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Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2007

I’m in California just now and just passed the day with Harold Budd, which was delightful, listening to all the mixes that I’ve recently done for our up and coming release. It has progressed from ‘a bunch of pieces’ to a work which begins somewhere then takes a journey to it’s conclusion. It has taken on it’s own life and personality now. Just sitting together in the studio listening back to this gave me immense pleasure. So, while it’s not exactly ready to be released yet, we are naming everything and thinking about the artwork, it is on the way and now is something real, not just an idea and that is a really nice feeling.

I’m just about to start work on something else which I’ve not yet mentioned here, namely another movie… This excites me a lot and has surely been provided for me as a reward for sticking to my lo-carb diet. I’ll post more details once I’ve got into the work a bit further but in the meantime if I am seen to bitch about a n y t h i n g on my web log this week, then feel free to remind me how lucky I am in your comments.

2 Responses to “damn…”

  1. edmur a. maia

    Good news,Robin.I’m glad that you’re doing all these things.I hope you have a good time while you are there.
    Will the album with Harold be relesed before june?

  2. Martin

    Dear Robin

    Thanks for posting my comment re your most recent epic story – which was really more just to say ‘I love your album Continental’. And nice to see a link to my arty website. Possibly my most proud moment when it comes a web link..!!
    Was a big fan of the Cocteaus many moons ago and just getting back into them, plus will be searching out your own material.
    Good luck with the forthcoming material release.

    So this is more related to this particular posting of yours but not really worthy of adding to your site.
    As you are now in the process of considering artwork for your latest project I take the oppurtunity to put myself forward as a candidate.
    My new work has much more subtle tones rather than the stronger more bold paintings of the recent past. Can I take the liberty of emailing some new images? I think my new work would fit very well with your sound. I have a solo exhibition coming up soon where I will be showing the new work for the first time.
    It’s a bit of a long shot of course but worth a try.

    Best Wishes
    Martin Rolt

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