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Leaving San Francisco behind….

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

…..is a little hard for me this time, I’ve been enjoying making music, which, for a couple of days, was simply writing music in the kitchen of SF Soundworks with mo more than my little laptop and a pair of headphones. This simplified version of my process reminded me of my trip across the US on amtrak last year, when I created the 19 Crescent show which I performed in Los Angeles, with the notable exception that the studio kitchen wasn’t traversing a continent. That said though, in the warm cocooned environment that one creates with headphones, it’s really easy to get in the zone and increase the levels of concentration and output, beyond the usual expected for the kitchen, unless you happen to be a Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson. It was lovely to eavesdrop on the conversations of other musicians and producers sharing the facility to learn about their process and what they were doing and it made me realise that I’ve been working in too much isolation these last few years. I do actually enjoy people sometimes and even if I do remain a control freak, er, I mean person with a vision, in the studio and given that creativity really shouldn’t occur at all in a vacuum, it’s probably time for me to think about producing someone again. I have a lot to learn about making and producing music, even if I have been doing it for a while and who better to learn from than other control freaks….Made some lovely music, mind you with the expert help of Tony, Count and Loredana (my, can that girl edit…) and I profoundly thank you all…


me playing tony’s telecaster… such a versitile guitar… so long as you like it sounding like a telecaster…pretty colour though, went very nicely with my eyes….

5 Responses to “Leaving San Francisco behind….”

  1. Dracula

    You’re looking mighty fine in that picture. I vant to suck your blood.

  2. mathieu

    Robin, Nice picture, Thanks!
    Do you know if/when Imperial will be available here again in Canada? I listened 100+ time the sample on Amazon.ca. Sounds so great but im tired of the 20 sec. pieces. My prob is I could not stand any other music than yours (1 last minute exeption, Joanna Newsom) and I cruely need new material!!!

    PS: I thourougly enjoy reading your blog, even if I dont understand everyting!

    PS: The end of ”My love paramour” so great! I think it my favorite piece from you so far, with Tinderbox of a heart, the Spanglemaker, Pearly-Dewdrops Drops, Millimillinary, Plain Tiger, Hitherto, Sea Swallow me, The last ray, etc, etc….. Milk and kisses, Blue bell knolls and FCC, are fullfilled with ”make other musicians and bands sound like deception” pieces too!


    Mathieu de la Beauce québécoise!

  3. Ted

    Robin, I didn’t know you were into San Francisco behind…have you told Florence yet? ;-p

  4. TJ Walkup

    Good music comes from a good place.

  5. TJ Walkup


    Robin would you ever be interested in doin music for somethin like this?

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