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Posted on Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

So this is Christmas.
I am at the top of a very wobbly ladder in my garden attaching Christmas lights to a tree. I am 45 years old. I feel like Rod Hull. My cellphone has gone off twice in the last five minutes, Steve from Heligoland arranging an upcoming session and a text from my friend Gaelle, who couldn’t possibly know that I am up a tree but will surely feel bad if I a/ fall off, b/ electrocute myself, c/ fall off while electrocuting myself. Nevertheless this is Christmas and I’ve a very strong urge, no, need, to hang little lights in my trees and become festive. I realize that for the last couple of years Christmas has come at a really inconvenient time to me, usually halfway through a session or something equally as inconsequent, but this year, as if responding to some primeval programming, I’m breaking out the Dean Martin Christmas album and acting altogether like a middle aged man who realizes that there is only a finite number of Christmas’s left to experience. That, and I bought some really cool little lights from Ikea which change colour, allowing me almost to relive, albeit briefly, being off my face at a Happy Mondays show in the late 80’s, albeit without the fear of an imminent drug death but maintaining the risk factor by standing atop a somewhat wobbly metal ladder in my garden while connected to the mains electricity. Anyway, bottom line is my six year old Violette saw the lights and told me that they were, and I quote, “delightful and magical”. So I guess it’s fuck you to anyone who cares to believe that it’s not cool to hang little lights in trees.

And what have you done?
Well, you know, I met a man named Mark Mushet from Vancouver BC earlier this year, a portrait photographer with few peers, and he, being a man with obvious good taste, looks at this weblog every once in a while. While talking with him about what I write here he told me that he didn’t know what to make of the lengthy pauses between my posts, and then, after lingering to reflect for a moment, was able to inform me that during such pauses all must be well. Well, you know, there’s something in that, as I do just tend to bitch about what’s not well, or even worse, obsess on the petty and unimportant issues, instead of churning out press releases on what I’m up to, as if it really matters. So, naturally, here I am, recapping a little on some of the things I have done this year. It’s not over yet, I’ve a couple more things to do get done but, without the aid of a written diary I’ve, produced an album for the outrageously talented Annie Barker from Los Angeles CA, I’m currently producing an album for Australia’s Heligoland, a project which is taking everyone involved to a new level, producing an album for Resplandor, from Lima, Peru, a group I fell in love with after seeing them play, I’ve done collaborations with Ulrich Schnauss, a rather talented young German fellow and Manual, a rather talented young Danish fellow. Of course, then there is Mahogany, led by the rather talented young Andrew Prinz and fellow New Yorkers Apollo Heights, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for such a long, long time. It’s truly heartwarming to see the aforementioned getting the credit that they deserve. Also from NYC, The School of Seven Bells, from Oxford, England, a certain Mr Mark Gardener and from Brussells, Colour Kane. And then of course, there are the two albums that I’ve made with Harold Budd, After the Night Falls and Before the day Breaks not to mention Telefon Tel Aviv and Honeychild Coleman. Yes, they have certainly taken up some of my time this year, as did the soundtrack to the Dany Saadia movie 3.19, come to think of it.
Naturally it’d be easy to imagine me stuck in my studio all year but I’ve managed to play some shows as well, in the USA, UK, Chile, Peru, Norway, France, Spain and Italy and maybe even more but, hey it’s late and I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast.

Another year over..
Oh yeah, I remember, the one with no summer. Boy, did I feel silly buying that big assed gas barbeque. Tell you what I did do that was eventful though, apart from all the messing around with musicians, that is, I put a new mixing desk in my studio and built myself a quad core music computer..

And a new one just begun
Well that’s a little presumptuous, given that it’s Dec 22nd but here’s what I want/have to do before the new year is too old. I have to finish the Resplandor lbum, the Heligoland album and I really need to make some “Robin Guthrie” music for a new CD, I want/need do shows in Peru, Russia, Itally and Mexico..I want to wear a suit to the premiere of 3.19 and I want/need to find out why my new desk doesn’t save things properly. I want to be very careful while taking the Christmas lights down from the trees in my garden and I need to do all of those things before March, as I have my annual dream of taking it easy to fulfil…

25 Responses to “Twinkle…”

  1. Amber

    Have a good holiday, and a happy 2008! 🙂

  2. Ken

    oh good, you’re still alive…

  3. oliver saunders

    was wondering that also…..

  4. mark

    Great stuff robin !
    It has been a busy year.
    Have a great christmas.

  5. Steven

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Robin!
    Any chance you’ll be making it out to Los Angeles
    again anytime soon?


  6. mmmender

    Wishing you a very happy xmas and a wonderful new year, Robin. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what you’ve been keeping yourself busy with for the last little while. Drop me a line when you can.

    PS: There’s a new Robin Guthrie YouTube group:

  7. starfishatlantis

    Merry X-mas Robin! I would add one more milestone to the list for next year. Please make another Christmas song. Another cover would suffice, but you are certainly in a class of talent who can get away with writing a brand new Christmas song all your own. Any number of your talented clients could sing, but I think an entire e.p. in the instrumental vein of The Ventures Christmas circa 1965 would be amazing. The instrumental Guthrie Christmas Album – I think that is one for posterity. Perhaps fans could buy directly from you? Looking forward to 2008. Please continue writing your blog. You have a wit that always leaves me wanting to read more. Cheers!

