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Catching Up…

Posted on Monday, June 19th, 2006

OK, here I am, Seattle, sitting on a friends porch, with a cup of coffee and some free time on my hands like one of them old boys that shoots up passing automobiles.. So here’s the highs and lows from the UK… In no particular order.

The M6, the concert at stratford upon avon, the city of exeter on an England world cup match evening, wild bean coffee shops, the concert at the notting hill gate cinema, costa coffee shops, gas at a pound a litre, starbucks, caffe nero and a less than intelligent woman who interviewed me on XFM.

The people of the UK who came to see me, who shared a moment with me and who bought my CD’s. The shows at the Little Theatre in Bath and The Brixton Ritzy, easily my favourites as far as my performance goes, my guests, Sonic Boom, Emma Anderson and Kevin Shields, not forgetting to mention Mark Gardner and Ulrich Scnauss. Breakfast on Aberdeen Beach, seeing old friends in Edinburgh, eating a haggis in Grangemouth, seeing Mick in York, seeing Paula in Exeter, the manageress of the city screen in York.. I’m sure I’ll think of more.

From the moment I arrived in Notting Hill for the performance at the Gate Cinema, I had a feeling that it would be the low spot of the tour.. No space to set up properly, everything running late, the cinema deciding to run an extra performance of another film to an audience of five people in order to both squeeze another fifty quid into the days takings and squeeze me out of any time for things like soundchecks and other trivialities..The rule of sod must surely apply when you do a show that lots of your mates will turn up to. The rule of sod did not disappoint, as it provided me with one of the most fucked up show that I’ve ever done. We had major tech issues on all fronts, er, all front’s except mine, that is.. All my equipment behaved itself and I believe I played quite nicely but the film crapped out after 20 minutes leaving me looking like a dick and generating the type of audience pity that I seem to be familiar with but can do without, thank you very much… never mind robin, it didn’t suck, er, it was OK, I suppose. Of course if any of them had bothered to go to the next evening they would have seen how good the show can be, as the show at the ritzy was as good as they get… picture looked good, sound was loud – and, wow, even in stereo.
OK, as you can see I’m having trouble letting that one go. I guess it’s just one of those things that happen in big cities. When I was in Cocteau Twins the best shows were always in places like Bumfuck, Idaho and never in New York, LA, London, Paris or Tokyo… These cities were always reserved for major tech disasters… So I guess I’m just keeping up an old tradition.

3 Responses to “Catching Up…”

  1. Wojtek

    Aw, that’s too bad. Hope it won’t happen again.

    And welcome back to the blogosphere :).

  2. phlegmfatale

    I suppose Dallas Texas is more akin to Bumfuck Idaho than LA or NYC, because your Cocteau Twins show (1991) here was fantastic.
    It’s unconscionable for live performers not to be given prep time in a venue. It’s a pity “organizers” are so willing to exasperate the people who are actually pulling in an audience.

  3. jeremy

    Having your blog back is like an early birthday present. Imperial is the best record ever. Can’t wait for the new Budd/Guthrie record.
    You are a Superstar in my world. I would toss ten Justin Timberlakes in the mud for you to walk over.

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