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getting there…

Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2007

It’s true that to the casual reader of my weblog it must appear that I seem to talk a lot about projects that I’m doing which go on and on and never seem to reach fruition. I promise it’s not because I just sit around by the pool, gently sipping margaritas all day, rather, that there is only one of me and only a finite amount of hours in a day to get all the things done. In my past I was able to concentrate fully on my music as I was spoiled with the luxury of assistants and others around me who contributed to the project, in a more, how would one put it, practical way, you know, the little things like now like making all the safety copies, burning cdrs, going to the post office and the larger more important things like designing artwork and bringing me coffee without me having to ask.Now, I’m just bitching because I’ve spent the last couple of days making cd copies and going to the post office but if you will bear with me for a moment I will get to the point.



Ah, you see, the point is that I’ve sent off all the masters and all the artwork and, well, these albums are now very close to becoming real things that you can touch and hold and of course, for the more discerning, intelligent and sexy amongst you, purchase. What we have here is a handsome collection of eighteen pieces of music compiled into two albums, twins if you like, experiments in the dualities of music and emotion, entitled After The Night Falls and Before The Day Breaks. At this time I don’t have a release date but I am informed it will be in the summer. I shouldn’t go on and on about them about how fantastic they are, it’s not my place, but I can tell you that it’s a really nice feeling to have these in a place where I can send them off into the world on their own.

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  1. Simon

    Look forward to hearing them, I have to say ‘Moon and the Melodies’ is still one of my favorite albums… The covers look great by the way..

  2. Steven


    Can’t wait for both of these to be released. Will you post any earlier teasers (myspace, mp3)?

    Nice artwork, too.

    Take Care,

  3. mike_in_york

    great news, Robin! the fact that this has evolved into a 2-album set is especially welcome to those of us of a sufficiently descerning, sexy and intelligent nature who hang on your every blog-entry …. Any news of the collaboration with John Foxx??

  4. ted

    Really looking forward to these….I thought it would be one disc, but TWO!!!! Double the pleasure and it is something to brighten up the future given recent jury duty, speeding tickets, doctor visits etc. etc. in the last two weeks. Thanks for the very good news….your discerning, intelligent, sexy and loyal (purchasing) fan and disciple…much love, Ted
    p.s. Say hello to Mont St.-Michel for me….and down a nice slab of pate on my behalf! Hey, just bought an extra gig of memory to further exploit Cubase…got tired of it grinding to a halt using only 512meg…..I have trouble laying off the plug ins…they get to be like rocks in a crack pipe…if you got ’em you will use ’em….right?

  5. starfish

    I think this project has materialized quickly. It was only last May you posted the photo blog of the recording session. The impatient listeners shall get 2 albums, not just one! Bravo! Seems like you’re working at 78rpm to me. 🙂

    Any luck with the RC-50 looper? I’d love to hear your take on this piece of gear.

  6. greg

    Congrats Robin,
    These covers look great! I cant wait to have my own copies. I have no doubt that they will wind up being as indispensable to me as the rest of them. They swim round in my head and become a part of me.
    best, greg

  7. erik

    just found this little corner of the universe, and i’m thrilled to say the least… great tales of joy and despair and the golden arches… looking forward to the night/day twin release!

  8. christopher

    Beautiful artwork.

  9. E-Lo

    YAY CAN’T WAIT TO BUY THIS! You guys perfectly complement each other’s gorgeous style.

    Robin, you *should* be sipping margaritas poolside — come back to LA soon! 🙂

  10. a mixed up fritter with pearly flatbread tuft



  11. Micah

    Two discs! Ecstacies! Which label?

  12. Adam

    Great news, Robin!

  13. jeremy

    I am so delighted to see that these twin records are coming out soon, and I promise that I will spend all the $$ I need to acquire them. I will send it directly to you if that’s what it takes. Just give me the address…..

  14. Oliver Saunders

    Hi Robin

    Just discovered your web log , been a massive fan of your work,but thought you had disappeared after the Violet Indiana work.
    Nothing can touch the emotion and pure bliss of your music , just found out you released an album last year !!, awaiting from Amazon……

  15. jeff

    see that pre orders are up at darla.

  16. sanddef

    Looking forward to the double album release. You can be sure I’ll blog them (in Welsh) when they come out 😉

  17. Olof P.

    the white arcades…on fire

  18. Frode Heieren


    I’m not sure if this is your personal myspace, Robin, or just a fansite, but I’ll try anyway…

    Been a fan since the early days of Cocteau Twins, and been following your work ever since. As I’m a serious contributer to http://www.discogs.com I try to have my fav’s updated.

    Ulrich Schnauss has been a fav for some time now, and we exchange records from time to time. Just sent him a package of Norwegian music (120 days, Martin Horntveth (jaga jazzist), Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto), Mari Boine, Deathprod etc), and just received

    a) Police in cars with headphones : http://www.discogs.com/release/847284
    b) View to the future : http://www.discogs.com/release/925406
    c) Ulrich Schnauss: Goodbye (unmastered work in progress)
    etc etc

    They have all been added to discogs, except from the Goodbye album, where the details haven’t been set yet.

    Would love to update your profile with the two coming Harold Budd albums, and the “remix EP” for Ulrich Schnauss. The remix of On your own from The Blue Room show would also be a great catch. Cdrs would do if the original cds aren’t made yet.

