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  • flares 282x282 300dpi


    OK, it’s been a while, and I should have mentioned it earlier, but I produced F.L.A.R.E.S by Boreal Wood a while back and it has since been released on Toolong Records with more info here.

    opium 282x282 300dpi
    Oh and at the same time I should mention that I co-wrote, played guitar and produced a song Scarecrow on the latest album Opium by Jay-Jay Johanson.

  • Universal Road

    I’m happy to announce the release of  the Robin Guthrie and Mark Gardener album, Universal Road on March 23rd 2015 on Soleil Après Minuit.

    The album is now available

    Anyone buying directly from robinguthrie.com will be in for a little treat, with a free limited edition CD of the 2012 track  the places we go, which will only be available if you order directly from us…

    The tracklist is …

    1. universal road
    2. dice
    3. amnesia
    4. old friend
    5. yesterday’s news
    6. cry for survival
    7. sometime
    8. triumphant
    9. reason

  • white bird

    White Bird In A Blizzard – Original Music by Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd.
    CD available now here NOW …
    The soundtrack album to Gregg Araki’s White Bird in a Blizzard has just been released in the US on Lakeshore Records.
    You can get it directly from us which is way cooler.

  • OK, I get it, I’ve been a bit of a slacker with my website, however I just did a quick and dirty calculation which puts me at about 72 things recorded over the last 12 months which, well, kinda excuses me, somewhat. What with all my girls, real life, windows fucking 8 and bills to pay, dogs, ebay excesses and an uncontrollable beard situation, I would consider myself forgiven for momentarily forgetting about the interweb. All things considered, and with my well known, but perhaps slightly over documented, problems with the local telecoms people (FYI in my book it’s not offensive to suggest demolishing a church if it it between my so called 4G telephone and it’s corresponding so called 4G  cellphone tower….) communication has been more of an exciting privilege than a taken for granted right. My internet connectivity, in my humble domain, exists solely on a Tuesday, beneath the chestnut tree or on Friday mornings (sauf les jours feries), standing on one leg by the front gate, while pointing my phone towards La Poste wile humming La Marseillaise, and make no mistake, you have to hum with conviction. This is my way of telling those of you who I know and love, use the land line (it works, I personally oversaw the two baked-bean cans being strung together by a France Telecom engineer), oh, and send postcards.
    So, here I am, profiting from a slight lull in work (I’ve been thinking it was Friday all day but I was cheerily informed by my youngest that it was in fact Thursday, which, well initially fucked me off,  as I figured I had to endure one more weekday, but then gave me a sense of triumph as I realised that I just won a day to catch up with undone things in my so-called life, like catching up with the internet and the world outside, the world, past the mailbox just beyond the range of my slippers.
    However, sadly it’s really Friday tomorrow, so back to work… 
    Mais quand même… I compiled a little list, of what I’ve been getting up to. The album Another Flower with Harold Budd , the Flares EP for Boreal Wood, my song-writing with adorable genius of Jay-Jay Johanson, the album Universal Road with Mark Gardener, which should have been out already but for my inability to get it together combined with his recent foray into fatherhood, a life event, btw, which puts silly fucking records into perspective.
    The White Bird in a Blizzard, original soundtrack album has kept me busy as have doing lots of artwork and mastering for the re-released CD digipak editions of After The Night Falls and Before The Day Breaks albums with Harold Budd, as well as a gate-fold sleeve, double vinyl album version of the two aforementioned albums. Likewise vinyl editions of my Fortune album, as well as the Bordeaux album with Harold Budd have become available at Darla Records.
    A very cold and windy January found me producing the next, as yet untitled, Heligoland EP, the next in a series of their location recordings, recorded in a lighthouse in Normandy which we soon followed by Dave & Sandra’s summer wedding, but, and you know what I am about to say, that life events like this put silly fucking records into perspective.
    This week I started on a score for Surface Waves by Seattle cinematographer Reed O’Beirne. Oh, my goodness, I am excited about that.
    I went, with my girls, to see White Bird in A Blizzard at the Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville, with the director Gregg Araki, and the public première of White Bird at the MK2 Bibliothèque in Paris. I got to wear my suit for all three occasions and looked rather dapper.
    Most people took picture of my girls.
    Apart from that all seems well.
    During this week, my friend Anton has been trying to take a nice picture of me but now he has left, it’s Friday again for the second time this week.

trio !!

