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All it took was one press of a key….

Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2006

… to delete my last entry. I silently curse the programmer who decided that if I hit on a weblink in an email, by default it would try to open the page in the current browser instead of opening a new window. My epic account of all the decidedly un-epic events that have befallen me recently has parted, somewhere into my overworked RAM never to return. Now, to recount them over would be like to record a song again and I just haven’t the inner strength to recount these sorry episodes, so I’ll leave it. Trust me, if there had been anything witty or clever, I’d happily regurgitate it, just to bring a smile, but, truth to tell, professionally at least, I’ve not been up to much recently.

The New Year has started, I had my birthday, I was 44 on January 4th, which is really cool, as it justifies the ever increasing amount of grey and white hairs working their way across my chest, amongst other places. It’s also amusing to be 44 for a myriad of reasons, amongst which, my favourite at the moment seems to be an ever increasing incredulity that I am still here, effectively still being privileged enough to both be alive and making music that seems to touch people. Of course the fear that one day I’ll be found out to be a completely talentless, worthless fraud still lingers in the that dark recess of my mind, the part that deals with reality, but… what ever… All of my greatest adversaries inhabit only my mind anyway, and I don’t want to play that today, thank you.

I should touch upon the fact that I’ve been a slacker with this weblog recently, and if I were the kind of person to have made new years resolutions, I would have made one regarding the consistent update of this page. Thankfully I’m perfectly aware of the futility of making such resolutions, so expect the usual irregular, erratic ramblings of a man with other things on his mind.

And so on to professional matters, I didn’t really relate the story of my trip to London for my show at the NFT. Due to the fact that certain people are still alive, I’d better not give too detailed an account, to cut a long story short, the show was quite nice in places, for sure, but was a little marred my some technical problems. (Hmmm, heard this shit before). The good people at the NFT, who haven’t paid me yet, indecently, decided that I couldn’t used the theatre sound system (apparently you can’t play music through it but what would I know?) and I was reduced to playing the show with, what sounded like two tin cans and a piece of string and in fact looked like that also. A 300W pub PA without monitors for the NFT seems a little inadequate, even to me and my humble needs, but I just tried to get on with it and do my best. Of course to be told constantly at the end of the show that the sound sucked, like it was me to blame somehow, rankled a little, but then, what the fuck am I do in those circumstances? Pull the show? Surely that would make me an asshole. No, I just get on with it and wonder what goes through the minds of people who arrange the show, bring me from another country, put me in a hotel, sell a bunch of tickets and then make it impossible for me to perform my show to any degree of satisfaction.
Hey, the film looked good though
I’d like to post some pictures from the show but don’t know anyone who took any. No big deal as they would look like all the pictures from my other recent shows, with the exception of the curiously resigned expression on my face.

What else?
Well, another thing I would resolve to do this year is, instead of staying in the studio and being creative, recording tunes, (something I’m good at) I should, instead, concentrate a little effort into making aforesaid tunes available to people who may want to hear them. (something I’m not good at, at all). This, of course, will tax my social skills somewhat, as I will have to talk with people. But no matter what, I will have to take the bull by the horns and start talking to people as I seem to be accumulating an ever increasing amount of unreleased material, and as far as I can see, there is more on the horizon. I was talking to Siobhan from Violet Indiana the other day and she will come to France in February to work on the new album, of which I’ve already done most of the music. I’m looking forward to that greatly as it’ll be the first song type experience for me for a while. Most everything else that I’ve been working on recently is either instrumental, or in the case of the album I’ve done with John Foxx, unintelligible. So obviously recording more will compound my problems and not solve them, at all. Thankfully, as I have said before, I have a clear vision of my capability to live up to my resolutions, so I guess that I’ll be stumbling forward into the New Year with as much of a masterplan as I didn’t have last year. I fear to end the year with five or six unreleased albums, due to my inability to get together the business of being me. I obviously need a manager/mother/nurse/friend/guru, not to mention someone to paint my garden wall and help me get my car started, but my ability to secure the services of such a person falls into the same category as my ability to get my records released.