    Please get back to me

    I will of course cover all costs, incl p&p


    Frode Heieren
    Rekkevik brygge 7
    3260 Larvik



  19. Ted

    Ahem,….could you tell us a little bit about the placement of the static electricity ‘pop’ at the very end of “Goodby to Wendy”….I personally love it….makes me feel like I am right in the room …..good to know my studio isn’t the only place where this type of serendipity happens!

  20. edmur a. maia

    Dear Robin.:
    Thanks in advance for these two precious jewels.
    Your music is a pearl of inestimable and priceless value.

  21. Peter Wikström

    Lovely! Im really looking forward to these beauties 😀 I love the artwork and the titles.

    Harold Budd is a legend and so are you, the new album..go figure.

  22. John Blasini

    I WANT TO HEAR “Seven Thousand Sunny Years”!!!!! :O

  23. starhopper


    Very lovely artwork and I am even more excited to find out it will be two albums of 18 songs! thank you thank you thank you!

    I <3 Darla! Hope to see them there sooner than later. Summer? *sigh* okay…

    If you do anything with Harold again, I would love to see you both. I still resonate from SIFF you did last June in Seattle.

    Wishing you and your family the best!

  24. Bernie Thomas

    You can bet I will be purchasing them when they become available to purchase

  25. newbie

    So glad to have found this blog!
    WTF is up with that cafe of yours?
    It’s embarrassing!
    You planning to do some music for the burger corporate?
    Hope not!

  26. mateo

    ~ doubtless, these pieces will be majestic contributions to the planet’s music-o-sphere. and… i’ve been wanting to say, Sir, that the more VIOLET INDIANA i hear, the more it seems that, most interestingly, VIOLET INDIANA was simply “ahead if it’s time.” and will YET be discovered in a big way… ~
    such a compelling and sexy atmospheric after all!

  27. Carl

    Ah, what superb news about the upcoming Guthrie/Budd double release. I’m ready to pre-order them once that will be possible. It’s great to know that Harold’s “retirement” allows us such delightful news as this.

    So what if the margaritas are being sipped in the living room… or in the control booth. (Once the last mix has been soberly adjusted.)

  28. nicky marasigan

    hello im just wondering if you will ever release a copy in the philippines. if not possible..is there anyway i can order a copy from you? thanks!

  29. sfenn

    As someone else pointed out, preorders for these are being taken at Darla Records. You can find it by going to darla.com and searching for Robin Guthrie. Only $12 each and here’s the track listings:

    NIGHT: 1. How Distant Your Heart 2. Avenue of Shapes 3. Seven Thousand Sunny Years 4. She is My Strength 5. Inside, a Golden Echo 6. Open Book 7. And Then I Turned Away 8. The Girl with the Colorful Thoughts 9. Turn Off the Sun.

    DAY: 1. How Close Your Soul 2. A Formless Path 3. A Minute, A Day, No More 4. She is My Weakness 5. Outside, Silence 6. Hidden Message 7. I Returned Her Glance 8. My Monochrome Vision 9. Turn on the Moon.

  30. jeffrey mccombe

    can you tell us if violet indiana is still at all happening ?

  31. jeffrey mccombe

    can you tell us if you have any future plans for violet indiana . also i wanted to tell you about a cd called balligomingo — nice femm voices to swoon by .

  32. Bernie Thomas

    Come to the Cleveland House of Blues on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland Ohio, gosh I would love to see you there.

  33. Alexander Pieri

    After a splendid Mysterious Skin, Im was realy happy when I’ve read on Wikipedia page about you that you will do an another album with Harold Budd. The big surprise is that is double! uao! looking forward to but it!!!! I like the cd cover too! I hope it will be more-like the “mysterious skin” and “moon&melodies” style 🙂

    best wishes and keep that way and I hope we all shall see more guthrie-budd albums!!

    alex, web desiger, croatia

  34. Ted

    I think Robin prefers non-Euclidean spaces….got any Fractal Avenues out there?……Affine Way or Hyperbolic Highway……..er,…ahem….

  35. Brazda lui Novac

    Hi Robin, sorry to post this here, I’ve sent you a private message on myspace regarding a copyright issue. I would like to know if you read that already or I stiil have to wait for an answer… Thank you!

  36. Brazda lui Novac

    Hi again Robin! I hope it’s not a big deal if I put the song I made after Cocteau Twins on Myspace… I won’t release it on any label so it’s no money involved. If I will I’ll come back to you and ask, and of course I’ll pay the rights to you (somehow I feel that even if I will release it on a label I won’t make money with it anyway) That being said, I thank you for making such a good music, you influenced me a lot. I like your new stuff as well, and I’m sorry that Liz lost her creativity in the exact same point where the Cocteau Twins split… Don’t know why but I can guess 🙂 All the best and good luck with your new projects.

  37. R

    Very nice cover, Novac, I like the girl’s voice as well!



  38. m

    Watchya been up to, old man?

  39. OLe

    ok…now which one am i suppose to play first?

  40. Juan Carlos

    Hi Robin,

    Im peruvian, we have many luck because you´ll coming soon. You have many fans n Peru, Cocteau´s fans, Robin`s fans, etc.
    I cant believe this is true, sounds like magic…
    Im living in the jungle, Im not sure if I can going to Lima this june 6 ( next wednesday), because im far away from there.But… I´ll listen your music all day…
    (sorry my bad english) and THANK YOU very much for your music, your art. I think that you are a magic person.
    I dont have any “favorite” song, all are incredible. But I like so much “ribbed and vained”, because this song remember me an ayahuasca trip that I was have in Cusco, listen
    Cocteau Twins and Guthrie`s music.
    All love for you and THANKS, againg, for your music…

    Juan Carlos

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