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Anatomy of a recording session : day 4

Posted on Friday, April 28th, 2006


Well then, what a day…
This session is most pleasing, you know.. I think that even if we were not making any music today, I’d be enjoying the company of the little crew we have in the studio, myself, Harold, the engineer Aaron and my good friend Ken who has just arrived in from Seattle and is helping out, although he didn’t realise he’d be helping out until he got here. Ken’s the one who usually takes me to hospital, so I trust him enough to give a little pro-tools advice and take great pleasure in watching him ask Harold lots of geeky questions about music.. But most of all it’s fun to have another pro-tools freak to poke fun at about the utter inadequacy of that system. But Aaron and Ken are both doing well with it today apart from losing a few takes of guitar here and there.
Today we got real downtempo . . s l o w and did a few pieces which seemed to work.. Then we kinda figured we hadn’t really listened back to anything we’ve done since Monday so figured it may be nice to do so. Listening back to stuff is a bit of a luxury when you have so much to get through with a limited amount of time to get through it, so I was more than pleasantly surprised when we pulled up the pieces from Monday as they sounded rich and colourful and, interestingly, a lot more varied in tone and texture than I remember them being when we did them.
So… Last day tomorrow, I think we could go with what we have done already so anything else we do tomorrow is a real bonus. The record isn’t finished yet though as I’ve got to take it back home with me do do some more work, tidy stuff up, re-do some of my guitars but more importantly get it into cubase so that I can do some proper editing…

me and the old fella…

kato san freaking
Harold, Aaron and Ken watching Pro-Tools rebooting again

8 Responses to “Anatomy of a recording session : day 4”

  1. vanderlei

    Long live the internet. If only there had been this information available when “Moon and the Melodies” was being made. It’s such a great thing to be updated to an album that I’ll probably buy in a couple of months’ time.

  2. vanderlei

    or I’d rather say “to have the news right out of the horse’s mouth”.

  3. Jack Huynh

    hiya folkies, you can see some photos from the sessions on my blog as well. it’s unapproved by our darlings but hey, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission right?


  4. edmur maia

    Dear Robin.:
    So good to read some fresh news about this wounderful project.Hope you`re enjoying the studio sessions.
    And what about Harold?What kind of feedback you are getting from him?
    Edmur A.Maia, Brazil

  5. Ian

    The pleasures of doing what you love for a living. Amazing.

  6. eeps

    my spirit
    for these
    new sounds to

  7. Ted

    Cubase IS a joy to work with. I can’t comment on pro-tools, but I do know the hell that comes with trying to use Logic…thanks for getting me out of that software wasteland! Can’t wait to hear another album from you and Harold…Mysterious Skin is still on the platter and spinning nearly daily…a lovely ALBUM (yes, I’m 41 and it will always be an ‘ALBUM’, right Robin?)

  8. Ted

    Oh, I see you used the term ‘Record’ above …hmmmmm, I suppose that is better than “Edison Carbon Cylinder”