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Posted on Sunday, March 26th, 2006

… entry today.. Today is Sunday, the clocks have changed, my circadian rhythms have been fucked (my arcadian rhythms are just fine… thank you Erica…lol) with and I’m just starting my working day.. I’m just waiting for some files to arrive from Mahogany who I am working with at the moment, well, in spirit at least, if not physically. Yesterday I did some work on a new song for Annie Barker which is sounding good… Well, what else?. Not much… I’ve been happy to put some music on myspace as it is nice to actually have people hear the music that I make and has also brought lots of lovely comments which give me a little encouragement when I’m feeling particularly useless.. But most of all I’ve been enjoying communicating, swapping little vignettes of life and being introduced to new stuff and ideas like ricore before bedtime…
This feels like not much of a weblog entry as I have nothing to say, no comments about world affairs, no news about new recording, although I will go to San Francisco in a couple of weeks to make a new album with Harold Budd, so that’s news to report, I guess.. I don’t usually like to write about things until they are done, though just in case my plane falls out of the sky or something like that… I’m just waiting on some news about some possible shows in the summer, so as soon as I know I’ll post them here..

Oh, here’s a thought… Just read….

John Fante – Ask The Dust
Ethan Coen – The Gates of Eden
James Elroy – Because the Night
Henry Miller – Wisdom of the Heart

I know this because I’ve just been tidying up around my bed (my favourite place to read…)
I left The Happiest Man Alive, a biography of Henry Miller by the bedside as I haven’t finished it yet….

So this Sunday of mine is as lazy of a day as I’ve had for a while up until now… time to work..

28 Responses to “Short…”

  1. greg paul

    a new album with harold budd would be nice. hell, just being in san fran for a bit would be nice.

  2. cornelius

    i previewed the new mahogany track that you worked on and it sounded really cool. theyre kind of going off into some new places and its great that youre involved. what tea do you like? also, man, im dying to know, what went thru your head as you wrote/recorded the song “tera”. and monument is fucking magnificent!

  3. Alex

    Hey Robin,
    I’ll be in SFO mid May… And you?

  4. sanfranciscojim

    4am Monday….hey robin………arrived home late Friday night to find CONTINENTAL in my mail box….i’ve had it on repeat most of the weekend while i’ve been in, with the exception of listening to ‘Time To Say Goodbye'(Sarah Brightman), which i aquired from iTunes early Saturday morning and added to my new custom-CD-burn song list entitled ‘Brokeback Mountain Version 3, Music To Cry By’, a copy of which i gave to my friend Steve as a house warming present….Now i may have to add ‘Conquering the Romantic’ or ‘Pale’ to that list, which means i’ll have to delete something from it…but, as you well know, sometimes things have to change……….Had some interesting dreams to CONTINENTAL about an hour ago..can’t remember about what right now, but woke up feeling blissful, which is unusual, but, thankfully, less so lately …..is that you on the drum kit?????
    ……have you read AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI??(Paramhansa Yogananda)…maybe very well be my favorite book. i could lend you a copy. i have about 8 of them. i used it to try to teach English to the elderly immigrants in my building summer before last. i had them take turns reading aloud from it….it is a pretty heady book to start non-English speaking students with (Yogananda had a better English vocabulary than most Oxford professors, or me, for that matter),,but i realized i could not tolerate being bored while doing a volunteer teaching gig and switched from reading newspapers and magazines……so it lasted for a few months and then they all silently dropped out of class one by one. i think they didn’t want to appear ungrateful……one of them, my best student, Mercedes, from a little island in the Phillipines, died last summer at the age of 82 or so….she was very religious and appeared to really love the book…some days i couldn’t get her to stop reading……..THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST by Tom Wolfe is also a fun read, and the finest intro to San Francisco….
    if you get bored whilst visiting The All-Electric-Naturally-Air-Conditioned Asylum-By the-Bay, or you need a favor of some sort, give me a jingle. i’ve been here an inmate here for almost 24 years..

  5. Mark Rushton

    I thought Harold Budd retired after Avalon Sutra?

  6. sanfranciscojim

    i almost forgot….for those of you who haven’t gotten your copy of CONTINENTAL, go to http://www.darla.com/ and type in robin guthrie in the search..and robin,,,hey, thanks for the great price!! it really does make a difference for me here in the asylum….

  7. sanfranciscojim

    pps.. let us know when the EP is available…..can you add a ‘signature’ here on this blog?? that way you would only have to do any self-promo PR once….or, let’s say, just because i asked….however, i’m more than happy to do it….happy face wink!!!

