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A few words from Mr Harold Budd…

Posted on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

It was 4 days, but a last piece discovered and quickly recorded on Friday at some inexpressibly dull interlude as it was all being downloaded off of Pro Tools. Really only three and a half days : twenty-one pieces (an astounding number that seems at the moment very non-astounding : if it’s there, do it).

There are some beautiful pieces waiting, napping in those files. Except for yesterday’s surprise piece, I wanted to avoid hacking around fruitlessly for more — more we did; I didn’t want to ruin the vibe Robin and I had going: when it happened, we knew it and simply went with it.

Harold Budd

and I picture I stole from Jack….


8 Responses to “A few words from Mr Harold Budd…”

  1. glint

    Thanks guys, for letting us in on a meshing of yer muses! 21 tracks in five days!!

  2. Mark Kraft

    You may not be able to fit all 21 tracks on one CD, but I hope they can all be released somehow. Any rough idea how many minutes we’re talking about here?!

  3. Salome

    Jack’s pictures rock!

    Well done Jack ;o)

  4. Ted

    God bless you guys. Mysterious Skin is a beautiful, blissful journey…I am so much looking forward to this new material….Robin, thank you for keeping Harold working and recording in his ‘retirement’!

  5. Mark Rushton

    What a treat! Thanks for the private view of what’s happening. Can’t wait to buy the recordings.

  6. Micah

    Wonderful! Thanks for all the updates, R & H!

  7. sanfranciscojim

    hi robin…just for your info and (hopefully) enjoyment, i just got this info via the Liz Yahoo group…performance at Coachella..

    i hope you enjoyed our cooooold beach..and just who is it singing on ‘Crescent’?? i LOVE that track.. i’d like to hear/make an extended remix which would include a danceable sector….about 10 or l5 minutes long!!

  8. JulieOctaine

    That’s such awesome news to hear yours and Budds project is flowing and your both having a good time doing what you both love. Can’t wait to hear the new music!

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