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Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2006


my 1959 fender jazzmaster

me at september sound, london 1997

harold budd somewhere near his mailbox

me at the olympia in paris in 1996

me at the union chapel london 1999 – this is the first time I ever played instrumental music on my own

me at la maroquinerie in paris in 2004

me at home in france by lucy belle guthrie

with kevin, lisa and janice, KEXP, best radio station on the west coast….

new orleans 1990

without which visiting the west coast would be like a broken pencil….*

my first ever encounter with mr mitsuo tate, shibuya, 1985

me and kevin at the nft, london 2005

with violet indiana, moscow 2004

tako yaki : essential for well being

playing with firefact, st malo, 2005

nori tama …. essential… you can see where this is leading, right?

essential also.. southern utah 1999

all good things lead to tako stories……or all tako stories lead to good things?

maguro and me, tsukiji fish market, tokyo 2001

* = pointless

16 Responses to “random….”

  1. edmur maia

    Some pictures are really awesome, thanks for sharing it with us.
    The picture taken taken in southern utah,1999 is one of my favourite photographs:
    Robin lying on the desert sand.

  2. edmur maia

    Robin,Just out of curiosity,have you ever played a six stringer bass? Did you enjoy playing it?

  3. starfish

    Thanks for the photos. You and Kevin belong in a loud band together. 🙂 Here’s to high hopes…

  4. Ted

    Life IS good! Southern Utah is essential….and Edward Abbey can help take you back….”Desert Solitaire” is keeping the experience alive for me…you’ve checked him out, right? Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Escalante Staircase and Bryce…they all do wonders for the soul….and there’s that Russel Fong axe in that Union Chapel photo, right?

  5. Sergio

    Hi Robin! from Uruguay!

    We love your music. Really.

  6. The Lollypop Guild

    Looking very hot at September (where you belong) Sound.

  7. baron von luxxury

    There needs to be a Kevin + Robin group, like, yesterday.

    Preferably with a vaguely Californian, 70’s-sounding name like “Shields n’ Guthrie.”

    And it should look and sound like this:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APRpFOwmNWU. With slightly fewer notes, though.

  8. Micah

    Hear hear, on the In-N-Out. Scrumptiousness.

  9. Ian (Indyenna)

    Every picture on here has a picture of you on it.

    Indy (Ian)

  10. sanfranciscojim

    in yesterday’s entry, you wrote ‘my, almost feminine, multitasking capabilities’…..there’s no need for a comma after ‘my’ and ‘feminine’. it should read ‘my almost feminine mulitasking capabilities’. there’s no need to be shy about it. we all have nipples for a reason. the reason is, we all start out as female. then some time in embryonic development, if there’s a Y chromosome around, the other stuff starts to develop into male parts. but we get to keep the nipples. so, just thank them for your artistic abilities!!!!
    as for your comment about ‘fans’: i’m not sure what you’re trying to say…i’m sure you are a fan of SOMEONE. someone you admire. someone who has abilities that surpass your own in some way or another. listen, mr. quadruple Capricorn. i have three planets in Cancer and one in Scorpio. and just the right ones, too, to give you a run for your money. thinking you’re alone at the top sounds horibly lonely and dangerous, so i wouldn’t recommend it. might i suggest you try to figure out where the impulse that makes you breathe comes from….. p.s. just listened to ‘Everlasting’ again after quite a while and found it wasn’t just my imagination the first time around; it is quite wonderful and lovely!!!! just like your lovely daughter and her lovely mother, with whom you made your lovely daughter, and a large amount of lovely music that will be listened to and enjoyed hundreds of years from now just as we listen to Pacelbel and Mozart today. so i think you’re entitled to relax and enjoy life. of course, if none of this is relevant, just delete it…….

  11. Mathieu

    What a great time to look at those evocative pictures, THANKS!!!

  12. agnes

    I love Tako & Maguro….and you,too.

    from South Korea

  13. Billie Taylor

    what kind of mixing board is that at september sound? It looks like a beast. Do you still use that thing? Also, what is that white thing behind you? Call me curious george, but what part of southern utah were you in that picture? It looks like your on some kind of mesa and the world just drops off into the blue sky

  14. mike

    re: me at the union chapel london 1999 – this is the first time I ever played instrumental music on my own

    I’m doing that on Saturday (playing instrumental music on my own for the first time). I’m scared out of my fucking mind. Pass the Klonopin, please.

  15. Milk McKenzie

    Can I just say that I love that photo of Robin with the headless fish – look at his cheeky face! Robin’s cheeky face, obviously… erm…


  16. Mat Stuart

    Am I ever going to be able to see lumiere again? Saw the show in Brighton last summer and would love to bring some mates so they can appreciate what I’m on about!.

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