  8. Ted

    Spill the beans…what model mixing console went into the studio?

  9. Micah

    Would love to see you play live in Austin in ’08… south by southwest? Ha ha… (of course, you already did that some 8(!) years ago with Violet Indiana… and I’m sure you recall me coming up to you that evening and asking what you thought of the Autumns’ rendition of “Garlands”… right?)

    Of course, I’m only saying that so I can read all about how your equipment didn’t make it to the show on time, and the festival staff wouldn’t let you in the venue, and your having to play with borrowed equipment with technical snafus meant that you had only 20 minutes to play… the usual. 🙂

  10. Adam

    Happy new year, Robin!

  11. Julos

    Happy new year, Robin… and HAPPY BIRTHDAY today !

  12. Dennis

    HBD + HNY + !
    The older you get, the Bigger you are!
    I’ll try to bring you to Athens this year…

  13. Cedric Caspesyan

    Happy Birthday Robin !!!!

    I’m a huge Cocteau fan since late 1983, and it’easy for me to remember your birthday cos I’m incidentally born on the same day (not same year).

    So a sincere toast from fan to artist, there !

    Have a nice, healthy, lovely 2008 !

    Cedric Caspesyan

  14. Filippo

    Hi Robin, wish to see you playing live in Barcelona one of these days…take care.

  15. R

    Happy New Year, Robin
    and Happy New Year to everyone!

    er, can anyone say/give impressions if ever worked with M-Audio motorised mixer & remote sequencer controller – the many sliders one or same for the eight sliders one?


  16. Bernie Thomas

    You do have remarkable balancing skills of being able to handle delicate Christmas lights from a wobbly ladder all the while at the same time providing the very interesting substance and the content for one of your blogs while you type away. Come on over to Cleveland Ohio sometime and say hello. There is a quiet demographic of people over here who greatly respect and admire your musical genius and brilliance and imagination.

  17. ines

    robin, hope you read this message. I had a look after a long time, very irregular I know. thought of you at the beginning of January, 45 years old (young man my 88 years old granma would say) man. we planned to go to le mans and to ride further to you but now we are expecting again. A girl maybe at the beginning of july. I do not know if your email addresss still works… call you soon, greetings to all, ines

  18. Luca

    Hello…your music has been part of my adolescence..Liz voice part of my intimate moments..and now that i am a grown man ..i realize that i like you even as a male person.
    Strange life..but still there is something new every one more day 🙂

  19. Harvey

    Its been a few months since I perused the “life and times of Robin Guthrie’ site. You have to watch it with these Christmas tasks.. ladders, cables, lights etc…. Christmas has a habit of jinxing such operations in my experience. couple of years ago my 6 year old daughter watched in horror when I very nearly ended up in the Jango Reinhardt way after dealing with the lower branches of the Christmas tree with a bread knife..very messy! No guitar for near 3 months!….Have yourselves and fine and dandy 08!

  20. Ted

    Hey Robin, any luck finding time to work on a new album of your own? After you justifiably gave me a kick in the arse when I said I’ve been spinning Lullabyes to Violaine I put Continental back in heavy rotation….well, let’s just say it has been in my car cd player solidly since early January. …hope you are working on a new solo disc. Continental is now giving Mysterious Skin a run for the money as my fave post CT release. Hope all is well in Rennes….keep an eye on those stairs bro, I hear they get slippery if you drop foie gras on them ;-p

  21. Bryan

    some ‘Robin Guthrie, Why the Fuck do I Bother? Tour 2008’ T-shirts. I’d buy one and layer it with a Morrisey T-shirt. 2 apathetic European attitudes on one body! Hehehe. Just my sense of humor.

    I love your music Robin! I am truly glad that I am living at this moment in the time-line of our world. Music can capture an age. Your music captures it for ours. An aspect not touched by the common world, yet commonly accessible by the world at large. A song that feels like you are listening to the best story you have ever heard told in your life!

    Just gotta say thanks!

  22. Roberto

    Robin, will you give any concerts in Paris?

  23. rob ford


    I don’t read your blog that often, but when I do, I enjoy almost as much as reading Bukowski. Please take that as a compliment. I loved reading the little bits where you mention Mark Cox. He’s sure kept quiet since the demise of TWP. Hope to hear more about you two working together.

  24. Siobhan

    Where the hell are you
    Time to go on in web log land, but not so much as a hello in friendship land.
    I thought you might answer me here.
    Hello Hello Hello
    Can you hear me , or are you trying not to?
    Either way Im here for you thats where I will be

  25. Steven

    Hi Robin,
    Hope you’re well. So, any chance you will be
    playing in Los Angeles soon? Also, what are the chances of you and Mr Simon Raymonde ever getting together and making music. The two of you created many beautiful pieces together and I think it would be a shame to let such a creative team waste
    away. Anyhoo…looking forward to a new solo record from you.

    Best regards

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