  8. james eakins

    i am Arturo Bandini, lover of man and beast alike. Arturo Bandini, who is neither fish, fowl, nor good red herring

  9. Artemis


    You may not have alot to say but your busy as ever, as usual.I glad to hear that you and Mr. Budd will be colaborating again, but like someone else stated here, I though he retired after his last release? I guess it really impossible to stop what one has been doing for so many years and doing it so well.I say Bah! to retirement.I hope that he continues on as well as continues to do projects with you,your collaborations are stunning to say the least!


  10. Eric

    Just discovering this blog … maybe someone already asked this question : will you play in Morlaix during the Panorama festival in May ??? I read this rumor in one newspaper some days ago (but I don’t remember which one …). If so, I feel happier and happier living near Morlaix !!!

  11. Robin Guthrie

    Ah, I was asked to play that night but I’m unable to as I’ll be in the US… sorry….

  12. Tony

    Hey Robin — a few beats behind I am, but I was intrigued to read that you’re still working with Siobhan de Mare. There’s nothing I can find online to give an inkling what she’s been up to of late. Can you tell us what sorts of projects she’s got going?

    I’m also interested in whether any of your summer plans include the States, and if you plan to do any performances with her.

  13. Nada

    Hi. Are you, by any chance, the Robin Guthrie who is the producer of A Great and Terrible Beauty…?
    It says here:

    Just wondering, since you seem to be a musician, not a producer.

  14. Mathieu Turcotte

    ”Moon and melodies” and ”Head over heels” are my favorite music. Another album with A. Budd is the best news possible… ”Why do you love me” so great!



  15. Steven

    “A Sigh Across the Ocean” is awesome. Thanks for making this available now. I just ordered “Continental” and am looking forward to the “Everlasting” EP.

    If you can arrange it, try to come play in Atlanta or somewhere close to there sometime.



  16. j.edward

    Henry Miller is beautiful. Once he got past all the fury and seeming racisism of “Cancer” and “Capricorn” he blossomed into a lovely creature, speaking of life and poetry. Some look at Miller as a beast, but he was an angel.
    P.S. Cocteau Twins continually save my life.

  17. erica the smartass

    Circadian, not arcadian. Robin come visit me please.

  18. Robin Guthrie

    Erica.. I am the god of very few things.. But I can edit my entry thus leaving no traces of being slightly less than perfect.. 🙂

    But I leave this comment because, and I quote…

    3 : I may accept things the way they are

  19. Ted

    Ahhhhhh, wisdom and serendipity!

  20. martin

    I continue to love your work.
    Have been meaning to compliment you on all things since the Harold Budd concert in Brighton, which I enjoyed enormously.

    Fascinated to read of your work with John Foxx, and your subsequent description of the music as “unintelligible” – I’m a big fan of his, and feel sure the album would be well received if it were to see the light of day.
    I’m a bloggart as well. Great fun – tho I am spectacularly unmusical!
    I do enjoy reading Henry Miller to, so I know where you’re coming from with that.

    All the best

  21. Robin Guthrie

    Hey, you know what, don’t read ‘unintelligible’ as negative… It is super-positive…

  22. Ernie

    Robin, what wonderful news to start off a beautiful Spring. Another song with dearest lovely AnnieB and another album with Harold Budd!

    Cheers & thanks for continuing to produce absolutely amazing music

    P.S. If you ever want to get tacos in East LA or hang in San Pedro let me know 😉

  23. Londonmilk


    Just found this blog and am saving it in my regular feeds. I am definitely one of these die-hard CT fans you mention in your post, but it’s so good to know that there’s plenty of music left in you…

  24. frarn

    re: “unintelligible” ….
    so is there any likelihood of the “Guthrie/Foxx” recordings seeing the light of day in the near or distant future? like others, I’m intrigued to hear the results of you collaboration …

  25. sanfranciscojim

    i furgot…if you need a backup person whilst here, i can bang on drums, pianos, and guitars

  26. ursula

    Wow ! Finally got round to searching for music from my past life in England. My very good friend Don McKinnon introduced me to the Twins in 1989, and I was hooked big time. Now in New Zealand we hear very little – thank heaven or Las Vegas for this global technology.
    Loved all the blog stuff, the comments, knowing all you guys are all still out there somewhere. Hi Liz, hi Robin. Got an old album by Harold Budd. Where be he these days?
    Good bye ! Good bye !!
    Ursula, Tauranga, New Zealand

  27. Scherzando

    A little off the wall, but do you happen to have any older versions of your band Violet Indiana’s cds to purchase? I haven’t heard the newer stuff, but I loved Choke.

  28. Benny Sanches

    Hi Robin – Fine reading materials here. Heard you were on the West Coast (San Francisco, Los Angeles) recently, and from time to time. Would like to catch up, say hello and send you some new music.

    Benny Sanches
    New Blues Musik, Inc.
    Los Angeles

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