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Posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2006

….have I been up all night? Went to bed.. woke up.. can’t sleep… jet-lag… It’s quiet here, I’m sooo bored with my own company but realise that waking up my kids for a fatherly chat at 4am isn’t really cool. Mmm, what to do. Well I can write this… boring… what else, I sat in the kitchen reading Because the Night by James Elroy and smoking my wife’s rolling tobacco which is (with a David Sedaris voice) Dis-gus-ting… Thought I may do a little work, but don’t want to make much noise and anyway work is meant to be done when I’m… working, not during my sleep time, which is now….so this is extra… I could tidy up my computer, but know myself too well, I know that I just jump randomly from one interesting thing that I find to the next, never actually completing anything. That’s my problem when I sit at my computer with no aim. So… let me see, I’ve been tagging mp3’s, messing around with Hamachi, which rocks by the way, finding all the really important email that my spam checker had dumped into the trash in the last few months, trying to figure out why one of my computers doesn’t show up on the list of workgroup computers – it’s there if you search for it – I had a look around the web for a soundtrack I’ve been trying to track down (copkiller/order of death – ennio morricone), what else?, been looking at the clock every ten minutes but it’s still night.. Been using google earth looking for places I know and weird shit – I should post some kmz files…. man, I am soooo fucking bored. It’s like tony hancocks sunday afternoon at home… It’s at moments like this that I get really, really stupid ideas like giving myself a haircut, or perhaps decorating the kitchen or even fixing that network drive that’s been playing up….no, that’s a bad idea as I know I’ll end up two weeks later having done serious data recovery and having rebuilt every machine from ground up…. better not touch it now… I’ve just realised… this is it.. this is my spare time… I should enjoy it… To think I waste so much time sleeping…. By the way, if this is tedious reading, trust me it’s tedious writing too… I’d rather be sleeping… Is it too early for breakfast? Should I drink coffee and stay up all of tomorrow or should I go to bed and be wide awake?.. fuck, maybe I should make random phone calls to people in other time zones… I don’t know… I’m thinking of looking at my to-do list and catching up with all the things that are over a year out of date…. but I as I’m actually very, very afraid of my to-do list maybe I won’t bother.. I know… back in a minute….. nope.. that didn’t work… still awake… s’funny that usually makes me tired… fuck it, I think I’ll do the early breakfast thing and get on with my day…. thanks for staying up with me….I needed the company….

26 Responses to “Why?….”

  1. chris

    hey robin,i loved reading this because this is me every fucking night of my life oh and i even do the same thing on the computer too.but i have the option of putting on “robin guthrie” on my walkman to gently drift off to sleep to.drop me a line if you want one of my ambient mix cd’s,maybe you will fall back asleep!!!! oh yeah i met you in philly pa at the tin angel……have you tried xanax????

  2. greg

    what does robin g eat for breakfast? Im in oakland, ca. with a tasty breakfast burrito. eggs, bell peppers, cheese, onions, deliciousness, tortilla. – greg

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Robin drop me an email and Ill give you my Phone numebr and you can call me in the middle of the night. I’ll bore you with listening to my lame recordings of guitar shit and you’ll be so mad that I’ve coped your style that you’ll chew my ass out about being a fucking wanker and then most likely feel better and fall right to sleep.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh not to mention that it would be a great story to tell my kids…

  5. Anonymous

    I was up in a very remote, very isolated part of northern Michigan this weekend. The local militia is the ruling party up there. Stopped at a junk store and giggled/thought of you when I came across a wooden box that upon opening displayed several Bigger-Than-Jesus mortars.

    (And if you know anyone who might be interested its contents, there was a dresser w/two drawers – one labeled “new underwear” and another labeled “old underwear.”)

    Take care. Give me a call anytime if you feel so inclined.

  6. Anonymous

    hear me kno

    for ya sleep travel ,an all that goodie sonic
    space shit ya pioneerin on your silver sparkle

    gwawn! take it !

    robin me blooda , smoke da weeeeeed ?

  7. the seventh man

    It’s a long way from Grangemouth

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t want to suggest this…

    Well…I just hope you don’t buy some video games and happen, at your great surprise, to get really hooked, because you will never want to sleep again for days.

    On another note,
    I’m a longtime fan whose been having health problems lately, and listening to that Cocteau single release is just helping me get through.

    All the older songs are obviously written with lyrics (you can make half the phrases) so I wonder when we would get a lyric book of them some day.

    I want to karaoke Cocteau Twins, I’m sure that’s a good therapy.


    Cedric Caspesyan

  9. Tempovision

    Hey Robin , Try to get Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions ” Bavarian Fruit Bread, play it from song 1 to song 5 and I guarantee you will fall Asleep even if you just woke up, Check these pics out Mate , I was in London for the first time , Wow, I could not find any Carne Asada Tacos that I could put Guacamolito Sauce on — Shite!!!!! I could’nt find Green Tomatillos Either, What do the English Eat!!!!?!!!! Card Board LOL!!!Jk No Offense , but your guy’s Music is the Best in the World Robin no doubt about that,

  10. Marnie

    Re: Cop Killer – I found the album re-issued on CD here …


  11. Robin Guthrie

    Thank you Keith, I tried that same company a few months back and their site told me the shipping would be forty pounds, which seems rather a lot for one cd, even if it is an ennio classic.. just tried again and they said it’d be two pounds which seems a little more reasonable, don’t you think… btw, I’ve tried emailing you and my mails have been bounced… any idea?

  12. Robin Guthrie

    Hi Jesse.
    All Mexican food in Europe sucks.
    End of fucking story…
    Nice to hear from you…

  13. Keith

    Omg, you gotta be fucking kidding me. Try this … carloponti70@yahoo.com

    / p.s. I know this great Mexican restaurant in Rome. I’m not joking. Wanna meet there?

