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feeding the goldfish….

Posted on Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Doing this weblog is like feeding a goldfish. My children have a goldfish called sushi and I’m sure it either gets fed too much or not at all. I never remember to do it until I pass the tank, it just doesn’t ever occur to me during my day, hmm, must feed the goldfish. I’m not mean, it just doesn’t. Funnily enough I always remember if there is a fish in the fridge, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. So, anyway, just to be on the safe side sometimes I pop some food in it’s little tank, only to find out that they’ve just done the same thing. This weblog is pretty much like that (except for the fact that no one else remembers to post stuff here.. OK, it’s my weblog, but it’s their fish). Let’s just say that it’s not exactly my number one priority, what with having to look after the fish and all. So my posts of late have thinned out a little and I’ve decided to commit to writing this down in the vain hope that it may kick start the process for me to be more regular writing this stuff..
So here we go…


I’ve signed to Darla Records and will be releasing Continental in May and my next four albums for the label. The tracklist is as follows….

01. Continental
02. Conquering The Romantic
03. Crescent
04. Monument
05. Amphora
06. The Day Star
07. Radiance
08. As I Breathe
09. Last Exit
10. Pale

That’s all for now because if I write any more I will not have anything left to write tomorrow……

26 Responses to “feeding the goldfish….”

  1. Salome

    Just pleased to see I am not the only one to still be up that late.

    Great news about the record being out in May. I look forward to hearing it.

    A bientot,

  2. sebastian6

    I look forward to the release as well! Are there vocals on these tracks or are they instrumental?

  3. Steven

    Hi Robin:

    Thanks for the great news. I can’t wait to hear it!!!

    Take Care,

  4. Steven


    Check out the MP3!!!




  5. Adam

    Great news, Robin. This sample track is wonderful.

  6. louis-ferdinand celine

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! I’ve always been a huge admirer of your music Robin! Im a stubborn bastard, and i’m hard to sastisfy but you’ve done it, you’ve done it terrifically. My days are going to be better now that I know you have a new album on the horizon. I would invite you for a cup of tea at my place, but my place isn’t a place for mortals who dwell above the soil. Good luck to you!

  7. mark

    great news robin
    just heard the mp3 on darlas webstite And what a lovely track it is cant wait for the album
    roll on robin

  8. Mathieu

    Only 4 next albums??? I bought Mysterious Skin sound track last week, so perfect. This will help to stand until may. Thanks to keep express this umbwelivable gift you have…..



  9. Ted

    Great news with the Darla signing…now it looks like everyone will be fed….the goldfish, the kids, you and the Mrs., and the fans who love your music….looking forward to the release (still loving Mysterious Skin soundtrack….happened to see a rebroadcast of the Independent Film Awards, saw Greg A. get nominated for the film….were you there at the awards show when you were in LA last month?….)Congrats on the signing!

  10. mike

    Damn, Old Man… That mp3 on the Darla sight is effing sweet. You took that “big guitar sound” and made it all streamlined and sleek and sexy.

  11. Markus

    what a wonderful track(Continental), I didn´t hear anything beautiful since track # 9 + 11 from Mysterious Skin.
    The tears run and we are so happy that there is such so a lovely piece of music to come this spring.

  12. Micah

    Yay! Thanks Rob! Bursting with anticipation…

  13. vanderlei

    Hello, Robin, I wonder what has become of your participation in Bella Union, are you still together in business with Simon? You’ve never again mentioned the label, and now your next four cds are going to be released by another label other than Bella.

  14. vivian

    wow! robin what a great track !
    looking forward to listen to “Continental”.
    you mean like “the continental” the track by nat king cole (among others!) ?
    take care


  15. vivian

    wow! robin what a great track !
    looking forward to listen to “Continental”.
    you mean like “the continental” the track by nat king cole (among others!) ?
    take care


  16. Harvey

    Ya know Mr Guthrie, Ive been reading these weblogs for a few months on and off and you are really quite a good writer…. ever thought of doing after dinner speeches? Maybe after you’ve got ya life time achievment award from Q or the Brits or something like that? Ha…. I’ll go an av a butchers at this track now…. Cheers

  17. Artemis


    Congrats to you on your new record deal and the new release. I hope both bring you continued success.
    I will be awaiting this new CD with great anticipation.


  18. phlegmfatale

    Great – anxiously awaiting…

  19. Carlos


  20. Tempovision

    Hey Robin, I’m feeding your goldfish too, Congratulations on your new effort!! Good Luck and cheers from Everyone here at Tempovision International!!!
    (I’m always wondering about the Art work for your covers , it always impresses me, your work should be at the Tate Modern next to Miro,Ernst,Duchamp!!!! Seriously.)

  21. Mr Smuts

    Hi Robin,

    I’ve been hooked on your stuff since I saw you support OMD at the Hammersmith Odeon in ’82 (or was it ’83?) anyway, it was a long time ago, so I thought it was time that I said ‘hello’ and THANK YOU for all the music. The new track on the Darla site is superb, can’t wait to hear the rest…


    Mr Smuts

  22. kcreedon

    good to hear there is new music coming our way,really enjoyed Imperial and obviously love all the stuff you have done in the past,roll on May.

  23. sanfranciscojim

    hearing your most hauntingly beautiful music once again reminds me of that most wonderful combination of personalities that will one day, i predict, rock the Earth to it’s foundations…..you must all realize your individual success first, however….(it’s happening)…..
    for those of you searching for the sample MP3…http://www.darla.com/mp3/mp311076.mp3

  24. Anonymous

    Wow, great news! The sample sounds great too
    Next week I’m coming to Paris, are you going to play somewhere there?

  25. bearclaw

    yet another great addition mister guthrie – i once murdered my nieces hammster cos the cage was too close to the sofa & it got a little peckish blew up like a puffer fish !! so dont feel so bad about forgetting your goldfish – 😉
    looking forward to the new cd very much – & also new violet indiana 😉 – come and play manchester again soon
    hugs from da bearclaw

  26. musicboy1973

    hi,robin just got to say that i have recently purchased your mysterious skin cd,its faultless so beautiful,it has replaced victorialand as my favourite cd you have written.my current top 5 is
    1 mysterious skin soundtrack
    2 victorialand
    3 heaven or last vegas
    4 blue bell knoll
    5 four calender cafe

    keep making this brilliant music you make,you are a genius ! question,what records are you currently listening to ? all the best !

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