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Waiting For Dawn…

Posted on Tuesday, May 16th, 2006


I’ve made an another EP called Waiting For Dawn…
The tracklist is as follows..

1 darkness of the heart
2 amber
3 sunshine after midnight
4 waiting for dawn

mmm, don’t know when this one will get realeased either….

12 Responses to “Waiting For Dawn…”

  1. patrick

    sorry for the naive comment Robin but why not setting up your own label ? alot of people would buy your work directly from the horses mouth thats for sure

  2. matthew

    Hi Robin, posting here for the first time. just finished listening to Continental. Great work. I can’t get enough of your music. Really excited to know there’s at least 8 more songs coming, hopefully soon… hopefully more on the way. Question: Why is “ti” in red in all 3 covers’ artwork?

  3. Skinny Project

    Hi Robin! wow, really the muses be with you!. I have listened (at last!) your new album, Continental, very nice work, and very cocteau. I can’t wait for your new EPs. a big hug. (Skinny Project)

  4. Bernie Goldbach

    Why not release a track or two with the podsafe music network (http://music.podshow.com)?

  5. Anonymous

    Pete Townsend is more of a marketer these days than a musician. Here’s proof:


  6. Ricardo

    Dear Robin,

    sorry to post it here.

    I’m looking for an authorization to use one Cocteau song in my wife’s website i made to promote her work. I have put sound soundtracks in it, with the credits, obviously. Is there any way or anybody that could tell me if it is ok to use the song or not in her website? I not, I’ll take if off immediately. I don’t know if you’re the right person to ask this.

    Thanks a lot,
    *sorry gain for using this space. feel free to delete this post


  7. birdsong

    Hi Robin
    good to meet you at the Oxford performance of Lumiere last night.
    Fantastic show – though i confess I didn’t get all the bits of the film. Fascinating work though – I love your music.
    Hope the rest of the dates go well. It would be cool if you can persuade john foxx to play with you in Bath. I hope at least he turns up to watch. be REALLY good to hear the material you two have done together.
    Beautiful stuff. Thanks for an inspired evening

  8. Morgan

    Hi Robin, just to say I have always been a fan, you are welcome to stay at ours anytime you want a quiet retreat in rural Donegal for as long as you want… all the best,

  9. FANNY


    -from Hong Kong

  10. Christopher G.

    Love Continetal. We need the Waiting for Dawn EP!

  11. anders

    This EP is now on iTunes. Robin probably doesn’t make enough money off the sales, but I bought it and “Argenta” right away.

  12. brent

    I really want to hear this ep.

    everlasting and continental are truly gorgeous. thank you, robin.

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