  14. Keith

    Shame about the CD sleeve, though. The LP sleeve looked so killer! I’ll keep an eye out for the LP, on Ebay, for you. I know, I’m such an ass kisser.

  15. Keith


  16. Andy from Arizona


    I recently finished my latest camera hack project–this time digital.

    Your next CA/AZ appearance will be shot in gloriously surreal INFRARED, baby! You’ll look great with glowing porcelain skin and metallic eyes.

    Can you dig it?

  17. erica in LA

    I have been playing chess online with other insomniacs around the world. It’s free, and refreshingly addictive! gameknot.com if you want to beat me, my name on there is MISSPERCEPTIVE.

  18. Brance Vaughn

    It’s MADNESS. It lurks at every corner. Robin, I went to your shows in Los Angeles and I was pleasantly impressed. I went by myself both times. I wanted to talk to you, but couldn’t build up the nerve to, maybe next time? I have a problem with thinking that there aren’t many talented people out there, which might be true, but I can say that I know of one person: Robin Guthrie. It stands out like a beacon of light in the darkness. Your chords changes have been ingrained into my brain, and now I think, Why isn’t there any books like this? Why isn’t there any comedians like this? Your music is the only thing that has broken through the barrier, the barrier that is the limit of creativity, beyond this barrier is Robin Guthrie, but it’s not above anything, it’s off to the side, left sometimes right, sometimes it’s down below, it’s floats around, it changes, it is multi-colored, it has many different names, and it lives everywhere at once.

  19. Sam

    Mr Guthrie-

    I have a nagging and somewhat daft question
    that you and ONLY you can answer..
    Now, before I ask, I would like you to
    know that I’ve scoured the online auctions,
    asked every music person I know AND posted
    this very question to John Fryer;

    What specific drum units did you use
    for the Tiny Dynamine/Echoes In A Shallow Bay/Loves Easy Tears era?
    Also, the unit you used for Tresure
    That HUGE snare sound!

    Now, Mr Fryer had replied;
    “I’m not entirely certain as I’ve made too many
    records since that time to remember the exact drum machine. I think it was the middle Linndrum
    THe one after the LM-1 and before the Linn 9000.

    Ronny Moorings rekons it was a Linndrum and
    TR-707 combination for their records.

    Robin, I’m DYING to know what it was!!
    If your heart extends far enough, can you please
    answer this daunting question for a few thousand
    LA musicians?

    Oh, I nearly got up the guts to ask you at the
    first Violet Indiana show at The Troubador!

    Mucho Appreciado Senior Guthrie!
    Sam The Drum Machine Hound Man 🙂

  20. Robin Guthrie

    Sam… easy answer.
    Not surprised John couldn’t help you, he didn’t work on these records….

    Echoes in a Shallow Bay/Tiny Dinamine is a Roland TR707 and a Roland TR727…
    Treasure is an EMU Drumulator – ‘stock chips’ and John Bohnhams ‘rock chips’

    While we are at it, to save me time later… here we go..

    Garlands : Roland TR808 –

    Lullabies : Linn LM1 –

    Peppermint Pig : Linndrum –

    Head over Heels : Emu Drumulator ‘stock chips’ –

    Blue Bell Knoll : Emu SP12 & SP1200 & Roland CR78 & Yamaha RX5 –

    Heaven or Las Vegas : Akai MPC60 Mk1 & Roland CR8000 –

    Four Calendar Cafe : Akai MPC60 Mk2 & Roland R8 & Roland CR8000 –

    Milk and Kisses : Akai MPC60 Mk2 & Roland CR8000

    Of course from BBK onwards the machines had sampling capability so the drum sounds were really diverse and came from all over the place…

  21. Sam


    THANK YOU sooooo fargin much!
    You have made my month!

    Yes, I realize that John didn’t produce anything
    after Head Over Heels? I figured that he might
    have been knowledgeable as some of the other records (from other bands on 4AD) had that drum sound as well .I wasn’t certain if it was a 4AD machine that got use with some of the other bands.

    With all of the details complete, wankers like
    myself may now sleep peacefully!

    Speaking of…

    I know that you have an aversion to listening
    to your own records, but you should put Imperial
    on and look at the latest book on Lascaux photos.
    The biggest of the paleolithic caves in the Dordogne Valley. It’s like a soundtrack to the ancient…I know, rubbish? You betcha!
    Hey, if your into solitude, try it! Make ya sleepy!

    Also, I was able to catch your performance
    at Violaine in LA this past summer.
    Are you looking to perform in the Seattle area
    anytime in the near future?
    I’m a native LA’r who’s recently relocated to Seattle and I would love to bring along some potential converts?

    P.S. Have you tried ear plugs and benedril to remedy all that pesky sleepless-ness?
    No addictions made…Other than getting used
    to the ear plugs.

    Cheers Senior!
    Sam Mitchell 🙂

    all the pesky sleeplessness?

  22. Ramrod

    This place has the French LP – 25 EUROS.

    cover: ex++/m-
    vinyl: vg+/vg++


  23. Robin Guthrie

    thanks keith….got the CD from hillside….

  24. A S Findley

    if diamond made sound it would be that of Robin -my love & affection ever after

    sonic output – more the merrier

    warmest thanks for every moment you have coloured and echo through this, my world , wisdom and dreams so far

    ~ your pathway leads ever up – submerge & soar

    from a scotish/italian ~ sonic soulbrother

  25. Audiobrand

    I read about the drumulator, i’m about to receive one, is it a nice machine?

  26. Julien

    Robin – thank you for letting the drum machine cats out of the bag. I’ve always wondered what was behind Milk & Kisses and Blue Bell Knoll.