Posted on Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Get up at 4am, lo-cost airline from Paris Orly, 80kg of equipment, 2 guitars, uncompromising lo-cost airline rules, can’t take my guitar on the plane, have to pay EUR1.50 for a coffee, the same fat guy who always sits in front of me whenever I fly with his seat in full recline, arrive at Barcelona, cold as shit, wait an hour for guitars, picked up, taken to hotel, taken to venue, no toilet paper, nowhere comfy backstage (um, I’m not really too demanding but somewhere to sit down would be nice), audience standing in hats and coats as it was, as I mentioned, cold as shit. Audience probably not seeing much either due to the twenty or so photographers with big cameras and lenses the size of, well, really big cameras and lenses, who occupy my entire line of vision and seem to take pleasure in my discomfort of having to play guitar without my hat and gloves on….. cold as shit, did I mention?, Play show, get offstage to find all the beer and snacks backstage (and we were talking a potential, post show, jamon and queso sandwich here folks) had walked.  OK, not to worry as there was no corkscrew for our bottle of rioja, but that’s OK as there were no glasses either but with the creative use of some little 25cl water bottles which we were able do decant our iberian nectar into we were able to unwind for a good three or four minutes before being asked to clear all of our equipment of the stage as the venue had to close…. Um, so, pack up, have a little post show tapas with Rosario, who was foolish enough to book me in the first place before retiring to bed in order to be up early to go to the airport, check in with a different lo-cost airline, and repeat most of the same routine as the previous morning, arrive back to Paris CDG, absolutely nowhere near Orly, wait for equipment, take bus to Orly (EUR40) , Friday evening peripherique traffic, eventually get car, pay EUR 50 for parking and drive 5 hours home in snow…
No point into going into details, you’ve read it all before here….
The only difference was that my band, the robin guthrie trio (and I swear, I hadn’t heard that before …lol) played like angels and made the whole thing enjoyable, um, almost, um, really enjoyable. As is probably obvious, I stopped weblogging some time ago about concerts as it just seemed to be a little too repetitive going over and over about losing my luggage and that fat guy who always puts his seat into recline in front of me but this time, although all the same things happened, I was with a bunch of kindly folks who shared the experience and made it seem a little more bearable.
I do love this band and feel ever so pissed off that we don’t get more opportunities to perform…
Thank you Steve, Antti, Florence, Dave, Drou, Rosario and Guti and the tech folks who graciously helped out to make it all happen.

11 Responses to “trio !!”

  1. Mike N

    … and you didn’t lose your luggage?? Perhaps it was too cold for the luggage Goblins to want to hang round playing tricks on you? :-)

  2. Wil

    ….I do love this band and feel ever so pissed off that we don’t get more opportunities to perform….
    Robin, ever tried Holland?

  3. gregg

    good to see the web log back!

  4. Adam

    ….I do love this band and feel ever so pissed off that we don’t get more opportunities to perform….

    maybe you should hire manager instead of waiting to be invited? cheers!

  5. zach

    it’s unfortunate you have to put up with mess like this on the day to day ha

    i spent a large part of my uni days getting lost in your music – much love and respect for the countless hours i’ve spent listening

  6. Cedric C

    This weblog is probably left to dust, but, today is the day of your birthday, and I always remember it because I’m a big fan of your music and also celebrating my birthday the same day as you. So…



  7. Alan Cawthorne

    Hi Robin,
    Really looking forward to seeing you at The Cluny Newcastle Upon Tyne next Sunday night. I was gutted when you cancelled The Sage a few years back. Maybe get to meet you after the show and buy some goodies.

    Listening to your new album on Spotify as we speak. Very nice it is too.

    All the best,


  8. Paul

    Hi Robin

    Saw you last night at Tunnels, just wanted to say I thought it was a great performance.

    Keep up the good work


  9. Laurence SWeeney

    Hello Robin,

    I was at the Cluny on Sunday. I thought it was magnificent, my wife thought it was alright. Bordertown gave me goosebumps, and I can’t remember the last time that happened.

    Thank you.

  10. Warren

    Hi, just read about your Barcelona concert. I saw Robin Guthrie Trio and Brendan Perry in Vancouver in 2011, great show. I hope the backstage stuff and flight/bus was better than Barcelona. Come back to Vancouver.

  11. Vincent

    Hello Robin,

    Great show at the Tunnel, but I am also tired of having low cost flights to be able to see you performing when we live 200 km away from each other…won’t you ever play Quimper or Paris or anywhere in France ?!
    Have deciphered most of Heaven or Las Vegas, the phaser was REALLY tricky. Still have prbms with Simone’s bass…any clue on the effect he was using back then ?


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