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Somewhere Else

Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2007

I’ve been in the US for the last few days. I have a performance to do on Thursday and, because it’s in a rowdy assed night club instead of a serene theatre type environment, I’ve decided to try something a little different. OK, I’ll still be on the stage trying to avoid the spotlight, shuffling about uncomfortably looking at my pedals, but I’ll be doing so in the company of two other musicians, namely Andrew Prinz from Mahogany who has kindly offered to play bass and Odell Nails on drums. This isn’t part of a grand plan, rather me taking a few risks and, in essence, trying to expand my horizons and learn a little at the same time. Although I’ve recently worked on Mahogany’s album Connectivity, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Andrew before yesterday and Odelll walked into my life with a large smile on his face only this morning. I find myself very impressed with these people, musically and, more importantly, on a personal level. I feel simultaneously thrilled and terrified at the prospect of sharing my music with two people that I’ve just met and don’t really know. However, their enthusiasm heals my fears. Just for today.


At moments when we play together it is delicious. At moments it makes me fearful that it may not work. I just don’t know. Right now I haven’t the faintest idea how this will turn out, but I have high hopes that it’ll be luscious and pant wetting. I suspect that whether or not it’s any good the whole experience will be pant wetting for me but that is another story. The plan is that after playing together today and, for a moment, tomorrow we try to figure out, I don’t know, lets say, four or five pieces of my music, and then present them on Thursday night in Brooklyn. It’s a long time since I played with others and, even then, not with my music so I’m curious to see what happens. I hope it doesn’t suck.

11 Responses to “Somewhere Else”

  1. bill p

    Can’t wait… do you know what time the festivities begin? Notoriously late start times there. Mahogany are awesome too… as you know.

  2. vanderlei

    Good luck on your new pursuits for new musical experiences.

  3. starfishatlantis

    Best wishes with the colloboration and possible gig!

    Before the Day Breaks and After the Night Falls just arrived two days ago. Superb! You and Harold go together like the beach and sunshine. There is no place I’d rather be.

    No matter what turn your musical endeavors may take, please do not stop making this wonderful ambient guitar (and piano) music. You are at a compositional high point. I enjoy your solo records as much as anything you have done. This coming from a longtime dedicated CT fan who would love to hear another CT record one day. But I don’t think about that so much these days.

  4. ally

    Hi man,
    Just browsing in my last week at fart school before moving back to a more sensible job. Bet you’re dead jealous…no!! Anyway I caught the Rezillos show recently and it brought back some good memories hence I thought I would google you. Do you still have fay’s red tights?
    You’re lookin good fella, hope all is well with you. I’ve done bit of musik but all low key, you might enjoy this it’s what I do to escape all things sensible.

    cheers for the memories


  5. Richard Jenkins

    I have never ever emailed/sent a message like this before but who cares when you reach forty?! I did share a few drinks with Robert Smith many years ago but that is another story! To be honest I have only just got into your solo work very recently (having been a huge Cocteaus/4AD fan and having seen you uncomfortably ‘looking at your pedals’ on numerous occasions making a magnificent noise many years ago!). I just wanted say how much I love both of your albums and the two new ones with Harold Budd are majestic. The new ‘temporary’ band sounds like a great idea, pity it’s over the other side of the pond, but good luck anyhow. Please come and play in London again sometime. I’m a photographer so check out my site when you get bored! Cheers, Richard.

  6. Harvey

    I think over the years I’ve worked out what kind of musician you are….Its so much easier in many ways to be in the studio putting things together without interference and no one to judge your methods….Its a rare thing in my experience to find people one can work well with….from the pic it looks like fun and thats half the battle won….be interesting to see what come out….

    PS…. Im in Rennes early August….know of any good places to visit….venues, interesting bars, theatres?…. found myself there 15 years ago and ended up at a family barbique of a complete stranger…..who knows….Good luck with the new venture!…..

    Cheers Harvey

  7. Mel

    Uh, you might want to mention the venue name so paying customers like myself can know where to go to give you my money.

  8. mateo

    what an appropos image…
    as i have said before, Sir, you are one of the very small handful of guitarists on the planet who have genuinely taken up where JIMI HENDRIX left off so sadly and suddenly. your explorations of guitarscaping is the only testimony necessary as proof of that. so this new Guit/Bass/Drums
    3-Piece is, of course, what else?

    perfect timing!

  9. Bernie Thomas

    I had made myself a mixed compact disc here at my home for myself and I love it. Whether played straight or random, they are all great tracks. Here are the selected tracks on it. I am wondering what among these songs you like – A sigh across the ocean – Bordertown – Crushed – Crescent – Essence – Everlasting – Fountain – Frou Frou Foxes in Mid Summer Fires – Ice Pulse –
    Monument – Outside Silence – Primitive Heart – Pur – Sea swallow me – Touch upon touch – Treasure Hiding – Turn off the sun – Turn on the moon

  10. jeff

    please record your brookyln gig and let your friends at darla sell it ???????????

  11. JulosIMac

    Thanks for the pleasure you gave us throughout the years. I love Cocteau Twins, and I’m a Lush fan too. You’ve done such a nice work on “Spooky”, which helped them a lot. (Do you have news about Miki Berenyi ? By the way, when did you produced Flat7’s “Smile” with her ? I couldn’t find it out).

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