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Winter 2009/2010

Posted on Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Producing new tracks for Annie Barker
Mastered album Clouds, Paperships and Fallen Angels for Dark Orange
Released EP,  Sunflower Stories
Performed at Tanned Tin Festival, Spain
Performed at ATP, The Nightmare Before Christmas

3 Responses to “Winter 2009/2010”

  1. Marcos Ludwig

    I got curious after reading this passage from a 2006 interview: “I much prefer a good book than going out. I really do get a lot of inspiration from reading more than anything else.” I was wondering if Mr Guthrie could share a little bit of what he has been reading recently. Thanks and congrats for the fantastic work.

  2. MikeN

    received “Sunflower Stories”, tentatively placed it in the CD drawer, hit play and closed my eyes … oh, my, what wonderful images are conjured in my mind by those melifluous soundscapes and melodies … continuing on from Carousel you hit the spot yet again!
    an inspiration to musicians everywhere – looking forward to more news of forthcoming releases

  3. Sean Allen

    Robin I listen to your music with headphones to grade papers. I use it because while listening to it I become incredibly focused. This is necessary because I am a lazy ass. Also, listening to your music makes even the worst of essays seem brilliant and artistic. So I was excited to try out Sunflower Stories. What a pleasure to hear. Thank you for all your work and sincerity.

    To everyone-just finished a book called Motherless Brooklyn which is a pretty good read. Sort of funny/dark detective pulp spin…

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