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Violet Indiana

Violet Indiana came about in 1999 when I met Siobhan de Maré. She had been singing with Mono and was looking for a producer to work with to do something different. When we met I immediately sensed an extraordinary chance to work in a more traditional songwriting partnership, something quite alien and unknown to me at that point. Siobhan writes lyrics and performs in such a heartfelt style, so very much in contrast with what I was used to so it became an exciting new avenue for me. But the most exciting thing about Violet Indiana was, once we had settled upon the right musicians to work with, including Mitsuo Tate, Paul Cook and Fabien Beguin we became a truly awesome live band, something I miss dearly.

Violet Indiana Releases

Beyond The Furr

Single, July 2004
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Russian Doll

Album, June 2004
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Album, January 2002
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EP, October 2001
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Killer Eyes

Single, October 2001
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Album, April 2001
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EP, November 2000
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