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Last night….

Posted on Thursday, March 16th, 2006

.. I had planned to go to the supermarket… I did, however, end up playing four of my songs with Olivier Mellano and Nicolas Courret from Bed playing bass and drums respectively…So far so good.. The only slight problem was that while I know Olivier well, I had never met Nicolas before the soundcheck, i.e. just before we went on stage. I met up with Olivier on monday to tell him what songs we would play and he took a cd away to listen to with Nicolas… Scary, or what?
I can’t tell you how I felt about playing my music in front of a few hundred people while thinking ‘ damn, what’s the drummers name again?’ and ‘I don’t have to do this, it’s my choice’ and during the last song when my looper didn’t fire, ‘god please strike the venue with lightning, kill everyone and don’t leave any witnesses alive’..
Anyway, it was possibly ok or maybe it sucked, I don’t know. What I do know is that I liked the whole vibe of playing those songs with a bass player and drummer, the songs were, incidentally snowfall, crescent, continental and pale, so maybe I just need to meet the right people to play with and spend some time p r a c t i c i n g ….. I’d just like to thank Olivier and Nicolas for being there and, all things considered, they did real good.. merci, les gars

Later that evening…. I played a couple of songs with Sebastien Schuller which was less scary than playing my own but more scary than staying at home and not bothering my ass. I met Sebastien last year or maybe even before and thought we may work together on his record but that fell through due to either me being too expensive or him being too talented, I don’t know… I really don’t know, I think we probably both got busy… anyway I digress. Now, this was interesting to me because, well, I hadn’t heard the songs before… and we didn’t have a chance to rehearse.. So, in the dressing room I got a little piece of paper and tried to write the chords down and my musical dyslexia came to the fore and, well, I got really confused when I started to see things with sharps and flats and a fucking capo thing which makes me do mental mathematics in order to put my fingers in the right place, so I thought ‘fuck it, I’ll have to charm my way through this one’ and, you know what?. I think I got away with it..
After the show I stole two kiwis and two bananas from the dressing room as I wasn’t able to get to the supermarket after all…

4 Responses to “Last night….”

  1. Luxe

    I’m sure your gig was magnificent, as is all of your work Robin! Take care!!!

  2. Angelique

    I had the chance to witness your gig yesterday and I would like to say thank you.
    I was delighted to hear your beautiful songs. Even the little incident with the looper couldn’t spoil the magical atmosphere you created.
    I had come to hear Sebastien Schuller and it was nice to discover through some kind of “boeuf” other music. I had gone to the concert a little ‘blasee’ (I guess I have witnessed too many concerts these last years) and I came back ‘enchantee’ ! I can’t translate the feeling I had, but everything seemed cool and relax though the melodies could have been pretty tense.
    Merci encore pour cette merveilleuse musique et les reves qu’elle suscite en moi.

  3. sanfranciscojim

    ‘so maybe I just need to meet the right people to play with ‘…that sounds very healthy, robin..everything happens naturally. just keep your eyes open..have you seen BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN? just saw it today..a life changing experience for me…the soundtrack is glorious….

  4. jim

    hey robin. when is the everlasting ep going to come out? also, what image was in your head as you recorded “tera”? oh yeah, and goddamn the new stuff picks me up and throws me into the sun.

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