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Violet Indiana

For many years I have been a keen photographer and someone who has enjoyed filming things but without any aspirations or aims. I've been blessed with the acquaintace of many a fine artist along the way so, I guess, it took me a long time to gain any confidence and become focussed enough to create something. However the universe has a way of pointing one in a good direction, if one lets it, so I found myself playing instrumental concerts and feeling it's be nice to present... a little more. Around this time I started to realise that I could try to use some of my music production values and apply them to visual content. I decided that this work would exist only in a form for use in live concerts, having no designs to make dvds or other passive artforms, thus I have created, up to now, two fifty five minute animations which you may see at my concerts.

Visual Arts Releases


Premiere: 2008
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Premiere: 2003
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