robin guthrie : friend of orange
san francisco january 9th 2006

15 Responses to “All it took was one press of a key….”

  1. Rich Adams

    Hello Robin,
    Well, I wouldn’t normally even dare to post something here for fear of typing something too meaningless, but I thought I’d give it a go…
    First off, happy belated birthday. I did not know your B-day was Jan 4th. Yeah, I’m one of those fans “from way back….”, but I really didn’t get into the personal details of the band members (not too much anyway…) What’s the point here? Upon reading your comments, I am weirdly amused that the two musicians (both are guitarists) I most admire, though stylistically worlds apart, share the same exact birthdate. Now whenever January 4th rolls by, I’ll need to break out two “shrines” so I can pay homage to two people that have had the greatest musical impact on my listening and playing habits. Not to worry, it’s nothing too wacko…
    In case you are wondering, you share birthdays with John Mclaughlin, mostly remembered as the founder of the Mahavishnu Orchestra (early 70’s). Good luck with your projects for this year, and I hope you get out to the San Francisco area again. I thoroughly enjoyed your last show here……

  2. sebastian6

    Why do life’s complications and disappointments get more complex as we get older? Sure, we’re resigned to these small but biting disappointments with a sort of detached rolling of the eyes, but what of the energetic anger of youth? Where’s the fire in the belly? I go through a similar range of feelings.
    The whisper of ennui or the faint brush of torpor- I wondered when things became less simple and why. Motivation, the simple promise of beauty from a few chords gently strummed, the colours of sound interacting without second guesses, surely some of it’s missed.

  3. amp

    Happy birthday Robin, Mark and I have been thinking of you. Always a pleasure to see you, it always puts me in memories of how beautiful it is, over in your place in France. I’m sure we’ll get there again, someday, musical stirrings may prompt a road trip. Amidst the grumbling, borrowed equipment and stress at the NFT, suddenly you unleashed the loveliest of sounds. Bliss. Amazing how you do that.

  4. kristin skubinna

    Dearest Robin!
    happy Birthday to you!!! I just had a birthday of another kind, making me now a solid 12:)
    I have recently married and left Seattle for the busy streets and smog of LA(yikes!). Had i known you were playing here in November i surely wouldv’e been there smiling…
    i’m happy to hear you are well, and look forward to your next visit to Hollywoodland.

  5. Adam

    Happy birthday & happy new year! I’m looking forward to all these 6 albums 🙂

  6. Candy Cane

    I wish you a Happy new year and a happy birthday Robin. May i add that your music doesn’t only SEEM to touch people but still really does in a way you wouldn’t expect. I can remember clearly listening to your albums late at night in my little student flat in France and thinking “wow if i learn to play music i want it to sound like this guy’s” And here i am a few years later, i still have much work to do music that sounds like yours but well as long as you keep on doing your job so well the motivation is still here for me.

  7. Tom Buhrman

    Recently an effort was made to collect art and music inspired by the works of David Lynch (http://groups.myspace.com/inspiredbylynch). Robin, has anyone ever done that for your music and/or Cocteau Twin’s music? I’ve met many, many painters and musicians inspired by your work, and that would be an interesting collection to see and hear.

  8. Steve


    I just wanted to wish you a happy belated 44th! You’re truly one of my heroes and a huge inspiration to me musically, and you always have been! Anytime you doubt yourself, just remember how many people are out there who, like me, have been touched by your work.

    Just as a side-note, it sure would be nice to see you in Pittsburgh sometime when you’re over here in the USA.

    Again, Happiest of birthdays to you, and here’s hoping for a new year filled with no cavity searches when crossing into the USA. 😉

  9. Salome

    Hi Robin,

    Can I come and sing a song in French on your record?

    Please say yes!


  10. Micah

    Release music. Yes. Please. Sounds like an *excellent* plan. 🙂

  11. sweety

    Dear Robin,

    so sorry, I completely forgot your birthday, now it is so late…
    Exams are not a good excuse…
    Take care and hope to see you soon

  12. r

    Robin, don’t doubt or judge yourself or the quality of what you do!!

    And may-be you just like myself, need a “petit carnet” with three graphs: what is intended, then what actual things/steps that will be taken for this intended thing, and then what is new today. Like this, shit don’t weight on the back of the mind in a vague and ominous way and don’t get forgotten, and new things are enticed. navigation log they call it

    p.s. all you need is to pass on this “tracks” program on arte may-be

  13. Dirty Johnny

    your daughters can paint your wall.
    your car can get fixed in a few hours of blokey pretend-garage-mechanic fun.
    your business issues may take a little longer but aren’t a big propblem.
    i’d be more worried about “Salome” – she sounds keen!!
    let us know what your up to / where you are / when you back ?

  14. Brad


    Wearing a diaper will not make you a kid again. Happy belated birthday.


  15. siobhan De mare

    Testing testing

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