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Posted on Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

You know I sometimes write more on this weblog than I have recently, but I have to say that if I were to write more now about what’s going on with me in my life right now, I’d really have to draw on all my resources as an artist to make my life seem more interesting. While it’s not devoid of it’s up and downs like anyone else’s, it can, sometimes, appear about as flat as that hedgehog who thought I’d stop. So I scratch my head and wonder that the fuck I can fill up this space with and why the fuck I should even bother. Well, with that super positive attitude in mind I’ll tell you of my week. I’ve done all sorts of really exotic and extravagant things. I’ve sat in front of various computers for a few days watching drives formatting, while downloading software drivers from Mexico, written in Spanish for a French computer, made in China with an American operating system. Don’t ask. I’ve installed software, watched little hourglasses, moved data, archived, trashed and reclaimed data, compacted folders and drank coffee from costa rica. OK, I know some people do that for a living, but fun as it sounds, it somewhat distracts from my primary purpose at the moment which is mixing tracks for my forthcoming album with Mr Harold Budd. I’m on my tenth mix now and have many, many more to go. And were it not for my, almost feminine, multitasking capabilities, I’d be way behind with the project, but I guess the great thing, if there is anything great, is that when you work with several computers, if one doesn’t work you can hop onto another one and do some different work. Like during video rendering for example.. Anyway, I’m not bitching, just fed up that I’m not progressing at a faster rate.
Hum.. I really must send Harold a cd at some point but that would mean dealing with La Poste and I’m not sure if I can work up the courage to deal with this particular social nationalist organisation just yet after my last failed attempt at sending a package outside Metropolitain France. Anyway the point is, I’m reaching that part of a project where i can start to make little Cd’s of the mixes I’ve done and run the pieces together and start to imagine what an album may be like. I’ve mixed forty something minutes of music so far and, I have to say, apart from a little editing, it is frighteningly beautiful. So I’m just really in a place where I want to explore more deeply into the project to pull out a few more little white pebbles to see me on my way. I think it’d be nice to have the feedback of Harold but, as he’s in California right now, looking after his own stuff, that’s just not possible. However, I know what he’d say anyway He’d say “w e l l, y o u k n o w r o b i n, i t ‘ s j u s t f i n e…..” and in that sort of a voice as well, if you know what I mean…. And just knowing that helps me though my day…

So what else.. Well I finally got a copy of the album that I contributed to by Mahogany. It’s one very special record and I highly recommend it. I was, sort of, brought in later in the project, mixed a few tracks and I have to say that while they are not possibly the records finest moments (they don’t need me for that) that they were, indeed, an experience for me, proving, once and for all, that I am not the only artist in the world who is, um, challenged…. er, no challenging, er… whatever. However I can imagine, that if we work together, from the beginning, on something at a later date it will be awesome…… fyi… I mixed three songs, domino ladder beta, supervitesse and my bed is my castle.
Now all this happened a couple of months ago now – (you want news, you fuck off to the bbc, ok?) – and I wrote this at the time but didn’t publish it – How true it seems of many projects I work upon….

Ha, mixing some tracks for Mahogany and going fucking crazy…. It’s funny, because they have sent me the parts to mix, so yesterday I put them into my system and started to mess around a little and do a rough balance… 6 hours later I decide to play the reference mp3 that they sent me and I can’t recognise it as being the same song….
oops, start again…
It got me to start thinking about how one persons perception of how things go together in life can be so radically different to another’s. Without a doubt Mahogany, for example, have been very focused on producing a song to their satisfaction but at the last minute I come along and throw it in a different direction. For my ears there are important musical parts and less important musical parts and, strangely, the parts that I’d chosen to work with seemed lost on the bands original version but conversely there were things in the bands version which I didn’t feel were needed…Now I don’t mean to do that, there is no grand master plan to change everything and stamp it with my ‘mark’, that’s just what happens and I can’t imagine for one moment how those Mahogany folks may feel about it.
So this morning sees me looking at the song again, trying to be open minded and less of a control freak

Such are the things that goes on inside this mind as when not spending time installing Mexican software.

OK, here’s the photo opportunity. I was asked by BBC Scotland to go into a radio station in Rennes for a live link up with the BBC in Scotland to discuss Scotland beating France 1-0. No, I wasn’t really, but it was the next day so I had to keep my head low in case I got arrested by a fucking postman or something. Anyway it was actually for an interview regarding the album Heaven or Las Vegas which was an album made in 1989 by Cocteau Twins and for some reason being included on a programme about classic Scottish albums. So, I guess that they’re asking myself, Elizabeth and Simon what it was all about. Funny how it takes at least fifteen years for folks to take an interest. Now I’m not sure of the calibre of the other classic Scottish albums involved, although I’m happy to say that I didn’t hear the words wet, wet or wet mentioned. It was, however, a delightful morning spent hanging around in town, something which I don’t get to do often. The live link up was, well, charmingly like the eurovision song contest, and the journalist Davey Scott was one to ask questions and listen to whatever bollocks came out of my mouth, as opposed to just superimposing his preconceptions onto what I was saying. It should be noted though that I don’t get to talk to Scottish people very often, so he wouldn’t have had a chance to shut me up anyway.

