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random things that kept me away from the beach this week…

Posted on Monday, March 13th, 2006

Ha, so here I am a week after pledging solemnly to update this thing every day. Well there’s not much chance of that happening for the moment as I very rarely wake up in the night with the thought ‘well, gee, darn it if I didn’t update my weblog today’. Having said that I will not retain any credibility if I continually tell folks that I am busy but produce no evidence to justify that excuse, thereby giving the impression that I may beat the beach being being entertained by a nubile volleyball team or sitting on the terrace reading my book and supping a margarita….
So, these are the random things that kept me away from the beach this week…(apart from the fact that it’s buggering cold here)

I’ve been mixing a track called Satin for I Don’t Mind The Air… It’s not finished.. but will be soon.

I have had Annie Barker here in my studio all the way from California, where I believe she may have been slightly warmer judging by the amount of socks she carries with her. I’ve been helping her realise and produce some of here music and have finished two songs so far, Gripped by that Leg and Mountains and Tumult.

I am mixing tracks for the forthcoming album by Mahogany. So far I have finished one, entitled Supervitesse and will be following this with another two over the next week or so..This session got me to start thinking about how one persons perception of how things go together in life can be so radically different to another’s. Without a doubt Mahogany, for example, have been very focused on producing songs to their satisfaction but at the last minute get me to mix them. Wow… what a leap of faith, thanks for having the confidence in me…

I’ve finished the artwork for Continental and sent it to the printers..

Oh, and almost forgot, I’ve made an EP called Everlasting
The tracklist is as follows..

1 bordertown
2 a sigh across the ocean
3 fountain
4 everlasting


I don’t know how I’m going to release this one, but just for today, I don’t really care. It’s quite a lovely disc and the powers of the universe will conspire to let it be heard at some point. The artwork has a photo taken by my daughter Lucy Belle who seems to have quite a good eye for a photo..

Ummm, what else? Well, I’ve been speaking with John Foxx about the release of the album that we have done together a couple of months ago. We are in the process of tweaking a couple of tracks, which can sometimes make me want to do the whole thing again so I am trying to practice a little discipline with this.. 🙂

I’ve also been doing something which needs the help of a teenager but my teenager in residence is too busy dicking about with her piercings and putting the word like into every sentence, like, twenty times…..The task in hand is figuring out why the hell I would want to be on MySpace and what it’s all about. I seem to have spent most of my adult life avoiding blatant self promotion so the whole concept is a bit alien to me. Why would I want to show the world how few friends I have? And who the hell is Tom and why doesn’t he get out of my face?. It’s weird, but in reverence to my teenage therapist, I’ve, like, put an exclusive song up there called Flicker so if any of you lot know what it’s all about and why I should do it then find me at my space, listen to my song and help me understand what it’s all about and why I should spend my all too precious time listening to that Tom person or whatever….

OK, for the moment, that’ll have to do. I just got a call from the girls volleyball team who are waiting at the beach for me…

feeding the goldfish….

Posted on Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Doing this weblog is like feeding a goldfish. My children have a goldfish called sushi and I’m sure it either gets fed too much or not at all. I never remember to do it until I pass the tank, it just doesn’t ever occur to me during my day, hmm, must feed the goldfish. I’m not mean, it just doesn’t. Funnily enough I always remember if there is a fish in the fridge, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. So, anyway, just to be on the safe side sometimes I pop some food in it’s little tank, only to find out that they’ve just done the same thing. This weblog is pretty much like that (except for the fact that no one else remembers to post stuff here.. OK, it’s my weblog, but it’s their fish). Let’s just say that it’s not exactly my number one priority, what with having to look after the fish and all. So my posts of late have thinned out a little and I’ve decided to commit to writing this down in the vain hope that it may kick start the process for me to be more regular writing this stuff..
So here we go…


I’ve signed to Darla Records and will be releasing Continental in May and my next four albums for the label. The tracklist is as follows….

01. Continental
02. Conquering The Romantic
03. Crescent
04. Monument
05. Amphora
06. The Day Star
07. Radiance
08. As I Breathe
09. Last Exit
10. Pale

That’s all for now because if I write any more I will not have anything left to write tomorrow……