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Posted on Sunday, May 27th, 2007

….going to do some shows in South America. I am, I have to say, rather intrigued by the prospect of visiting a place, one so far away from home, that people may be interested in what I have to offer. In my usual fashion, I’m, you know, a little unprepared, although at this stage that seems like a largely redundant thing to type. When going to another country with weird electricals, while doing a largely electrical show…mmm well, things can fuck up, but mostly they don’t, not in view of the people who watch but..well, I can tell you now that this is one of the parts of being me that suck. My faith in what can happen to make things work out was readily documented her a couple of years back when I was able to find a blank DVD in a gas station, near the venue in Budapest just before going on. I really, no, really,really,really,really,really, hope that something like that doesn’t have to happen again but who the fuck knows? My denial of potential problems can clearly be illustrated by my interest in the question not of what the equipment will be like , nor even the people or the the hospitality, which I’m sure will, of course, be perfect….no, how far away is patagonia and will I be able to eat centolla ?

OK artistically speaking not the most interesting dispatch, I’ll grant you that but, what the fuck, I’ll bet that you are a boring twat sometimes as well, right?

I mixed a most beautiful piece of music by a young gentleman from Denmark called Jonas Munk who releases his music under the name of Manual. It was somewhat more of a mix, something more like what I have done recently with Ulrich Schnauss, which is, roundly speaking, just working with his music, taking away bits that I don’t like and replacing them with things I do. I swear, I do have the best in the world. I’ve not yet met Jonas but I look forward to it.

Ulrich Schnauss has a new CD coming out with a couple of tracks that I’ve worked on soon. I don’t know much more. This is why I usually write all the stuff about France Telecom.

27 Responses to “I’m..”

  1. Steven

    Have a safe trip to South America….have some good times….

  2. Felix.escobedo

    If you want to go to Patagonia, probably you’ll need time to tale a plane and get there. Chile is a long belt and Santiago (the capital) it’s right in the middle.

    Eat centolla could be easier. You can find it in a good supermarket or restaurant. I have to say that either way, it’s expensive, but delicious.

    Have fun in Chile, my country. Now I’m living in New York and I miss everything about it.

  3. Antonio De Saavedra

    We are waiting for you, dear Robin, here in Peru. Please make it come true, cause this is like a dream. See you on June 6th.


  4. tim

    really looking forward to hearing what you’ve done with jonas’s work…

  5. Jorge Marambio

    Hie Robin,
    Well, my English is so bad but my friends and i are waiting your show with a great devotion here in Santiago de Chile.
    For many years i hear cocteau twins, violet indiana and more … Your music involve our ambient and dreams and finnally you will stay here for us.
    We salute you!

  6. jessie

    centolla?? i’m a little slow on the uptake…

  7. Adam

    south america… sounds exotic. good luck on your tour and take good care!

  8. ronald

    Mr. Robin Guthrie Welcome to Chile, nice to meet you, we love your works and your music, really.

  9. therno

    As said before Chile is long and Santiago in the middle, but you can take a plane and in 3 or 4 hours you´ll be in Punta Arenas, chilean Patagonia.
    I´ve got my tickets, and I´m leaving my city Arica (not my city, i´m from the glorius Santiago) 4020 kms from Santiago.
    Hope we can meet, and i´ll be at the front line to see your guitar effects and me and my frieds will be watching every hand movement and every effect stroke you do.
    We can go together to a restaurant to eat centolla. Don´t trust the people that will be your guide, trust in the people who really cares about you : ME and my FRIENDS.

  10. mark

    Wish you good luck down in chile and peru,
    enjoy your self,
    take care and have a safe trip.
    x mark and kat

  11. bts

    Be safe, Robin! Send me a postcard.

  12. JAM

    well now off to South America – im sure Africa is next right!

    hoping the seed sprouts

  13. Dennis


    Any chance of you swinging through Buenos Aires (I actually live in Montevideo, Uruguay, but BA is a short boat ride away)?

