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Studio B

Posted on Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

My concert at Studio B in Brooklyn didn’t suck but, overall, it was somewhat of a disappointment to me. I found the conditions in the club less than favorable for a nice performance and I didn’t really get into it.
Everyone told me afterwards it was good but I know they were just sucking up …
However what didn’t disappoint was the four pieces of music that I played with my friends Andrew Prinz and Odell Nails who had kindly sat in with me. Yes, that was rather cool. Hope I can do something like that in the future.
I really have to rethink these club shows as they simply don’t work for me. It’s somewhat disheartening to ask for certain requirements, which I feel are vital to my performance, only to have what I ask disregarded by the people in charge of such things, you know lights, sound and that stuff. OK, I played, tried to do my best but, hey, don’t ask me to enjoy it or even give any more than the bare minimum of what I’m capable off. Sounds Harsh? I don’t care. A successful concert requires more than the careful attention to detail that I try to give, it requires a little understanding from those involved in the production and it involves the audience as well, as, lets face it, the concert is pretty much all about the audience. In this instance the audience were warm and appreciative, apart from some fool shouting for ‘from the flagstones’, I played OK but the sound, lights and projection was pretty bad. Why do those people continually try to make my show into a rock concert, cranking the sound level up to deafening volumes and filling the stage with disco lights? Especially as they have been given instructions to the contrary. I don’t understand.

2 Responses to “Studio B”

  1. mateo

    well that sux being completely disregarded, but it’s way good to hear the 3-Piece went well. i’d frankly be inclined to pay a LOT more to be witness to your 3-Piece on stage, Sir, which is not to say i would be DISinclined from coming to see your solo performance… just that i’d be hyped plum outta my tree to see your 3-Piece, that’s all…

  2. Darren Halm

    Yeah, the soundguy was an assclown. Why were my ears ringing so badly after seeing you play ethereal/ambient solo guitar music? Some of the frequencies were ridiculous.