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  • 05.02.12 | trio !!
    Get up at 4am, lo-cost airline from Paris Orly, 80kg of equipment, 2 guitars, uncompromising lo-cost airline rules, can’t take my guitar on the plane,...
  • 30.09.10 | Kaboom!
    as seen on the Paris metro by Mr Steve Wheeler … ...

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Posted on Thursday, September 30th, 2010


as seen on the Paris metro by Mr Steve Wheeler …

2 Responses to “Kaboom!”

  1. tOny

    When is Robin’s score for Kaboom getting a release?!?

  2. whispers and stares

    I am also very happy to announce my upcoming tour of the US, Canada and Mexico which commences in Washington DC on may 30. This will be a very special tour for me as I will also be accompanied by my old associate and friend Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins who will be performing his very own unique style of music together with films of his original animations. – Brendan Perry’s latest Newsletter.

    I live in Vermont (the only state George Bush never visited! Yay!), but will head down to DC for this show. Oh, yes….

    (PS. Sorry, Robin, but no other blog post to, er, post to, and this is all good publicity, no?) 😀

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