me @ france bleu armorique…

11 Responses to “Stuff…”

  1. Amber

    Hello Robin! We want your “mark” on what you do! It’s what makes your style! We love it! Please, don’t ever stop making your beautiful music…

  2. edmur maia

    Hey Robin!!
    You`ve lost weight.What’s happening to you,man?
    I mean,you live in Frace,which is not the worst place on earth to eat.
    Anyway,I’m looking forward to listening to your next album.
    Edmur Maia.

  3. james eakins

    wow when you wrote that you we’re “snowed” didnt realize you were that busy,
    so glad you were able to squeeze in time for us,
    must say damn that french mail though, damn it to hell

  4. ted

    Can’t wait to hear the results of the new sessions with Harold! Still spinning Mysterious Skin regularly…that is a beautiful collection of tunes, it takes me places….nice places! Thanks

  5. Steven


    The new album with H. Budd sounds wonderful. Any chance you might post a MP3 on myspace….when one or two is done?

    Take Care,

  6. Julian

    Hiiiii… I’m sitting at the office; it’s ten to 11pm; I just ate pizza and played some Hexen on my office computer…

    Well, what can I say; nobody is perfect; nobody can do everything as fast as lightspeed.

    Your work sounds great, and the audience must wait for your work to be done, and yu must not get stressed with this… Uhhhhmmm… It’s too late; I’m getting tired.


  7. Alan

    Hi Robin you HAVE come along way…………..from the teenage hut days learning to play streets of London ! well done man cheers Alan

  8. Evaleigh

    Robin, thanks for posting your thoughts for us. I always enjoy reading them (don’t ask, maybe I just like to live vicariously through others…or maybe there is something in the water here). I can’t wait to hear the new album. I am still tingly from seeing you and Harold in Seattle. That was one of the most beautiful moments in sound I have ever heard. Thanks to you and Harold for that.



  9. sean

    robin…it has been a bizarre …
    wonderful and humourous experience reading about your halloween fiasco… it blew my mind when you said these teenage kids came to the door dressed as the cure…very strange…that’s awesome … and your comment about the tunips in scotland…really animated….i had a rad vision of the scary turnips…anyway…it has been my pleasure reading your blog…i have been very interested in the sounds you have produced with cocteau twins as well as your material with violet indiana…im patiently waiting to here your solo material..im sure it is as breathtaking as the distinct sounds you have been
    inventing since i were a child…dont ever doubt the tremendous visionary standard that is a voice you have put into motion in the lives of many .. incuding myself…as a matter of fact i had this warm/chilly moment this evening as i listened to heaven and las vegas…”midsummer fires” remains to lull me deep within the walls of that last gorgeous flicker of sound…i know this may sound strange to you..but you have moved me…keep doin the things that you do so in your blog.. take care ….sean

  10. Patrick Murphy

    Hi Robin
    I am a singer songwriter,and ive decided to get up off my bum and do a mini tour of wherever one can in the UK in the Spring.I want to call it the “We�ve been had” tour.

    I dont care if its in pubs or wherever so long as its done.Rehearsals will take place in Glasgow once the musicians are sorted out.The bass player lives in Glasgow and at one time was involved in Some Bizzare records.I used to be aquainted with Albarn from Blur in an untold way.

    I put an ad in macidol asking for musicians or any type of help putting this project together,and some one said speak to Robin Guthrie.

    Thats how comes you get the email.

    I wouldnt know how to go about getting venues to play,so if you could be of any assistance there it would be appreciated.

    I was born the same month and year as you, only in Liverpool. I now live in Denmark.

    The reason i want to do this project should become clear if you listen to the theme i am covering at present and which the “some” home made songs are available on my web page for free download.

    In these times it is time to contribute via other avenues than the ones which where once seemingly open to musicians.

    The word artist is is to freely bandied about these days,when local radio stations in Britain and Europe no longer have any local interest programs to justify them taking the names of the cities they base themselves in,and giving no real choice except to switch off when it comes to the music which is devoid of any message when it carries lyrics.

    Music enters the soul if there is one, it is food,and as we know food carries useless or useful ingrediants for mind and body.most these days are empty calories.

    The music i write would never get air play for what should be obvious reasons,though there is nothing wrong with the content,nor the reflection of the times that we are living in that is presented.

    If i dont do this now then the opportunity will pass.
    Evil thrives when good people do nothing.

    If you can point me in any directions,people etc..it would be most appreciated.

    with thanks


    im still working on my website so not all songs are up but im working on it.all will be up by the end of this week.

    Again thanks.

  11. Nancey Cahan

    Hi Robin, I’m excited to hear your new album!

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