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My Space…

Posted on Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

I put another song on myspace…one called Monument from Continental but I’ll take it off in a day or so because all this self marketing takes time and helps me to feel inadequate… whatever.. I can’t stay long, I’m off to Rennes to play some songs in a concert for fun.
Now there is a concept.
I’ll probably write about it tomorrow or even later tonight. There will be a drummer and bass player playing with me… The only detail of note is the fact I’ve never played with them before and curiously enough our first rehearsal will be in front of a few hundred people. This take me back to a previous topic of a few weeks ago and that would be why do I get myself in these situations?.. I guess most people have that survival mechanism that stops them from saying things like ‘sure, why not?’.
Ah well, life is too short, eh?
Anyway, it might be fun…
So now I have to go put some strings on my guitar, it sounds better with strings on it, that’s for sure.. Then I have to scratch my head a little and think what to play. Then I have to go the venue, which thankfully is close to Leclerc where I can do some grocery shopping after the sound check. ‘Tis very glamorous my life, no?

8 Responses to “My Space…”

  1. Daniel and Crolina


    Are you doing things like exhibitions?

    If you have an idea maybe we could put on a show here in SWEDEN, at an local arthall run by the government.

  2. Dennis Moser

    Life IS too short…push the envelope, live on the edge a little, etc.,etc.,..live music SHOULD have a little excitement to it! Must be tough to go grocery shopping in France after the sound check (I’m just jealous)…

    BTW, STILL enjoying “Flicker” a lot…thanks again for taking the time to put the tunes up on MySpace…

  3. Adam

    “All this self marketing takes time and helps me to feel inadequate”.
    Well, it’s cheaper than releasing a single, isn’t it? I think it’s okay to let the people hear samples from (of?) forthcoming album.

  4. mark

    Gorgeous. Persuaded me to buy Continental when it comes out on the strength of that track alone.

    Surely that’s worth the hassle of putting it on myspace…

  5. Luxe

    Gorgeous track Robin. I can’t wait to buy continental when it comes out.

    As far as the self-marketing thing… I don’t think you REALLY have to market yourself all that much. Judging by the response to your myspace page, and everyone seeking you out, it seems like you’ve got quite the cult following already without having to shamelessly plug yourself (no pun intended);-).

    As always — Much love!

  6. antonis

    Monument is a beautiful ethereal experience.You pass the boundary of music once again…

  7. gueiko

    i had that bliss!!!! it´s on his myspace, “monumental”! after so many years…one more master-piece!

  8. Ian

    Hello RG–

    Please don’t take down your song Monument off of My Space. I really love that song. I have it on my My Space profile. I thought that it is very soulful.

    A new fan
    MySpace: Indyenna

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