2 beadroom house out here! Anyway…
    “You Rock” Etc. Etc.
    PS when are you going to use the old e-bow again?

  7. Andy from Arizona

    Goddammit, I didn’t get to hear Continental!

    I can be patient, but I WANT TO HEAR THIS!

  8. Alan

    The show Was lovely, Thanks for all the inspiration throughout the years!!!


  9. Steven

    Hey Robin<
    Loved the Lumiere show. Nothing short of brilliant. Can’t wait to get hold of your
    new material. The new songs sounded awesome.
    You were awesome! Hope you return to L.A.
    real soon. I can’t wait to see you again.


  10. mike n

    Robin – best wishes for a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family. May you continue to sooth our aching hearts with your music …..

  11. the unknown polack

    happy birthday, you old fart!

  12. Harvey

    Hi Mr Robin
    I know you rightly said I would be so so wrong to download the Lullabies to Violaine even though they’ve done ya know favours on the royalties front…. however I did buy it for 17.99 and flogged it on ebay for 47.00…. and I really so did not copy the discs…. However, Im not a money grabbing git so if you’ve a paypal account I’ll send ya arf me profits…. hope new year was a fine and happy one over in Rennes….

  13. english matt

    Hello Robin;
    Bonjour la Belle France, from Kent Police.
    We eagerly anticpate and have massive expectations of the new Violet Indiana Album. Best of wishes too, to Siobhan de Mare, she is heart-stoppingly beautiful. A quick time video would be a welcome addition into the album.
    Good luck and kind regards to the both of you.

    Mon aeroglissuer est en plein d’angoullies.
    Evening All.

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