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Southern California in January…..

Posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

…. is like where I live in summer, with the exception that no-one smokes and everyone has a blackberry…Oh, and there are no sheep wandering around the street.
Here I am doing the things that I dread, as mentioned in my last post, namely talking to people in the music industry. Now, given that I’m sitting typing this in someones office while millions of dollars and huge superstars are being discussed in front of me, I should be a little more respectful, but I can’t help thinking ‘what the fuck am I doing here?’..
Well, actually what I am doing is sitting typing this, pretending it’s my office and that I’m doing something big and important. But you know what? I have the best job in the world and wouldn’t trade places for anything.
This life really confuses me sometimes. Still, people here seem to be enjoying, making money, in a way that I could not imagine. Well, I guess they may feel just as useless and out of place as I do now if they had to sit and watch me while recording in my studio. Truth is, they would not even register on my radar, which is rather heartwarming to know.

I’ve been a little productive, this trip, and have managed to record some new music, three new pieces to be exact, in San Francisco, working once more with Tony Espinoza and Count at SF Soundworks. I also managed to play some guitar for Halou, which was fun, but has shaken me a bit, to see the twinkle of Count’s eye as he told me he would ‘fuck around with it a little‘. Ah, well, it’s another leap of faith for me, as it always is when I let someone else fuck with my shit… However, as I have a great faith in the aforementioned gentlemen, I shall let it go and trust that it will end up better than I ever imagined.

What else? They have avacados here and I’ve decided to sign a deal with whichever label makes the best guacamole. It may make the decision easier for me than deciding on other more tedious things like marketing plans and promises of imagined success and world domination. Giving the artists snacks, in my case at least, will usually swing the deal…

9 Responses to “Southern California in January…..”

  1. dirty johnny

    2 words :
    “Homer” “Simpson”

    hmmmmmmm gummybears

  2. Salome

    Hey Robin,

    Are you on myspace?

  3. Ted C.

    So Robin,let me get this right, would a label providing In-N-Out Burgers have an even better chance of signing you than a label with top shelf guacamole?

  4. John J

    Hey Robin,

    You just keep doin what you do. As I sit here and listen to your past music I accept that your guitar sound is what makes this life worth living. Don’t you ever give up makin that sound cos more people than you realise live for it.

  5. Jodi & Louise

    If you could possibly take the time to go to our site and listen to our music, any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,
    Jodi & Louise

  6. clive Booth

    Robin, please give me a break 😉 http://www.ribside.com
    I’m getting old and I’m feeling sorry for myself, ayez

  7. Risingson

    Guacamole is so easy to make, you know.

  8. Micah

    What about Bella Union?? I guess I’m just behind on your news… maybe you should put up a FAQ or something. 😉

  9. Harvey

    Yep, you’ve the best job in the world…. I spent from 1985 to 1995 mimicking your sound in various bands…. was’nt until I realised I should perhaps get some tricks and ideas of my own that it dawned on me that I’d missed the boat somewhat…. so teaching History to ungreatful 16 to 18 year old pains in the arse is what I’ve got to look forward to…..maybe I can do that in France? See I can’t help myself!!!! Hold on to what you’ve got!!!! Ya good at it….

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