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Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

….Indiana… Now there is a band who has made me happy… I spent the weekend working on some new songs with Siobhan De Mare who flew out from London to join me in my studio. The last time we worked together was 2004 and because we’ve both been, kind of, busy, we haven’t managed to take the time up until now to continue our little adventure together. When I first met Siobhan in 2000, I was not really looking for a singer, in fact I had become somewhat disillusioned with the idea making music because everything I was trying was, in a way, sounding like Cocteau Twins with the wrong singer.. Enter Siobhan, who had never even heard Cocteau Twins, far less liked them and I was hooked immediately by her sultry, sexy voice and her really sick sense of irony.. Anyway for me it was a breath of fresh air, to be writing songs for a really different kind of vocalist. Better or worse, I could not say, but very different and precisely what I needed to hear… We create an energy, something special which seems so unrelated to our previous groups and often not to the taste of die hard Cocteau Twins or Mono fans. So over the last few years we have worked together on and off making a few records here and there and doing the odd live shows with a very powerful live band featuring Mitsuo Tate, Paul Cook and Fabien Beguin.. It’s been fun… And now we have started again… OK, it’ll be a while before the record is finished as I am in the middle of a million things, but it’s rolling…..

Hey and I put another song on MySpace called A Sigh Across The Ocean which is from the Everlasting EP which will come out sometime around Continental which is at the end of May…

8 Responses to “Violet…”

  1. Christopher

    Thanks for the update Robin.

    I for one will be looking forward to some new VI material.

    Take Care


  2. Vanderlei Nunes

    Hello, Robin, I wonder what has become of your participation in Bella Union, are you still together in business with Simon? You’ve never again mentioned the label, and now your next four cds are going to be released by another label other than Bella.

  3. Ted

    Synchronicity? Just put Russian Doll in over the last day and really just love that album…don’t let the old fans get you down…you are right, VI is a departure, and that is good, into a more ‘film noir’ atmosphere…I love it…it’s sexy, smokey, sultry and smooth….oh yeah, and who is the knockout on the cover? Yummy!….too bad that left hand is in the way……

  4. sebastian6

    can’t wait to hear new Violet Indiana!

  5. Daysleeper Jeff

    Glad you found another singer you love to work with. But your guitar playing and composition has always been what makes me buy the CD’s. I’ve truly never heard anything like it. You will go down in history with the likes of Brian Eno and Harold Budd….Trust me. I’n not trying to kiss up…that is the absolute truth. Keep the music coming robin.

  6. Anonymous

    Ok I guess Im an idiot but I can’t find any links to the songs on your MySpace page. How do I find them?

  7. Eric

    Just listened to Roulette. What an outstanding album! VI is definitely one of my favorite bands, I’m looking forward to hearing any new material. Does Siobhan have a website? I’m curious what she does when you’re not working together. Hope to see VI in LA one day.

  8. Adam

    I have 71 hand-picked minutes of Violet Indiana adorning this PC and would love another half-hour.

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