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Anatomy of a recording session : day 5

Posted on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006


So, the fifth and final day of the session was very fruitful indeed. After talking with Harold we felt that we had probably achieved enough in the previous four days and proceeded to listen over to some stuff and prepare the files to be exported from this session for later work chez moi, but as creativity was in the air, listening started to seem like a chore and it suited us more to take advantage of having a studio at our disposal and so we started to do what we seems to come natural, namely creating something a little improvised, thematic and emotional. This is not cold music, it seems to have drained me of my emotional resources, it’s been intense and very reflective of the mood that we’ve been in. Overall I think we’ve worked well together, or pieces have been varied although they all seem to be in context with what I would have hoped for. They’ve been sometimes improvised, sometimes structured and have really captured the essence of the energy in the room at this time. I feel that we’ve probably both willingly bent a little to accommodate each others style and the result is more than a sum of the two individual parts. What more can I ask for?
The next time I work on these pieces it will be to get into the details. All work should have beauty not only within the essence, but within the details. I will, hopefully, have a little more perspective than I have at this time and will see this work through to it’s conclusion with out upsetting it’s delicate balance.
Now I’m going to the beach…

My heartfelt thanks go out to Tom, Aaron, Loredana, Rachel, Tony and Scott who made our presence at SF Soundworks most welcome indeed.

6 Responses to “Anatomy of a recording session : day 5”

  1. mrs.piossek

    Yes, what more can you ask for? …Maybe for a nice margerita at the beach after all the work?

    I am soooooo curious how the bent accomodation of your both styles to an oneness sounds like. I hope to hear it soon. I wish you a delicate balanced perspective for the final work, Robin.

  2. Barry

    I would love to be apprised of the release date for the “aural chronicles” of this very special collaboration. (!)

  3. Paul

    Please God, let this album have some resemblance to ‘Flowered Knife Shadows’ and ‘Why do you love me’ (crosses fingers) :o)

  4. Mathieu

    Bonjour Robin,

    Do you know when I could find Continental (and Everlasting!)here, in Canada? (supposed to be this month????)

    What about the new Guthrie/Budd cd date? Title?

    Thanks +++

  5. Ed

    Just out of curiosity, what brand of midi controller is that? Been looking for something on the smaller side of things, and that one looks to fit the bill nicely.

  6. david

    Just picked up ‘continental’ here in NYC.
    1st and last track excellent.