  14. IVO

    Hello Sir. Robin many great his(its) arrival to the peru is a made dream reality to be able to see it .. always I was listening of Cocteau Twins thanks to my brother and because of it I expect to be able to take a few cds in the day of the signature of autographs thank you very much regards… Ivo

  15. Archrival

    Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to that Manual mix. Waiting to hear After The Night Falls…heard a snippet from http://www.darla.com and WAS AMAZED!!! (news! archrival got stunned by new harold and robin material :P). That record will probably be the theme of this summer, very soothing for your soul, lovely lovely. Late summer nights drinking wine and smoking gazing at the horizon.

  16. mateo

    well Sir, if you run into the ‘Gazer band RESPLANDOR down in South America, do tell them i said ‘wow, you’re wonderful… except ya need another singer.’
    well, it’s true…
    2. speaking of material that you remix/retouch/rework, and give your renowned signature atmospheric to, have you considered working with the band – a duo – which to me really and truly and genuinely has the SOUND of a bona fide no two ways about it SUCCESSOR to the C/T aesthetic (at least the mid-period C/T) and withOUT sounding contrived and formulaic as did Love Spirals Downwards- i’m talking about them good lookin’ young’ns outta Florida who call themselves AUTUMN’s GREY SOLACE…

    good heavens, as AGS lp produced by YOU would be an absolute DREAM! and an act of cosmic perfection.
    anyway, have a sugar dulce time in that mysterious land, chock full of pyramids, lost cultures, ooparts, chupacabras and UFOs…

  17. ronald

    Thank you Robis for you Show in Santiago, Chile…it´s was so beatiful, emotional, free, with love for us, really thanks robin.

  18. Manuel

    Robin, I saw 2 of your shows in Chile: in “La Batuta” (I enjoyed it anyways!) and Valparaíso. I have to say: thank you for your music. I had the chance to interview you afterwards ( I was the radio journalist who asked you to sign a couple of albums in Valparaíso). And while I was waiting for you to take pictures and sign fans’ records, I could witness the “artisan” or “craft” side of a musician that I really admire and look up to: I really appreciated that you took time to chat with us after the show and just to see you packing up your stuff yourself and have the time to take a long trip to South America and show your art. Thanks a lot!

  19. Amber

    Good luck in South America!

    Just received the 2 w/ Budd as well as the Ulrich Schnauss e.p. and they are all awesome!

  20. Dave

    Hello Robin. You mention Patagonia… are you coming down to Argentina actually? I went to one of the Cocteaus concerts in Buenos Aires back in 1991 and ever since I’ve been a huge fan. Please clarify if you are only visiting Peru… it’d be great to see you in concert here! You’re such a big musical influence to me, I would run out of words if I tried to explain. Thanks, Dave.

  21. Augusto

    welcome to Perú Mr. Gouthrie, we going to see you tomorrow night

  22. Steve

    Hi Robin

    looks like you’ve been having a few email problems etc and have tried to phone you. Just want to re-establish contact and finish off the Foxxy thing. You can contact me through his My Space site, maybe? I can often be found lurking there somewhere….. All the best, Steve

  23. Kelsi Anglezark

    Oh, please do post photos from your tour in Sudamerica. The South Americans have a continent of gorgeous countryside to live in and so much passion to fill it. Your work with Ulrich has helped me spend some nights meditating and letting everything go…so, thank you for that.

  24. Jcy

    Great show … thanks for visting Chile …!!

  25. Alvaro Huirimilla

    Was a beauty night at Valparaíso, thanks Mr. Guthrie for your show. You have left a great sound atmosfere here.

    I’m posting you some photos from the show. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bartescitizen/543482322/


  26. Ricardo Salvatierra

    A work of art is more than a single show, and thanks really for your concert in Santiago.
    By the way, I took advantage of the opportunity of buying some of your last albums(before…/after…), and I should say it is very interesting the way you structure composition, maybe similar to Phillipe Glass or some artists, architects(I am one) or physicists who uses layers systems(maybe useless for you but… whatever be)

    My regards from Chile

  27. Cristian

    Hey Genius !!
    I was in Niceto for this show, you were awesome, drinking a fine wine like our Malbec, painting colors in our souls down below, SUBLIME !…
    When are you going to come back man ???
    Please dont make us wait another 20 years !!!
    Come with Violet Indiana !!!! we’re a lot here singing your songs !


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